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  • 1 league

    league league noun 1. a group of sports teams who all play each other to earn points and find which team is best • (体育运动队的)联合会,联赛:
    »major-league baseball
    »United were league champions last season.
    --› see also minor-league 2. (informal) a level of quality, ability, etc. • (质量、能力等的)等级,级别,水平:
    »As a painter, he is in a league of his own (= much better than others).
    »Theyˈre in a different league from us.
    »When it comes to cooking, Iˈm not in her league (= she is much better than me).
    »A house like that is out of our league (= too expensive for us).
    3. a group of people or nations who have combined for a particular purpose • 联盟;同盟 【SYN】 alliance:
    »the League of Nations
    »a meeting of the Womenˈs League for Peace
    --› see also Ivy League 4. (old use) a unit for measuring distance, equal to about 3 miles or 4 000 metres • 里格(长度单位,约等于 3 英里或 4 000 米) 【IDIOMS】 in ˈleague (with sb) • making secret plans with sb • (与…)秘密串通,勾结
    * * *
    n. 同盟, 聯盟, 盟約, 聯合會, 社團
    v. 組聯盟, (使)加盟

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  • 2 league

    n; c
    1) (like-minded group) 联盟 [liánméng]
    2) (SPORT) 联赛 [liánsài]

    * to be in league with sb — 与某人勾结

    * to be in the same league as sb — (comparing) 与某人同类

    * out of sb's league — ( fig) 与某人不是一类人

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  • 3 league

    I [li:ɡ] noun
    1) (a union of persons, nations etc for the benefit of each other: the League for the Protection of Shopkeepers.) 聯盟
    2) (a grouping of sports clubs for games.) 競賽聯合會
    II [li:ɡ] noun
    (an old measure of distance (about 4.8 km).) 裡格(舊長度單位:約為4.8公里)

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  • 5 league


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