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  • noncommutativity — noun The condition of being noncommutative …   Wiktionary

  • Noncommutative quantum field theory — In mathematical physics, noncommutative quantum field theory (or quantum field theory on noncommutative spacetime) is an application of noncommutative mathematics to the spacetime of quantum field theory that is an outgrowth of noncommutative… …   Wikipedia

  • Noncommutative logic — is an extension of linear logic which combines the commutative connectives of linear logic with the noncommutative multiplicative connectives of the Lambek calculus (see External links below). Its sequent calculus relies on the structure of order …   Wikipedia

  • ADHM construction — The ADHM construction or monad construction is the construction of all instantons using method of linear algebra by Michael Atiyah, Vladimir G. Drinfel d, Nigel. J. Hitchin, Yuri I. Manin in their paper Construction of Instantons. Contents 1 ADHM …   Wikipedia

  • Interpretation of quantum mechanics — An interpretation of quantum mechanics is a statement which attempts to explain how quantum mechanics informs our understanding of nature. Although quantum mechanics has received thorough experimental testing, many of these experiments are open… …   Wikipedia

  • Riemann curvature tensor — In the mathematical field of differential geometry, the Riemann curvature tensor or Riemann–Christoffel tensor is the most standard way to express curvature of Riemannian manifolds. It is one of many things named after Bernhard Riemann and Elwin… …   Wikipedia

  • Supersymmetry — In particle physics, supersymmetry (often abbreviated SUSY) is a symmetry that relates elementary particles of one spin to another particle that differs by half a unit of spin and are known as superpartners. In other words, in a supersymmetric… …   Wikipedia

  • Commute — Commute, commutation or commutative may refer to: Commuting, the process of travelling between a place of residence and a place of work Commutative property, a property of a mathematical operation Commutation of sentence, a reduction in severity… …   Wikipedia

  • Curvature of Riemannian manifolds — In mathematics, specifically differential geometry, the infinitesimal geometry of Riemannian manifolds with dimension at least 3 is too complicated to be described by a single number at a given point. Riemann introduced an abstract and rigorous… …   Wikipedia

  • Associator — In abstract algebra, for a ring or algebra R, the associator is the multilinear map R imes R imes R o R given by: [x,y,z] = (xy)z x(yz).,Just like the commutator measures the degree of noncommutativity, the associator measures the degree of… …   Wikipedia

  • Commutation (neurophysiology) — For other uses, see Commute (disambiguation). In neurophysiology, commutation is the process of how the brain s neural circuits exhibit non commutativity. Physiologist Douglas B. Tweed and coworkers consider whether certain neural circuits in the …   Wikipedia

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