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make a balls-up of something

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  • balls-up — balls ups N COUNT If you make a balls up of something, you do it very badly and make a lot of mistakes. [BRIT, INFORMAL, RUDE] He was in danger of making a real balls up of this. Syn: pig s ear …   English dictionary

  • balls — n pl 1. the testicles. A predictable use of the word, balls was first used as a euphe mism in Renaissance England, later becoming a standard, if coarse synonym. 2. rubbish, nonsense. This use of the word, except perhaps as an exclamation, is… …   Contemporary slang

  • balls up — (vulgar sl) 1. To make a muddle or mess of 2. To throw into confusion (ballsˈ up noun; ballsedˈ up adjective) • • • Main Entry: ↑ball * * * ˌballs ˈup [transitive] [ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Balls of Steel (TV series) — Balls of Steel Format Comedy / Reality TV Developed by Objective Productions Starring …   Wikipedia

  • Make Love, Not Warcraft — South Park episode Episode no. Season 10 Episode 8 Directed by Trey Parker Written by …   Wikipedia

  • balls — /bɔlz / (say bawlz) Colloquial –noun 1. courage; boldness; forcefulness: you have to have balls to win through. 2. rubbish; nonsense: what a lot of balls. –interjection 3. (an exclamation of repudiation, ridicule, etc.) –phrase 4. balls something …   Australian English dictionary

  • balls up — phrasal verb [transitive] Word forms balls up : present tense I/you/we/they balls up he/she/it ballses up present participle ballsing up past tense ballsed up past participle ballsed up British impolite to do something very badly and make a lot… …   English dictionary

  • balls (something) up — Verb. To make a mess of a situation. E.g. I couldn t believe I ballsed up my driving test by making exactly the same mistake as the previous six times …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • Cups and balls — Hieronymus Bosch: The Conjurer, 1475 1480. Notice the man on the far left is stealing the other man s purse while he is distracted by the game The cups and balls is a classic performance of magic with innumerable adaptations. The effect known as… …   Wikipedia

  • The Secret Policeman's Balls — This article is about the entire series of Secret Policeman s Ball benefit shows for Amnesty International (1976 2008) : For the original 1979 show that gave the series its name see: The Secret Policeman s Ball : For the 2006 benefit show see:… …   Wikipedia

  • Bachelor and Spinster Balls — (B S) events are hosted regularly in rural Australia, known locally as B S Balls or simply B S s . They are staged for young (18 years and over) spinsters and bachelors and traditionally the couples dress up in formal wear. Large volumes of… …   Wikipedia

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