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  • must โ€” must โ€ฆ   Dictionnaire des rimes

  • mรผstษ™โ€™mษ™rษ™ โ€” ษ™. mรผstษ™mlษ™kษ™ โ€ฆ   Klassik Azษ™rbaycan ษ™dษ™biyyatฤฑnda islษ™nษ™n ษ™rษ™b vษ™ fars sรถzlษ™ri lรผฤŸษ™ti

  • must โ€” must1 [must] v.aux. pt.must [ME moste, pt., had to < OE, pt. of motan, may, akin to Goth (ga)mot, (I) find room, am permitted, prob. < IE * mลt , var. of * med , to measure > METE1] 1. used to express compulsion, obligation, requirement โ€ฆ   English World dictionary

  • Must โ€” (m[u^]st), v. i. or auxiliary. [OE. moste, a pret. generally meaning, could, was free to, pres. mot, moot, AS. m[=o]ste, pret. m[=o]t, pres.; akin to D. moetan to be obliged, OS. m[=o]tan to be free, to be obliged, OHG. muozan, G. m[ u]ssen to be โ€ฆ   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Must FM โ€” Logo de Must FM Crรฉation 16 avril 1993 Langue Franรงais Pays   โ€ฆ   Wikipรฉdia en Franรงais

  • must โ€” [ mษถst ] n. m. โ€ข 1981; av. 1973 (marque dรฉposรฉe); mot angl. โ™ฆ Anglic. Fam. Ce qu il faut savoir ou faire pour รชtre ร  la mode (โ‡’ impรฉratif); ce qu il y a de mieux. Ce logiciel, c est le must. โ‡’ 2. top. Le must de la saison. โ— must nom masculin… โ€ฆ   Encyclopรฉdie Universelle

  • must โ€” MUST, musturi, s.n. 1. Suc dulce care nu a รฎnceput รฎncฤƒ sฤƒ fermenteze, obลฃinut prin zdrobirea ลŸi presarea boabelor de struguri sau, p. ext., a altor fructe ori plante. 2. Zeamฤƒ, suc pe care รฎl conลฃin unele fructe. 3. Seva arborilor. 4. (pop.)… โ€ฆ   Dicศ›ionar Romรขn

  • must โ€” The use of must informally as a noun meaning โ€˜something that must be done or had, or that should not be missedโ€™, dates from the 1890s in American use. In the earlier part of the 20c, it was often written in inverted commas as being not quite… โ€ฆ   Modern English usage

  • Must โ€” Must, n. [AS. must, fr. L. mustum (sc. vinum), from mustus young, new, fresh. Cf. {Mustard}.] 1. The expressed juice of the grape, or other fruit, before fermentation. These men ben full of must. Wyclif (Acts ii. 13.). [1913 Webster] No… โ€ฆ   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Must B 21 โ€” ัั‚ัƒะดะธะนะฝั‹ะน ะฐะปัŒะฑะพะผ โ€ฆ   ะ’ะธะบะธะฟะตะดะธั

  • Must B 21 โ€” Studio album by Released September 23, 2003 โ€ฆ   Wikipedia

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