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language requirement

  • 1 钢人语言要求

    【计】 Steelman language requirement

    Chinese-English dictionary > 钢人语言要求

  • 2 bad language

    n; u
    粗话 [cūhuà]

    Chinese-English dictionary > bad language

  • 3 language

    1) c (English, Russian etc) 语言 [yǔyán]
    2) u (speech) 语言表达能力 [yǔyán biǎodá nénglì]
    3) u (specialized terminology) 术语 [shùyǔ]
    4) u (style) [of writing, speech] 措辞 [cuòcí]

    Chinese-English dictionary > language

  • 4 language laboratory

    n; c
    语言实验室 [yǔyán shíyànshì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > language laboratory

  • 5 requirement

    n; c
    1) (need) 需要的事物 [xūyào de shìwù]
    2) (condition) 必备条件 [bìbèi tiáojiàn]

    * to meet sb's requirements — 符合某人的要求

    Chinese-English dictionary > requirement

  • 6 sign language

    n; c / u
    手势语 [shǒushìyǔ]; (for deaf people) 手语 [shǒuyǔ]

    Chinese-English dictionary > sign language

  • 7 优先

    have priority; take precedence
    * * *
    preference; priority; first; precedence; precession
    【经】 priority
    相关词组: 优先的
    * * *
    first; precedence; precession; preference; priority
    * * *
    n. priority
    v. have priority, take precedence
    * * *
    you1 xian1
    * * *
    yōu xiān
    take precedence; have priority; prior; underlying; preferential; senior:
    优先发展重工业 give priority to the development of heavy industry; give exclusive priority to heavy industry;
    优先进口先进技术 receiving priority in importing advanced technology;
    必须优先考虑的一个问题 a question which claims precedence over all others; a first (top) priority
    优先编码器 priority encoder;
    优先标记 priority flag;
    优先参数 priority parameter;
    优先操作 priority service;
    优先偿付 preferential payments;
    优先程序 priority routine;
    优先处理 {自} priority processing;
    优先存取 priority memory access;
    优先抵押 underlying mortgage;
    优先电路 priority circuit; selective circuit;
    优先调度系统 priority scheduling system;
    优先方向 privileged direction;
    优先分配资产权 preference as to assets;
    优先服务 priority service;
    优先浮选 differential floatation;
    优先工厂 preferential shop;
    优先工序表 operation precedence diagram;
    优先公债 preference bond;
    优先购股权 preemptive right;
    优先购买权 the right of preemption;
    优先关系 dominance relation;
    优先号 priority number;
    优先挥发 preferential volatilization;
    优先技术 precedence technique;
    优先检查 priority check;
    优先检定 priority-rating;
    优先矩阵 precedence matrix;
    优先开发地区 priority development region;
    优先开工率 preferred operating rate;
    优先靠码头 free stem;
    优先名称 priorable name;
    优先模块 privileged module;
    优先排队 priority queue;
    优先普通股票 preferred ordinary share;
    优先契约 underlying bond;
    优先溶解 optimum solvation;
    优先事项 matter of priority;
    优先数字 {电子} preferred numbers; preferred values;
    优先水解 selective hydrolysis;
    优先算法 priority algorithm;
    优先通货 prefered currency;
    优先网络 priority network;
    优先文法 precedence grammar;
    优先吸收(附) preferential absorption;
    优先需要 precedence requirement;
    优先续雇 preferential rehiring;
    优先选购 have priority in making selective purchase for;
    优先研磨 {采矿} differential grinding;
    优先遗传 prepotency;
    优先语言 precedence language;
    优先债务 preferred debt;
    优先指示符 priority indicator;
    优先中断 priority interrupt;
    优先(保险)自留部分 priority
    * * *
    優先|优先 [yōu xiān] priority

