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light easement

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  • light easement — See easements of light, air, and view …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • easement — ease·ment / ēz mənt/ n [Anglo French esement, literally, benefit, convenience, from Old French aisement, from aisier to ease, assist]: an interest in land owned by another that entitles its holder to a specific limited use or enjoyment (as the… …   Law dictionary

  • light or prospect — in Scots property law, the urban servitude non aed ificandi ( not to build ), altius non tollendi ( not to build beyond a certain height ) and non officiendi luminibus ( not to interfere with light ) combine to restrain proprietors, from their… …   Law dictionary

  • Easement — For spiral easements on railroads, see Track transition curve. Property law …   Wikipedia

  • easement — A right of use over the property of another. Traditionally the permitted kinds of uses were limited, the most important being rights of way and rights concerning flowing waters. The easement was normally for the benefit of adjoining lands, no… …   Black's law dictionary

  • light, right to — A privilege or easement to have light admitted into one s building by the openings made for that purpose, without obstruction or obscuration by the walls of adjacent or neighboring structures. Santos v. Dondero, 11 Cal.App.2d 720, 54 P.2d 764,… …   Black's law dictionary

  • light, air, and view — Neither appurtenances nor hereditaments in the absence of an easement. 1 Am J2d Adj L § 89. See easements of light, air, and view …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • continuous easement — noun or continuous servitude law : an easement that does not require the act of man for its enjoyment (as an easement of drainage by a natural watercourse or a right of light or air) compare discontinuous easement …   Useful english dictionary

  • negative easement — noun or negative servitude : an easement enabling its holder to prevent the possessor of the land subject to the easement from doing certain acts or exercising certain rights of ownership he would otherwise have a legal right to a negative… …   Useful english dictionary

  • highway easement — An easement belonging to the public embracing all public travel not prohibited by law, on foot, in carriages, omnibuses, stages, sleighs, or other vehicles, as the wants and habits of the public demand. Carli v Stillwater Street Railway and… …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • Dutch Island Light — Dutch Island Lighthouse U.S. National Register of Historic Places …   Wikipedia

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