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    lead lead¹
    --› see also lead ² verb (led, led) ›› SHOW THE WAY 带路 1. to go with or in front of a person or an animal to show the way or to make them go in the right direction • 带路;领路;引领 【SYN】 guide ▪ [VN +adv. / prep.]
    »He led us out into the grounds.
    »The receptionist led the way to the boardroom.
    »She led the horse back into the stable.
    »(figurative) I tried to lead the discussion back to the main issue.
    ▪ [V]
    »If you lead, Iˈll follow.
    --› note at take ›› CONNECT TWO THINGS 连接两事物 2. [V] lead from / to sth (to / from sth) to connect one object or place to another • (与…)相连,相通:
    »the pipe leading from the top of the water tank
    »The wire led to a speaker.
    ›› OF ROAD / PATH / DOOR 道路;小路;门 3. [+adv. / prep.] to go in a particular direction or to a particular place • 通向;通往: ▪ [V]
    »A path led up the hill.
    »Which door leads to the yard?
    ▪ [VN]
    »The track led us through a wood.
    ›› CAUSE 原因 4. [V] lead to sth to have sth as a result • 导致,造成(后果) 【SYN】 result in:
    »Eating too much sugar can lead to health problems.
    5. lead sb (to sth) to be the reason why sb does or thinks sth • 使得出(观点);引导(某人): ▪ [VN]
    »What led you to this conclusion?
    »Heˈs too easily led (= easily persuaded to do or think sth).
    ▪ [VN to inf]
    »This has led scientists to speculate on the existence of other galaxies.
    »The situation is far worse than we had been led to believe.
    ›› LIFE 生活 6. [VN] to have a particular type of life • 过(某种生活):
    »to lead a quiet life / a life of luxury / a miserable existence
    ›› BE BEST / FIRST 属最佳/第一 7. lead (sb / sth) (in sth) to be the best at sth; to be in first place • 最擅长于;处于首位;处于领先地位: ▪ [VN]
    »The department led the world in cancer research.
    »We lead the way in space technology.
    ▪ [V VN]
    »The champion is leading (her nearest rival) by 18 seconds.
    冠军领先了 18 秒钟。
    ›› BE IN CONTROL 控制 8. to be in control of sth; to be the leader of sth • 控制;掌管;领导;率领: ▪ [VN]
    »to lead an expedition
    »to lead a discussion
    »Who will lead the party in the next election?
    ▪ [also V] ›› IN CARD GAMES 纸牌游戏 9. to play first; to play sth as your first card • 开牌;率先出牌: ▪ [V]
    »Itˈs your turn to lead.
    ▪ [VN]
    »to lead the ten of clubs
    【IDIOMS】 lead sb by the ˈnose • to make sb do everything you want; to control sb completely • 牵着某人的鼻子走;完全操纵(或控制)某人 lead (sb) nowhere • to have no successful result for sb • 毫无成果:
    »This discussion is leading us nowhere.
    lead sb a (merry) ˈdance ( BrE) • to cause sb a lot of trouble or worry • 给某人造成许多麻烦(或忧虑) lead from the ˈfront • to take an active part in what you are telling or persuading others to do • 带头;带动;引导 lead sb up / down the garden ˈpath • to make sb believe sth which is not true • 给某人误导的信息(或提示);误导某人 【SYN】 mislead --› more at blind adj., horse n., thing 【PHR V】 ˌlead ˈoff (from) sth • to start at a place and go away from it • 起始于(某地):
