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metanephric bud

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  • metanephric bud — ureteric b …   Medical dictionary

  • bud — 1. An outgrowth that resembles the b. of a plant, usually pluripotential, and capable of differentiating and growing into a definitive structure. 2. To give rise to such an outgrowth. SEE ALSO: gemmation. 3. A small outgrowth from a parent cell;… …   Medical dictionary

  • Metanephric blastema — Infobox Embryology Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = GrayPage = Caption = Caption2 = System = Days = 35 CarnegieStage = 14 Precursor = Wolffian duct GivesRiseTo = nephron (Bowman s capsule, connecting tubule, distal convoluted tubule,… …   Wikipedia

  • metanephric blastema — a mass of intermediate mesodermal cells around the distal end of the ureteric bud that gives rise to nephrons in the permanent kidney; called also metanephric cap or mass …   Medical dictionary

  • metanephric diverticulum — ureteric bud …   Medical dictionary

  • Ureteric bud — Latin gemma ureterica; diverticulum metanephricum Carnegie stage 13 Days 35 Precursor …   Wikipedia

  • ureteric bud — an outgrowth of the mesonephric duct that gives rise to all of the permanent kidney except the nephrons. Called also metanephric b. or diverticulum …   Medical dictionary

  • cap — 1. Any anatomic structure that resembles a c. or cover. 2. A protective covering for an incomplete tooth. 3. Colloquialism for restoration of the coronal part of a natural tooth by means of an artificial crown. 4. The nucleotide structure found… …   Medical dictionary

  • PAX2 — Paired box 2 PDB rendering based on 1k78 …   Wikipedia

  • Metanephrogenic blastema — Latin blastema metanephrogenicum Carnegie stage 14 Days 35 Precursor …   Wikipedia

  • PAX8 — Paired box 8 PDB rendering based on 1k78 …   Wikipedia

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