    Chinese-English dictionary > 优先

  • 8 工业

    industry, industrial
    * * *
    【经】 industry; manufacture
    相关词组: 保护性工业
    * * *
    * * *
    n. industry
    * * *
    gong1 ye4
    * * *
    gōng yè
    采矿工业 mining industry;
    电力工业 power industry;
    飞机制造工业 aircraft industry;
    服装工业 clothing industry;
    化学工业 chemical industry;
    机械制造工业 machine building industry;
    基础工业 basic industry;
    加工工业 processing industry;
    煤炭工业 coal industry;
    汽车制造工业 automobile industry;
    轻工业 light industry;
    燃料工业 fuel industry;
    石油工业 petroleum industry;
    手工业 handicraft;
    塑料工业 plastics industry;
    冶金工业 metallurgical industry;
    原材料工业 raw material industry;
    重工业 heavy industry;
    以工业为主导 with industry as the dominant factor of the national economy
    工业安全 {工管} industry security;
    工业宝石 {矿} industrial jewel;
    工业苯 benzol; benzole;
    工业标准 industrial standard;
    工业病 industrial disease;
    工业玻璃 {玻} industrial glass;
    工业博展会 industrial fair;
    工业捕鱼 industrial fishing;
    工业部 ministry of industry;
    工业部门 industrid department;
    工业部门间分析 interindustry analysis;
    工业部门间竞争 interindustry competition;
    工业部门结构 structure of industrial department;
    工业布局 distribution of industry; geographical distribution of the industry; industrial layout;
    工业财务计划 financial affairs plan of industry;
    工业测量 commercial measurement;
    工业测量仪表 industrial instrument; industrial instrumentation;
    工业产权 industrial property right;
    工业产权制度 industrial property system;
    工业(粉)尘 industrial dust;
    工业成本控制 {工管} cost control; industrial cost control;
    工业成本制度 industrial cost system;
    工业城市 industrial city; manufacturing city;
    工业储量 industrial reserve;
    工业纯 {化} technical pure;
    工业纯度 technical purity;
    工业纯级分子筛 Zeo-Sorb;
    工业纯铝 commercial-purity aluminium;
    工业纯品 technical-pure grade;
    工业纯铁 ingot iron; armco iron; magnetic iron;
    工业大气腐蚀试验 industrial atmosphere corrosion test;
    工业大气压 technical atmosphere;
    工业大气影响 industrial atmosphere effect;
    工业贷款 industrial loan;
    工业地理学 {地理} industrial geography;
    工业地图 industrial map;
    工业电解槽 industrial cell;
    工业电视 industrial television;
    工业电视摄像机 industrial television camera; industrial-type TV camera;
    工业电视装置 utiliscope;
    工业电子学 industrial electronics;
    工业动力学 industrial dynamics;
    工业发酵 industrial fermentation;
    工业发展专利权 industrial development patents;
    工业法规 industrial code;
    工业放射学 industrial radiology;
    工业放射照相 industrial radiography;
    工业废气 industrial waste gas;
    工业废弃物 (英) trade waste;
    工业废热发电 cogenerate;
    工业废水 industrial effluent; industrial sewage; industrial waste; industrial waste water;
    工业废物 industrial waste;
    工业废物处理 disposal of industrial wastes;
    工业分析 technical analysis;
    工业粉末 technical powder;
    工业复兴 industrial recovery;
    工业复兴公司 (意大利) Instituto Per La Ricostruzione Industriale -- IRI;
    工业干扰 industrial interference; man-made interference;
    工业港 industrial port;
    工业革命 Industrial Revolution;
    工业工程 industrial engineering;
    工业工程经理 industrial engineering manager;
    工业供电 industrial power supply;
    工业供水 industrial water supply;
    工业公害 industrial nuisance;
    工业公司 industrial group;
    工业关系 industrial relation;
    工业广场 surface plant;
    工业广场矿柱 surface plant pillar;
    工业规模 commercial scale; commercial size; industrial scale; technical scale;
    工业国 industrialized (industrial) country;
    工业耗水量 industrial consumption;
    工业黑化现象 industrial melanism;
    工业护理 industrial nursing;
    工业化学 industrial chemistry;
    工业黄铜 yellow ingot metal;