    »narrow streets leading off from the main square
    ˌlead ˈoff | ˌlead sth∽ˈoff • to start sth • 开始(某事):
    »Who would like to lead off the debate?
    ˌlead sb ˈon (informal) • to make sb believe sth which is not true, especially that you love them or find them attractive • 使误信,误导某人(尤指谎称自己喜爱对方或认为对方有魅力) ˌlead ˈup to sth • to be an introduction to or the cause of sth • 是…的先导;是导致…的原因:
    »the weeks leading up to the exam
    »the events leading up to the strike
    ˈlead with sth 1. (of a newspaper 报纸) to have sth as the main item of news • 把…作为头条新闻 2. (in boxing 拳击运动) to use a particular hand to begin an attack • (用…手)率先出击,开始进攻:
    »to lead with your right / left
    noun ›› FIRST PLACE 首位 1. the lead [sing.] the position ahead of everyone else in a race or competition • (竞赛中的)领先地位:
    »She took the lead in the second lap.
    »He has gone into the lead.
    »The Democrats now appear to be in the lead.
    »to hold / lose the lead
    »The lead car is now three minutes ahead of the rest of the field.
    2. [sing.] lead (over sb / sth) the amount or distance that sb / sth is in front of sb / sth else • 超前量;领先的距离 【SYN】 advantage:
    »He managed to hold a lead of two seconds over his closest rival.
    »The polls have given Labour a five-point lead.
    »a commanding / comfortable lead
    »to increase / widen your lead
    »Manchester lost their early two-goal lead.
    ›› EXAMPLE 实例 3. [sing.] an example or action for people to copy • 实例;范例;榜样:
    »If one bank raises interest rates, all the others will follow their lead.
    »If we take the lead in this (= start to act), others may follow.
    »You go first, Iˈll take my lead from you.
    ›› INFORMATION 信息 4. a piece of information that may help to find out the truth or facts about a situation, especially a crime • (尤指有关犯罪的)线索 【SYN】 clue:
    »The police will follow up all possible leads.
    ›› ACTOR / MUSICIAN 演员;音乐家 5. the main part in a play, film / movie, etc.; the person who plays this part • (戏剧、电影等中的)主角;扮演主角的演员:
    »Who is playing the lead ?
    »the male / female lead
    »a lead role
    »the lead singer in a band
    ›› FOR DOG 狗 6. ( BrE) (also leash NAmE, BrE) a long piece of leather, chain or rope used for holding and controlling a dog • (牵狗用的)皮带,链条,绳索:
    »Dogs must be kept on a lead in the park.
    ›› FOR ELECTRICITY 电 7. ( BrE) a long piece of wire, usually covered in plastic, that is used to connect a piece of electrical equipment to a source of electricity • 电线;导线 --› see also extension lead, jump lead lead² noun --› see also lead ¹ 1. (symb Pb) a chemical element. Lead is a heavy soft grey metal, used especially in the past for water pipes or to cover roofs. • 铅 2. [C, U] the thin black part of a pencil that marks paper • 铅笔芯 【IDIOMS】 go ˌdown like a lead balˈloon •(informal) to be very unsuccessful; to not be accepted by people • 大失败;终归无效 --› more at [u]swing v.
    * * *
    vt. 領導, 引導, 致使
    vi. 領導, (道路等)通向, 導致, 用水砣測深
    n. 領導, 領先, 導線, 鉛, (自船上測海水深度的)鉛陲, 石墨, 鉛筆芯

