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  • 1

    round; circular, roll something into a ball; roll, unite; conglomerate, group; society; organization;, regiment; corps, (全称为 〖中国共产主义青年团〗) the Communist Youth League of China; the League, sth. shaped like a ball;mass, dumpling, (used for something in the shape of a ball), regiment
    round; circular, roll something into a ball; roll, unite; conglomerate, group; society; organization;, regiment; corps, (全稱為 〖中國共產主義青年團〗) the Communist Youth League of China; the League, sth. shaped like a ball;mass, dumpling, (used for something in the shape of a ball), regiment
    * * *
    agglomerate; corps; dumpling; group; regiment; roll; round
    【医】 Bol.; bolus; corps; group; mass; massa
    * * *
    agglomerate; corps; dumpling; group; regiment
    * * *
    adj. round, circular
    n. group, society, organization, platoon, corps
    v. tie in, put together, link, roll something into a ball, unite
    n. dumpling
    * * *
    regiment, round, circular, group, society
    * * *
    (团子) dumpling:
    汤团 boiled rice dumpling
    (成球形的东西) sth. shaped like a ball:
    线团 thread ball;
    缩成一团 curl up into a ball
    (工作或活动的集体) group; body; society; organization:
    财团 financial group;
    剧团 drama troupe;
    主席团 presidium
    (军队的编制单位) regiment
    (特指中国共产主义青年团) the Communist Youth League of China; the League:
    入团 join the League; be admitted to the League
    (把东西揉成球形) roll sth. into a ball; roll:
    团泥球 roll clay into a ball
    (会合在一起) rally; unite; conglomerate:
    团聚 reunite
    (圆形的) round; circular:
    团团脸 round face
    (集体的) collective:
    团拜会 mutual congratulations meeting on New Year's Day
    一团乱发 a mass of loose hair;
    一团毛线 a ball of wool;
    一团面 a lump of dough
    * * *
    團|团 [tuán] round lump ball to roll into a ball to gather regiment group society
    糰|团 [tuán] dumpling

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  • 2

    piece; lump; chunk; block; cake, (used for pieces, chunks, monetary units), (used for gold or silver dollars, Renminbi, and certain paper money)
    * * *
    lump; agglomeration; clump; dollop; loaf
    【计】 B; block
    【医】 block; lump; mass; massa
    * * *
    agglomeration; block; cake; clump; dollop; loaf; mass; piece; steatite
    * * *
    adj. cake
    n. piece, bit, lump, block, ingot, bar, mass
    measure word for pieces and monetary units
    * * *
    lump (of earth), chunk, piece, classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc, colloquial word for yuan (or other unit of currency such as Hong Kong or US dollar etc), usually as 塊錢, 块钱
    * * *
    (成疙瘩或成团的东西) piece; lump; chunk:
    把肉切成块儿 cut the meat into cubes;
    木块 wood block;
    糖块 fruit drops; lumps of sugar
    两块肥皂 two cakes of soap;
    一块布 a piece of cloth;
    一块方糖 (面包, 木头, 土地) a piece of sugar (bread, wood, land);
    一块试验田 an experimental plot;
    一块手表 a wrist watch
    (用于银币或纸币, 等于“圆”) yuan, the basic unit of money in China:
    三块钱 three yuan
    * * *
    塊|块 [kuài] lump (of earth) chunk piece classifier for pieces of cloth, cake, soap etc colloquial word for yuan (or other unit of currency such as Hong Kong or US dollar etc), usually as 塊錢|块钱

