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over a period of time

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  • time — [tīm] n. [ME < OE tima, prob. < IE * dī men < base * dā(i) , to part, divide up > TIDE1] I duration; continuance 1. indefinite, unlimited duration in which things are considered as happening in the past, present, or future; every… …   English World dictionary

  • Time transfer — describes methods for transferring reference clock synchronization from one point to another, often over long distances. Radio based navigation systems are frequently used as time transfer systems.In some cases, multiple measurements are made… …   Wikipedia

  • Time-average velocity — is the averaged velocity over one period in time. It is computed by dividing by the time period the integral of the velocity from zero to the period. The computation can be represented by the following equation. = frac{1}{T} int {0}^{T} v(t),… …   Wikipedia

  • Time unit box system — (TUBS) is a simple system for notating events that happen over a period of time. This system is mostly used for notating rhythms in music. The notation consists of one or more rows of boxes; each box represents a fixed unit of time. Blank boxes… …   Wikipedia

  • time-lapse — adj [only before noun] time lapse photography involves taking many pictures of something over a period of time and then showing them together, so that a very slow process seems to happen much faster …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • time-lapse — time ,lapse adjective time lapse PHOTOGRAPHY uses a series of photographs taken over a period of time to make a slow process seem to happen much faster …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • Time Series — A sequence of numerical data points in successive order, usually occurring in uniform intervals. In plain English, a time series is simply a sequence of numbers collected at regular intervals over a period of time. Time series analysis can be… …   Investment dictionary

  • time-release — adjective of or relating to a preparation that gradually releases an active substance (especially a drug) over a period of time • Pertains to noun: ↑release * * * ˈtime release 7 [time release] adjective usually before noun releasing an active… …   Useful english dictionary

  • time series — a set of observations, results, or other data obtained over a period of time, usually at regular intervals: Monthly sales figures, quarterly inventory data, and daily bank balances are all time series. [1890 95] * * * …   Universalium

  • time-re·lease — /ˈtaımrıˈliːs/ adj : releasing a drug slowly over a period of time instead of all at once time release capsules/tablets …   Useful english dictionary

  • time-tested — adjective Tested and proved to be reliable over a period of time …   Wiktionary

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