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local supercluster

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  • Local Supercluster — noun /ˌloʊkl̩ ˈsupɚˌklʌstɚ/ The supercluster that includes the Milky Way galaxy. Syn: LS, LSC, Virgo Supercluster, VirSC, Vir SC See Also: Local Arm, Local Bubble, Local Cluster, Local Filament, Local Fluff, Local Galaxy, Local Group, Local Space …   Wiktionary

  • Local Supercluster —    The supercluster of galaxies to which our Local Group belongs …   The writer's dictionary of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mythology

  • Local — generally means that which relates to a specific area or place, and is not vast or widespread.Local may also refer to:In medicine: * Local refers to a restricted part of the organism; such as a local anesthesiaIn computing: * Locale, a term used… …   Wikipedia

  • Local Group — The Local Group is the group of galaxies that includes our galaxy, the Milky Way. The group comprises over 35 galaxies, with its gravitational center located somewhere between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy. The galaxies of the Local… …   Wikipedia

  • Supercluster — NOTOC right|249px|thumb|A map of the nearest (to Virgo) SuperclustersSuperclusters are large groupings of smaller galaxy groups and clusters, and are among the largest structures of the cosmos. uperclustersThe existence of superclusters indicates …   Wikipedia

  • Local Group — noun the small cluster of galaxies that contains the Milky Way Galaxy; includes Andromeda, Triangulum, the Large Magellanic Cloud, Small Magellanic Cloud and others See Also: Local Supercluster, LSC, LS, Local Void, Local Wall, Local Arm …   Wiktionary

  • Virgo Supercluster — The Virgo Supercluster or Local Supercluster is the galactic supercluster that contains the Local Group, the latter containing, in its turn, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.Disk and haloThe Supercluster consists of two components: disk… …   Wikipedia

  • Pavo-Indus Supercluster — The Pavo Indus Supercluster is a neighboring supercluster to the Local Supercluster containing Local Group, a group of galaxies that contains our home galaxy, Milky Way galaxy. The Supercluster contains four main clusters, Abell 3656, Abell 3698 …   Wikipedia

  • Perseus-Pisces Supercluster — The Perseus Pisces Supercluster is one of the largest known structures in the universe. Even at a distance of 250 million light years, this chain of galaxy clusters extends more than 40° across the northern winter sky. The Perseus Pisces… …   Wikipedia

  • Superamas Local — Superamas de la Vierge Le Superamas de la Vierge, également appelé Superamas Local, est le superamas de galaxies qui contient le Groupe local, comprenant la Voie lactée et la galaxie d Andromède. Le nom de Superamas de la Vierge provient de ce… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Virgo Supercluster — noun /ˈvɚɡoʊ ˈsu.pɚˈklʌstɚ/ The supercluster that includes the Milky Way galaxy. Syn: Local Supercluster, LS, LSC, Virgo SC, VirSC, Vir SC See Also: Virgo, Virgo A, Virgo Cluster, Virgo Constellation, Virgo Dwarf, Virgo Dwarf Galaxy, Virgo… …   Wiktionary

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