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  • nèiróng — [ref dict= Universal (Ch Ru) ]内容[/ref] …   Chinese phonetic list

  • 内容 — nèiróng [content; substance] 事物所包含的实质性事物 图画之内容。 蔡元培《图画》 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 内容提要 — nèiróng tíyào [lead] 对主要内容进行简要介绍的文字, 常置于正式内容的最前或最后 记者们要花许多小时来润饰新闻内容提要 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 内容空洞 — nèiróng kōngdòng [vacuous] 缺乏实质性内容; 空泛 一个内容空洞而无聊的剧本 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • Cui Hang — For the Goryeo general, see Choe Hang. Cui Hang (崔沆) (died January 24, 881[1][2]), courtesy name Neirong (內融), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as a chancellor during the reign of Emperor Xizong. When the agrarian… …   Wikipedia

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