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  • 3 lead

    1. lead [led] n
    1) no pl ( metal) Blei nt;
    to be as heavy as \lead schwer wie Blei sein;
    to contain \lead bleihaltig sein
    2) ( pencil filling) Mine f
    3) no pl ( graphite) Graphit m
    4) no pl ( bullets) Blei nt veraltet, Kugeln fpl;
    hand over the money or I'll fill you full of \lead! Geld her oder ich werd' dich mit Blei vollpumpen! (sl)
    \leads pl ( in windows) Bleifassung f; ( on roofs) Bleiplatten fpl
    6) naut Lot nt fachspr
    to have \lead in one's pencil ein steifes Rohr haben (sl, vulg)
    to get the \lead out sich akk beeilen;
    to swing the \lead ( Brit) (fam: pretend to be sick) krankfeiern ( fam) ( pretend to be incapable of work) sich akk drücken ( fam) n
    modifier (bullet, crystal, pipe, weight) Blei-
    to go down like a \lead balloon überhaupt nicht ankommen ( fam)
    2. lead [li:d] n
    1) theat, film Hauptrolle f;
    to get/play the \lead [in sth] [in etw dat] die Hauptrolle bekommen/spielen
    2) usu sing (guiding, example) Beispiel nt;
    to follow sb's \lead jds Beispiel folgen
    to give a strong \lead gut führen;
    to follow sb's \lead sich akk von jdm führen lassen
    4) no pl ( front position) Führung f;
    to be in the \lead führend sein; sports in Führung liegen;
    to go [or move] into the \lead die Führung übernehmen; sports sich akk an die Spitze setzen;
    to have/ hold/take [over] the \lead die Führung haben/verteidigen/übernehmen;
    to lose one's \lead die Führung verlieren
    5) ( position in advance) Vorsprung m
    6) ( clue) Hinweis m;
    to get a \lead on sth einen Hinweis auf etw akk bekommen
    7) ( connecting wire) Kabel nt
    8) (Brit, Aus) ( rope for pet) Leine f;
    to be on a \lead angeleint sein;
    to keep an animal on a \lead ein Tier an der Leine halten;
    to let an animal off the \lead ein Tier von der Leine [o frei laufen] lassen;
    to be [let] off the \lead (fig, hum) sturmfreie Bude haben ( fam) vt <led, led>
    to \lead sb/ sth jdn/etw führen;
    she led the party to victory sie führte die Partei zum Sieg;
    to \lead a delegation/ an expedition eine Delegation/eine Expedition leiten;
    to \lead a discussion/ an inquiry eine Diskussion/Ermittlungen leiten;
    to \lead sb in prayer jdm vorbeten
    2) ( guide)
    to \lead sb/ sth jdn/etw führen;
    to \lead sb into/ over/ through sth jdn in/über/durch etw akk führen;
    to \lead sb to sth jdn zu etw dat führen;
    to \lead sb astray jdn auf Abwege führen
    to \lead the way vorangehen;
    to \lead the way in sth ( fig) bei etw dat an der Spitze stehen
    to \lead sb [in]to problems jdn in Schwierigkeiten bringen;
    5) (pej: cause to do)
    to \lead sb to do sth jdn dazu verleiten, etw zu tun;
    to \lead sb to believe that... jdn glauben lassen, dass...
    6) econ, sports ( be ahead of)
    to \lead sb jdn anführen;
    to \lead the field/ the pack das Feld/die Gruppe anführen;
    to \lead the world weltweit führend sein
    7) ( spend)
    to \lead a life of luxury ein Leben im Luxus führen;
    to \lead a cat-and-dog life wie Hund und Katze leben;
    to \lead a charmed life ( be very lucky in life) ein glückliches Leben führen;
    ( be guarded from above) einen Schutzengel haben;
    to \lead a hectic/ quiet life ein hektisches/ruhiges Leben führen;
    the life she \leads is very relaxed sie führt ein sehr bequemes Leben
    to \lead sb a merry dance ( fam) sein Spiel mit jdm treiben;
    to \lead sb up [or down] the garden path ( fam) jdn an der Nase herumführen [o hinters Licht führen];
    to \lead sb by the nose ( fam) jdn unter seiner Fuchtel haben ( fam) vi <led, led>
    1) ( be in charge) die Leitung innehaben
    2) ( be guide) vorangehen;
    where she \leads, others will follow sie ist eine starke Führungspersönlichkeit;
    to \lead from the front ( fig) den Ton angeben
    3) ( guide woman dancer) führen
    to \lead somewhere irgendwohin führen;
    the track \leads across the fields der Pfad führt über die Felder;
    this passage \leads into the servants' quarters dieser Gang führt zu den Wohnräumen der Bediensteten;
    the door \leads onto a wide shady terrace die Tür geht auf eine große, schattige Terrasse hinaus
    5) ( implicate)
    to \lead to sth auf etw akk hinweisen;
    everything \leads to this conclusion alles legt diese Schlussfolgerung nahe
    6) (cause to develop, happen)
    to \lead to sth zu etw dat führen;
    this is bound to \lead to trouble das muss zwangsläufig zu Schwierigkeiten führen;
    all this talk is \leading nowhere all dieses Gerede führt zu [o ( fam) bringt] nichts;
    where's it all going to \lead? wo soll das alles noch hinführen?
    7) ( be in the lead) führen; sports in Führung liegen;
    to \lead by 10 points mit 10 Punkten in Führung liegen
    to \lead with one's chin ( fam) das Schicksal herausfordern;
    all roads \lead to Rome (\lead to Rome) alle Wege führen nach Rom ( prov)

