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lottery paradox

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  • Lottery paradox — Henry E. Kyburg, Jr. s Lottery Paradox (1961, p. 197) arises from considering a fair 1000 ticket lottery that has exactly one winning ticket. If this much is known about the execution of the lottery it is therefore rational to accept that some… …   Wikipedia

  • lottery paradox — Suppose a lottery with a large number of tickets. Then it is rational to believe of each particular ticket that it will lose. If it is rational to hold two beliefs separately, then it must be rational to hold their conjunction. But if we conjoin… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • lottery — paradox …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Preface paradox — The Preface Paradox, or the paradox of the preface, [Makinson, D. C., Paradox of the Preface , Analysis 25 (1965) 205 207. [] ] was introduced by David Makinson in 1965. Similar… …   Wikipedia

  • St. Petersburg paradox — In economics, the St. Petersburg paradox is a paradox related to probability theory and decision theory. It is based on a particular (theoretical) lottery game (sometimes called St. Petersburg Lottery ) that leads to a random variable with… …   Wikipedia

  • Allais paradox — The Allais paradox is a choice problem designed by Maurice Allais to show an inconsistency of actual observed choices with the predictions of expected utility theory. Contents 1 Statement of the Problem 2 Mathematical proof of inconsistency 2.1… …   Wikipedia

  • preface paradox — A writer says many things, p 1… p n, in the course of a book. In the preface she reasonably says that she knows the book contains mistakes, and is sorry for them. But given that she knows that p 1… p n is the set of things she asserted, she now… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • List of paradoxes — This is a list of paradoxes, grouped thematically. Note that many of the listed paradoxes have a clear resolution see Quine s Classification of Paradoxes.Logical, non mathematical* Paradox of entailment: Inconsistent premises always make an… …   Wikipedia

  • List of philosophy topics (I-Q) — II and thou I Ching I Ching I proposition I Thou I Thou relationshipIaIamblichus (philosopher)IbYahya Ibn Adi Yahya Ibn Adi Ibn al Arabi Muhyi al Din Ibn al Arabi Abu Bakr Ibn Bajja Abu Bakr Ibn Bājja Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn Yahya Ibn as Say igh… …   Wikipedia

  • Парадокс лотереи — Парадокс лотереи, сформулированный профессором Рочестерского университета Генри Кайбергом[1], возникает из рассмотрения шансов выигрыша в лотерею, в которой разыгрывается, например, 1000 лотерейных билетов, из которых один является выигрышным.… …   Википедия

  • Henry E. Kyburg, Jr. — Henry E. Kyburg, Jr. (1928 – 2007) was Gideon Burbank Professor of Moral Philosophy and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Rochester, New York, and Pace Eminent Scholar at The Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, Pensacola,… …   Wikipedia

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