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maximal chain

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  • Ascending chain condition — The ascending chain condition (ACC) and descending chain condition (DCC) are finiteness properties satisfied by some algebraic structures, most importantly, ideals in certain commutative rings.[1][2][3] These conditions played an important role… …   Wikipedia

  • Kempe chain — In mathematics, a Kempe chain is a device used mainly in the study of the four colour theorem. History Kempe chains were first used by Alfred Kempe in his attempted proof of the four colour theorem. Even though his proof turned out to be… …   Wikipedia

  • Nearest-neighbor chain algorithm — In the theory of cluster analysis, the nearest neighbor chain algorithm is a method that can be used to perform several types of agglomerative hierarchical clustering, using an amount of memory that is linear in the number of points to be… …   Wikipedia

  • Hausdorff maximal principle — In mathematics, the Hausdorff maximal principle, (also called the Hausdorff maximality theorem) formulated and proved by Felix Hausdorff in 1914, is an alternate and earlier formulation of Zorn s lemma and therefore also equivalent to the axiom… …   Wikipedia

  • M230 Chain Gun — Allgemeine Information Einsatzland: USA …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Great Chain of Being — ▪ philosophy also called  Chain of Being        conception of the nature of the universe that had a pervasive influence on Western thought, particularly through the ancient Greek Neoplatonists and derivative philosophies during the European… …   Universalium

  • Glossary of order theory — This is a glossary of some terms used in various branches of mathematics that are related to the fields of order, lattice, and domain theory. Note that there is a structured list of order topics available as well. Other helpful resources might be …   Wikipedia

  • Graded poset — In mathematics, a graded poset, sometimes called a ranked poset (but see the article for an alternative meaning), is a partially ordered set (poset) P equipped with a rank function rho; from P to N compatible with the ordering (so rho;( x ) lt;… …   Wikipedia

  • Commutative ring — In ring theory, a branch of abstract algebra, a commutative ring is a ring in which the multiplication operation is commutative. The study of commutative rings is called commutative algebra. Some specific kinds of commutative rings are given with …   Wikipedia

  • Lubell-Yamamoto-Meshalkin inequality — In combinatorial mathematics, the Lubell Yamamoto Meshalkin inequality, more commonly known as the LYM inequality, is an inequality on the sizes of sets in a Sperner family, proved by harvtxt|Bollobás|1965, harvtxt|Lubell|1966,… …   Wikipedia

  • Krull dimension — In commutative algebra, the Krull dimension of a ring R, named after Wolfgang Krull (1899–1971), is the supremum of the number of strict inclusions in a chain of prime ideals. The Krull dimension need not be finite even for a Noetherian ring. A… …   Wikipedia

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