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mover, unmoved

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  • mover, unmoved — That which initiates motion, but which is itself unmoved. The first of the Five Ways of Aquinas argues for such an entity. It may seem as though this is a version of the first cause argument, with God seeming like the railway engine that starts… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Mover — may mean: Removalist, a person who helps with packing, moving and storage Moving company In parliamentary procedure, the person who introduces a motion (see also seconder) Prime mover Unmoved mover Bob Mover (1952–), saxophonist See also Moving… …   Wikipedia

  • unmoved mover — See mover, unmoved …   Philosophy dictionary

  • unmoved mover — [un′mo͞ovd΄] n. PRIME MOVER …   English World dictionary

  • Unmoved mover — The unmoved mover is a philosophical concept described by Aristotle as the first cause that sets the universe into motion. As is implicit in the name, the unmoved mover is not moved by any prior action. In his book Metaphysics , Aristotle… …   Wikipedia

  • unmoved mover — noun : prime mover 1 * * * Aristotelianism. See prime mover (def. 3) …   Useful english dictionary

  • unmoved mover — Aristotelianism. See prime mover (def. 3). * * * …   Universalium

  • UNMOVED MOVER —    the term used by ARISTOTLE to refer to the creator and sustainer of the UNIVERSE which was taken by CHRISTIANS to apply to GOD …   Concise dictionary of Religion

  • unmoved mover —  Недвижимый двигатель …   Вестминстерский словарь теологических терминов

  • prime mover — See mover, unmoved …   Philosophy dictionary

  • prime mover — 1. Mech. a. the initial agent, as wind or electricity, that puts a machine in motion. b. a machine, as a water wheel or steam engine, that receives and modifies energy as supplied by some natural source. 2. means of towing a cannon, as an animal …   Universalium

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