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neck sign

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  • neck sign — Brudzinski s. (def. 1) …   Medical dictionary

  • Neck Face — Born 1984 Nationality  United States Neck Face (born 1984 in Stockton, California) i …   Wikipedia

  • Sign — Any abnormality that indicates a disease process, such as a change in appearance, sensation, or function, that is observed by a physician when evaluating a patient. * * * 1. Any abnormality indicative of disease, discoverable on examination of… …   Medical dictionary

  • Neck spasm — A neck spasm is an involuntary contraction of the muscles in the neck region. [1] Causes of neck spasm The possible causes of neck spasms include:[2] Anxiety Muscle strain Tension Tetanus Spasmodic torticollis Stress Viral infection Whiplash… …   Wikipedia

  • sign language — 1. Also called sign. any of several visual gestural systems of communication, esp. employing manual gestures, as used among deaf people. 2. any means of communication, as between speakers of different languages, using gestures. [1840 50] * * *… …   Universalium

  • Neck (water spirit) — Nix redirects here. For other uses, see Nix (disambiguation). Water sprite redirects here. For the plant, see Ceratopteris thalictroides. See also: Rhinemaidens and Melusine The Rhine maidens warn Siegfried by Arthur Rackham, 1912 …   Wikipedia

  • Sign, Lhermitte — Sudden transient electric like shocks extending down the spine triggered by flexing the head forward. Due to a disorder such as compression of the cervical spine (the portion of the spinal cord within the neck). One patient who experienced… …   Medical dictionary

  • Neck —    Used sometimes figuratively. To lay down the neck (Rom. 16:4) is to hazard one s life. Threatenings of coming judgments are represented by the prophets by their laying bands upon the people s necks (Deut. 28:48; Isa. 10:27; Jer. 27:2).… …   Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • Medical sign — A medical sign is an objective[1] indication of some medical fact or characteristic that may be detected by a physician during a physical examination of a patient.[2] Signs may have no meaning for, and can even go unnoticed by, the patient, but… …   Wikipedia

  • Brudzinski sign — Brud·zin·ski sign brü jin skē , brüd zin or Brud·zin·ski s sign skē(z) n any of several symptoms of meningeal irritation occurring esp. in meningitis: as a) flexion of the lower limbs induced by passive flexion of the head on the chest b) flexion …   Medical dictionary

  • Lhermitte's sign — Lhermitte s Sign, sometimes called the Barber Chair phenomenon, is an electrical sensation that runs down the back and into the limbs, and is produced by bending the neck forward. Associated conditionsThe sign suggests a lesion of the dorsal… …   Wikipedia

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