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multiple times

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  • Multiple inheritance — is a feature of some object oriented computer programming languages in which a class can inherit behaviors and features from more than one superclass. Languages that support multiple inheritance include: C++, Common Lisp (via CLOS), EuLisp (via… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple testing correction — refers to re calculating probabilities obtained from a statistical test which was repeated multiple times. Different ways of recalculating include the: *Bonferroni correction *Holm Bonferroni method *Westfall Young step down approach of… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple comparisons — In statistics, the multiple comparisons or multiple testing problem occurs when one considers a set of statistical inferences simultaneously.[1] Errors in inference, including confidence intervals that fail to include their corresponding… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple exposure — Double exposure redirects here. For other uses, see Double exposure (disambiguation). Alternative photography Bleach bypass · Cross processing · Fisheye  …   Wikipedia

  • Times Square Ball — Ball drop redirects here. For a listing of other ball drops or raisings around the world, see List of objects dropped on New Year s Eve. The Centennial version of the ball as seen at Macy s in Herald Square in preparation for the 2008 drop. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple-vehicle collision — Pileup redirects here. For other uses, see Pileup (disambiguation). A multi vehicle collision (colloquially known as a pile up) is a road traffic accident involving many vehicles. Generally occurring on high capacity and high speed routes such as …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple chemical sensitivity — Classification and external resources MeSH D018777 Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is a chronic medical condition characterized by symptoms the affected person attributes to exposure to low levels of chemicals. Commonly suspected substances… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple trace theory — (MTT) is a memory consolidation model advanced as an alternative model to strength theory. It posits that each time some information is presented to a person, it is neurally encoded in a unique memory trace composed of a combination of its… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple cross products — is a mathematical term.Using multiple cross productsIn mathematics, one must be careful when using multiple cross products. The cross product operation is not associative: we have in general :( A times; B ) times; C ne; A times;( B times; C… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple Natures — is a personality type framework developed by renowned American educator and researcher, Steven Rudolph. It attempts to account for people’s natures and personality traits that lead to particular behavioral patterns, especially with respect to… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple — Mul ti*ple, n. (Math.) A quantity containing another quantity an integral number of times without a remainder. [1913 Webster] Note: A {common multiple} of two or more numbers contains each of them a number of times exactly; thus, 24 is a common… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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