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  • 4 lead

    lead [led]
    1. n
    1) свине́ц;

    as heavy as lead о́чень тяжёлый

    2) графи́т, гри́фель
    3) мор. лот;

    to heave ( или to cast) the lead мор. броса́ть лот; измеря́ть глубину́ ло́том

    4) pl свинцо́вые по́лосы для покры́тия кры́ши; покры́тая свинцо́м кры́ша; пло́ская кры́ша
    5) pl полигр. шпо́ны
    6) грузи́ло, отве́с
    7) пло́мба
    8) attr. свинцо́вый

    hail of lead град пуль


    to get the lead быть застре́ленным

    2. v
    1) тех. освинцо́вывать, покрыва́ть свинцо́м
    2) полигр. разделя́ть шпо́нами
    lead [li:d]
    1. n
    1) руково́дство; инициати́ва;

    to take the lead взять на себя́ инициати́ву, вы́ступить инициа́тором; руководи́ть

    2) приме́р; указа́ния, директи́ва;

    to follow the lead of smb. сле́довать чьему́-л. приме́ру


    to give smb. a ( или the) lead поощри́ть, подбодри́ть кого́-л. приме́ром

    3) пе́рвое ме́сто, веду́щее ме́сто в состяза́нии;

    to gain ( или to have) the lead заня́ть пе́рвое ме́сто


    to have a lead of three metres (five seconds) опереди́ть на три ме́тра (на пять секу́нд)

    4) спорт. разры́в ме́жду ли́дером и бегуно́м, иду́щим за ним
    5) ключ (к решению чего́-л.); намёк
    6) поводо́к, при́вязь
    7) эл. подводя́щий про́вод
    8) театр., кино гла́вная роль или её исполни́тель(ница)
    9) газе́тная информа́ция, помещённая на ви́дном ме́сте
    10) кра́ткое введе́ние к газе́тной статье́; вво́дная часть
    11) карт. ход;

    to return smb.'s lead

    а) ходи́ть в масть;
    б) подде́рживать чью-л. инициати́ву
    12) трубопрово́д; кана́л
    13) разво́дье ( во льдах)
    14) тех. опереже́ние, предваре́ние ( впуска пара и т.п.)
    15) тех. шаг (спирали, винта); ход ( поршня)
    16) тех. стрела́, уко́сина
    17) геол. жи́ла; золотоно́сный песо́к

    blind lead тупи́к

    2. v (led)
    1) вести́, приводи́ть;

    to lead a child by the hand вести́ ребёнка за́ руку


    the path leads to the house доро́га ведёт к до́му


    chance led him to London слу́чай привёл его́ в Ло́ндон

    2) руководи́ть, управля́ть, кома́ндовать, возглавля́ть;

    to lead an army кома́ндовать а́рмией


    to lead for the prosecution (defence) юр. возглавля́ть обвине́ние (защи́ту)


    to lead an orchestra руководи́ть орке́стром

    3) вести́, проводи́ть;

    to lead a quiet life вести́ споко́йную жизнь

    4) быть, идти́ пе́рвым, опережа́ть ( в состязании); превосходи́ть;

    he leads all orators он лу́чший ора́тор


    as a teacher he leads он лу́чше всех други́х учителе́й

    5) карт. ходи́ть;

    to lead hearts ( spades, etc.) ходи́ть с черве́й (с пик и т.д.)

    6) приводи́ть (к чему-л.);

    to lead nowhere ни к чему́ не приводи́ть

    7) приводи́ть, склоня́ть (к чему-л.), заставля́ть;

    to lead smb. to do smth. заста́вить кого́-л. сде́лать что-л.


    what led you to think so? что заста́вило вас так ду́мать?