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  • 3 物质

    matter; substance, material, physical
    * * *
    material; matter; substance
    【化】 matter; substance
    【医】 hylo-; mass; massa; materia; material; materies; matter; principle
    substance; substantia
    相关词组: 非物质
    * * *
    matter; substance
    * * *
    adj. physical
    n. armamentarium, substance
    * * *
    wu4 zhi4
    matter, substance, material, materialistic, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    wù zhì
    matter; substance; material:
    可裂变物质 fissionable material; nuclear materials;
    物质以三种形态存在: 固态、 液态和气态。 Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas.
    物质补偿 material compensation; physical makeup;
    物质不灭定律 the law of conservation of matter;
    物质财富 material wealth;
    物质产品 physical product; material product;
    物质传递 mass transfer;
    物质传递机理 mass transfer mechanism;
    物质导数 {流} individual derivative; material derivative; substantial derivative;
    物质辐射器 {电} mass radiator;
    物质鼓励 material reward;
    物质光源 light; (劳动的)
    物质规定性 material characteristics of labour; material specification of labour;
    物质化 materialization;
    物质基础 material base;
    物质奖励 material reward;
    物质交换 interchange of material;
    物质结构 structure of matter;
    物质劳动 material labour;
    物质力量 material strength; material force;
    物质利益 material benefits; material gains; material interests; material well-being;
    物质名词 {语} material noun;
    物质喷射 surge;
    物质平衡方程 matter balance equation;
    物质坡移 mass wasting;
    物质权益 material equity;
    物质实体 subject;
    物质世界 the material world; the physical world;
    物质市场 physical market;
    物质守恒 conservation of matter;
    物质守恒定律 law of indestructibility of matter;
    物质损失 material damage;
    物质条件 material conditions (prerequisites);
    物质微粒 corpuscle;
    物质文化 material culture;
    物质文明 material civilization;
    物质形式 material form; physical form;
    物质性 {哲} materiality;
    物质需求 material requisite;
    物质宇宙 cosmosphere;
    物质运动 the motion of matter;
    物质运输 Translocation of solute (植物生理);
    物质资本 material capital; physical capital;
    物质资料 material goods; material values;
    物质资源 material resources; physical resources
    * * *
    物質|物质 [wù zhì] matter substance material materialistic CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

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  • 4

    nature; character, quality, matter; substance, pledge, simple; plain, question, pawn
    * * *
    character; matter; nature; pawn; pledge; quality; question; simple
    【医】 mass; massa; quality; substance; substantia
    【经】 guilder
    * * *
    character; matter; nature; pawn; pledge; quality; question; simple
    * * *
    n. substance, nature, quality
    * * *
    character, nature, quality, plain, to pawn, pledge, hostage, to question, Taiwan pr.
    * * *
    (性质; 本质) nature; character; essence:
    实质 substance; essence;
    品质 character; quality
    (质量) quality:
    劣质 poor quality;
    保质保量 guarantee both quality and quantity
    (物质) matter; substance; material:
    铁质器具 iron implements;
    流质食物 liquid food
    (抵押品) security; pledge:
    人质 hostage;
    以此物为质 give it as a security for sth.
    (姓氏) a surname:
    质远同 Zhi Yuantong
    (询问; 责问) question; call to account:
    质询 address inquiries to
    (抵押) pawn; mortgage:
    典质净尽 have pawned everything available
    (朴素) simple; plain; unadorned:
    质言 truthful words;
    质直 upright; straightforward; direct
    * * *
    質|质 [zhì] character nature quality plain to pawn pledge hostage to question Taiwan pr. [zhí]

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  • 5 中间块

    【医】 adhaesio interthalamica; commissura grisea; commissura media cerebri
    connexus interthalamicus; interthalamic commissure; massa intermedia
    middle commissure; soft commissure; trabeculae cinerea

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中间块

  • 6 丸块

    【医】 Mas. pil.; mass; massa; massa pilularum; pill mass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 丸块

  • 7 古巴香块

    【医】 massa copaibae

    Chinese-English dictionary > 古巴香块

  • 8 寰椎侧块

    【医】 massa lateralis atlantis

    Chinese-English dictionary > 寰椎侧块

  • 9 旁睾

    【医】 Giraldes's organs; massa innominata; paradidymis; parepididymis

    Chinese-English dictionary > 旁睾

  • 10 汞丸块

    【医】 blue mass; massa hydrargyri; mercury mass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 汞丸块

  • 11 硬膏团块

    【医】 emplastra in massa

    Chinese-English dictionary > 硬膏团块

  • 12 硬膏块剂

    【医】 emplastra in massa; plaster-masses

    Chinese-English dictionary > 硬膏块剂

  • 13 舌下腺块

    【医】 massa sublingualis

    Chinese-English dictionary > 舌下腺块

  • 14 足副肌

    【医】 massa carnea jacobi sylvil

    Chinese-English dictionary > 足副肌

  • 15 铅硬膏团块

    【医】 emplastra plumbi in massa

    Chinese-English dictionary > 铅硬膏团块

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