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on alternate days

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  • alternate — alternate, alternative 1. Both words are adjectives and nouns and come from Latin alternus meaning ‘every second’ and have had closely related meanings over several centuries of usage. Now however, there is a clear distinction which needs to be… …   Modern English usage

  • alternate - alternative — ◊ alternate Alternate actions, events, or processes keep happening regularly after each other. ...the alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles. If something happens on alternate days, it happens on one day, then does not happen on the next …   Useful english dictionary

  • days — noun the time during which someone s life continues (Freq. 1) the monarch s last days in his final years • Syn: ↑years • Hypernyms: ↑life * * * ˈdāz adverb …   Useful english dictionary

  • Days and dates — This entry tells you how to indicate the day, month, or year when something happens. Information on days, months, years, dates, seasons, decades, and centuries is given first, followed by information on which preposition to use. There is also… …   Useful english dictionary

  • alternate — al|ter|nate1 [o:lˈtə:nıt US ˈo:ltər , ˈæl ] adj [usually before noun] [Date: 1500 1600; : Latin; Origin: , past participle of alternare to alternate , from alternus alternate , from alter; ALTER] 1.) if something happens on alternate days, weeks… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • alternate — 1 adjective (usually before noun) 1 two alternate actions, situations, or states happen one after the other in a repeated pattern: walls painted with alternate strips of yellow and green | alternate rain and sunshine 2 especially AmE used instead …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • alternate — alternates, alternating, alternated (The verb is pronounced [[t]ɔ͟ːltə(r)neɪt[/t]]. The adjective and noun are pronounced [[t]ɔːltɜ͟ː(r)nət[/t]].) 1) V RECIP ERG When you alternate two things, you keep using one then the other. When one thing… …   English dictionary

  • alternate — I. adjective Etymology: Latin alternatus, past participle of alternare, from alternus alternate, from alter Date: 1513 1. occurring or succeeding by turns < a day of alternate sunshine and rain > 2. a. arranged first on one side and then on the… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • alternate — 1. verb 1) rows of trees alternate with dense shrub Syn: be interspersed, occur in turn, rotate, follow one another; take turns, take it in turns, work/act in sequence; oscillate, fluctuate 2) we could alternate the groups so that no one feels… …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • alternate — 1. verb 1) rows of trees alternate with dense shrub Syn: be interspersed, follow one another, take turns, take it in turns, oscillate, see saw 2) we could alternate the two groups Syn: rotate, swap, exchange …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • alternate — v., adj., & n. v. 1 intr. (often foll. by with) (of two things) succeed each other by turns (rain and sunshine alternated; elation alternated with depression). 2 intr. (foll. by between) change repeatedly (between two conditions) (the patient… …   Useful english dictionary

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