    curiosity led me to look again любопы́тство заста́вило меня́ взгляну́ть сно́ва

    8) спорт. направля́ть уда́р ( в боксе)
    9) охот. це́литься в летя́щую пти́цу
    10) помеща́ть на ви́дном ме́сте в газе́те
    11) тех. опережа́ть

    lead away увле́чь, увести́

    а) начина́ть, класть нача́ло; открыва́ть (прения, бал);
    б) разг. вы́йти из себя́;
    lead on завлека́ть, увлека́ть;
    lead out of выходи́ть, сообща́ться ( о комнатах);
    lead to приводи́ть к каким-л. результа́там;
    а) постепе́нно подготовля́ть;
    б) наводи́ть разгово́р на что-л.

    to lead by the nose води́ть на поводу́; держа́ть в подчине́нии


    to lead smb. a (pretty) dance заста́вить кого́-л. пому́читься; поводи́ть за́ нос, помане́жить кого́-л.


    to lead smb. up the garden path вводи́ть в заблужде́ние; завлека́ть


    all roads lead to Rome все доро́ги веду́т в Рим

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  • 5 lead


    1.   свинец

    2.   графит; грифель

    3.   груз, грузило

    - blue lead
    - metallic lead
    - metal lead
    - red lead
    - sheet lead
    - white lead


    1.   порядовка ( для каменных работ); маяк

    2.   ввод; вывод

    3.   pl выводы; соединительные концы

    4.   pl направляющие (стрелы) копра

    5.   pl направляющие блоки

    6.   шаг ( винта); длина хода ( поршня); длина стрелочного перевода

    7.   опережение

    - earthing lead
    - extension lead

    Англо-русский строительный словарь. — М.: Русский Язык. . 1995.

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  • 6 lead up

    1. (slowly introduce)
    to \lead up up to sth zu etw dat hinführen
    it looks as if they're \lead uping up to some major policy announcement es sieht so aus, als ob sie auf eine wichtige Ankündigung in Bezug auf die Firmenpolitik hinauswollten
    what's this all \lead uping up to? was soll das Ganze?
    2. (precede)
    to \lead up up to sth etw dat vorangehen, SCHWEIZ a. etw dat vorausgehen
    which are the events that led up to this situation? welche Ereignisse gingen dieser Situation voraus?
    we barely saw him in the time \lead uping up to his departure in der Zeit vor seiner Abreise sahen wir ihn kaum
    * * *
    1. vt sep
    hinaufführen (to auf +acc); (= lead across) führen (to zu)

    to lead sb up the garden path (fig) — jdm etwas vormachen, jdn an der Nase herumführen

    2. vi

    (= come before) the events/years that led up to the war — die Ereignisse/Jahre, die dem Krieg voran- or vorausgingen


    (= introduce) he was obviously leading up to an important announcement —

    his speech was obviously leading up to an important announcementseine Rede war offensichtlich die Einleitung zu einer wichtigen Ankündigung

    * * *
    A v/t jemanden hinauf-, heraufführen ( beide:
    to auf akk)
    B v/i
    1. hinauf-, heraufführen ( beide:
    to auf akk) (Straße etc)
    2. fig (to)
    a) (allmählich oder schließlich) führen (zu)
    b) überleiten (zu), einleiten (akk)
    c) hinauswollen (auf akk):
    he was leading up to sth er wollte auf etwas ganz Bestimmtes hinaus

    English-german dictionary > lead up

  • 7 lead-in

    lead-in n
    aircraft stand lead-in line
    линия заруливания воздушного судна на стоянку
    lead-in lighting system
    система ведущих огней
    (при заруливании на стоянку) lead-in lights
    огни приближения
    lead-in line
    линия заруливания
    runway lead-in lighting system
    система огней подхода к ВПП
    runway lead-in lights
    огни подхода к ВПП

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  • 8 lead on

    lead [sb.] on
    1) (give false hope) illudere, ingannare [client, investor]
    2) (sexually) provocare
    * * *
    1) (to deceive with false expectations.) ingannare, circuire
    2) (to go first; to show the way: Lead on!) fare strada
    * * *
    vt + adv
    1) (deceive) prendere in giro, ingannare

    (incite) to lead sb on (to do sth) — incoraggiare or spingere or trascinare qn (a fare qc)

    * * *
    lead [sb.] on
    1) (give false hope) illudere, ingannare [client, investor]
    2) (sexually) provocare

