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monotonic transformation

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  • monotonic transformation — simplifying a function without changing its direction (Mathematics) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Monotonic function — Monotonicity redirects here. For information on monotonicity as it pertains to voting systems, see monotonicity criterion. Monotonic redirects here. For other uses, see Monotone (disambiguation). Figure 1. A monotonically increasing function (it… …   Wikipedia

  • Expected utility hypothesis — In economics, game theory, and decision theory the expected utility hypothesis is a theory of utility in which betting preferences of people with regard to uncertain outcomes (gambles) are represented by a function of the payouts (whether in… …   Wikipedia

  • Mode (statistics) — In statistics, the mode is the value that occurs most frequently in a data set or a probability distribution.[1] In some fields, notably education, sample data are often called scores, and the sample mode is known as the modal score.[2] Like the… …   Wikipedia

  • Maximally stable extremal regions — Feature detection Output of a typical corner detection algorithm …   Wikipedia

  • М — Магистраль [turnpike] Мажоритарный акционер (Majority shareholder) Мажоритарная доля собственности (majority interest) Мажоритарный контроль (majority control) …   Экономико-математический словарь

  • Ordinal utility — theory states that while the utility of a particular good or service cannot be measured using a numerical scale bearing economic meaning in and of itself, pairs of alternative bundles (combinations) of goods can be ordered such that one is… …   Wikipedia

  • Pathfinder Networks — Several Psychometric scaling methods start from proximity data and yield structures revealing the underlying organization of the data. Data clustering and multidimensional scaling are two such methods. Network scaling represents another method… …   Wikipedia

  • Монотонное преобразование — [monotonic transformation] операция, производимая над некоторой упорядоченной совокупностью чисел таким образом, чтобы порядок их не изменился (при этом ни сами числа, ни интервалы между ними значения не имеют). Например, при положительном М.п.… …   Экономико-математический словарь

  • N-sphere — can project a sphere s surface to a plane, it can also project a 3 sphere s surface into 3 space. This image shows three coordinate directions projected to 3 space:parallels (red), meridians (blue) and hypermeridians (green).Due to the conformal… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Dinosaur King characters — This is a list of characters that appear in Dinosaur King. The English versions of the series use names differing from the Japanese versions; in this article the English names are used.[1] Contents 1 Characters 1.1 D Team 1.2 …   Wikipedia

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