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  • 9 lead-in

    n Einführung f, Einleitung f (to in + akk); TV, RADIO Erkennungsmelodie f (to zu + dat)
    * * *
    Einführung f (to in +acc), Einleitung f (to in +acc)
    * * *
    A adj
    1. ELEK Zuleitungs…:
    2. fig einleitend, -führend
    B s [Br auch ˌliːdˈın]
    1. ELEK (auch Antennen) Zuleitung f
    2. fig
    a) (to) Einleitung f (zu), Einführung f (in akk)
    b)">lead1 A 8 a

    English-german dictionary > lead-in

  • 10 lead

    lead I v (Aussprache: li:d) leiten, zuleiten, führen (z. B. Medien) lead II (Aussprache: li:d) 1. SB Lotecke f, Richtmauerwerk n; 2. EL Zuleitung f, Stromleitung f; Leitungskabel n; Ader f; 3. Gewindesteigung f; 4. ERDB Leithorizont m (geologisch) lead III v (Aussprache: led) 1. verbleien, mit Blei auskleiden; 2. ausloten lead IV (Aussprache: led) 1. Blei n; 2. Senkblei n, Lot n

    English-German dictionary of Architecture and Construction > lead

  • 11 lead to

    lead to а) приводить к каким-л. результатам; The students in this collegeare all taking courses leading to a degree. б) быть причиной чего-л.; Socialdrinking may lead to alcoholism. Disobeying the law can lead to trouble.

    Англо-русский словарь Мюллера > lead to

  • 12 lead-in

    1 introducción nombre femenino, presentación nombre femenino
    liːd 'liːdɪn
    mass & count noun
    N introducción f (to a)
    * * *
    [liːd] ['liːdɪn]
    mass & count noun

    English-spanish dictionary > lead-in

  • 13 lead up to

    lead up to [sth.]
    1) (precede) precedere
    2) (culminate in) portare a, concludersi con [argument, outburst]
    3) (introduce) portare a [ topic]
    * * *
    (to progress towards; to contribute to: to lead up to a climax; the events leading up to the First World War.) portare a
    * * *
    vi + adv + prep
    portare (a), fig preparare la strada per
    * * *
    lead up to [sth.]
    1) (precede) precedere
    2) (culminate in) portare a, concludersi con [argument, outburst]
    3) (introduce) portare a [ topic]

    English-Italian dictionary > lead up to

  • 14 lead in

    to \lead in in ⇆ sth etw einleiten
    * * *
    lead in v/i seine Rede etc einleiten ( with mit)
    * * *
    Zuführungsdraht m.

    English-german dictionary > lead in

  • 15 lead on to

    lead onto, lead on to
    to \lead on to onto sth zu etw dat führen
    * * *
    vi +prep obj
    führen zu

    English-german dictionary > lead on to

  • 16 lead

    lead I v 1. führen, leiten; 2. voreilen lead II 1. Leitung f, Zuleitung f; Leiterstift m, Sockelstift m; 2. Voreilung f; 3. Vorhalt m lead III Blei n

    English-German dictionary of Electrical Engineering and Electronics > lead

  • 17 lead on

    lead on а) завлекать, увлекать; б) вовлекать (во что-л. плохое); The boyclaimed that he had been led on by his criminal companions. в) обманывать;Advertisements for houses for sale often lead buyers on with misleadingdescriptions.

    Англо-русский словарь Мюллера > lead on

  • 18 lead-in

    1.   ввод трубопровода

    2.   электрический ввод

    Англо-русский строительный словарь. — М.: Русский Язык. . 1995.

    * * *

    Англо-русский строительный словарь. . 2011.

    Англо-русский словарь строительных терминов > lead-in

  • 19 lead-in

    lead-in1 ELEK Kabeleinführung f
    lead-in2 TECH Durchführung f (Leitungs-, Rohrdurchführung)

    English-german engineering dictionary > lead-in

  • 20 lead-in

    lead-in lead-in noun • an introduction to a subject, story, show, etc. • (主题、故事、表演等的)引子,介绍,开场白
    * * *
    n. 天線引入線, 與廣告播放有關的節目

    English-Chinese dictionary > lead-in

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