    工业恢复原状 industrial reconversion;
    工业基础研究 industrial basic research;
    工业基地 industrial base;
    工业机动车 {工管} industrial car;
    工业机器人 industrial robot; industry robot;
    工业积聚 industrial agglomeration;
    工业级 technical grade;
    工业计划 industrial planning;
    工业计数器 industrial counter;
    工业计算 industrial computation;
    工业加工机床 master tools of industry;
    工业建设测量 industrial construction survey;
    工业建筑 industrial architecture;
    工业交货值 value of shipment;
    工业酵母 {微} industrial yeast;
    工业结构改革 industrial restructuring;
    工业结晶 industrial crystallization;
    工业金刚石 carbonado; industrial diamond;
    工业经济管理 industrial economy management;
    工业经济研究所 institute of industrial economics;
    工业精神病学 industrial psychiatry;
    工业竞争 competition in the industry;
    工业净产值 net value of industrial output; net output value of industry;
    工业酒精 industrial spirit;
    工业空气动力学 industrial aerodynamics;
    工业控制 industrial control;
    工业控制部件 industrial control component;
    工业控制模拟设备 industrial control analog device;
    工业控制设备 industrial control equipment;
    工业控制用计算机 industrial computer;
    工业控制用计算机语言 industrial computer language;
    工业控制装置 industrial control device;
    工业会计 industrial accounting;
    工业垃圾 industrial refuse;
    工业雷管 industrial detonator;
    工业类型 industrial type;
    工业离子计 industrial ion meter;
    工业联合企业 industrial complex;
    工业林企业 industrial forestry enterprise;
    工业流动资金 industrial circulating funds;
    工业炉喷枪 furnace gun;
    工业炉窑 industrial furnace;
    工业美学 aethetics in industry;
    工业排出源 industrial emmition source;
    工业排水 industrial water drainage;
    工业配电 industrial power distribution;
    工业配电装置 industrial distribution equipment;
    工业配置 distribution of industry;
    工业票据 industrial bill;
    工业频率 {电工} industrial frequency; mains-frequency; power frequency;
    工业品位 production-grade;
    工业企业 industrial enterprise; industrial organization;
    工业企业财务会计 industrial accounting;
    工业企业出口代理人 manufacturer's export agent;
    工业企业管理 management of industrial enterprise;
    工业气候 industrial climate;
    工业气候学 {气} industrial climatology;
    工业气象学 {气} industrial meteorology;
    工业汽轮机 industrial steam turbine;
    工业汽油 industrial gasoline;
    工业迁移 industrial migration;
    工业区 industrial park; industrial area; industrial district; manufacturing district;
    工业燃气轮机 industry gas turbine;
    工业人口 industrial population;
    工业人类学 industrial anthropology;
    工业人体测量 {工管} industrial anthropometry;
    工业溶剂 industrial solvent;
    工业三废 three industrial wastes;
    工业色谱仪 industrial chromatograph;
    工业森林经营 industrial forest management;
    工业烧结制品 commercial sintered product;
    工业摄影 industrial photography;
    工业社会 industrial society;
    工业社会学 industrial sociology;
    工业设备 commercial installation; commercial plant; commercial unit; industrial unit;
    工业生产 commercial run;
    工业生产成本计划 production costs plans of industry;
    工业生产方法 industrial process;
    工业生产计划 production plan of industry;
    工业生产联合化 industrial combination;
    工业生产能力 industrial capacity;
    工业生产品级 production grade;
    工业生产设备 equipment of industrial product;
    工业生产协作化 industrial co-ordination;
    工业生产性伤害 industrial injury;
    工业生产液流 process stream;
    工业生产指数 index number of industrial production; index of industrial production; industrial production index;
    工业生产专门化 industrial specialization;
    工业生产装置 industrial installation;
    工业生产资料 industrial means of production;
    工业生理学 physiology of industry;
    工业(意外)事故学 tychastics;
    工业枢纽 industrial node;
    工业数据处理 industrial data processing;
    工业数据收集 {自} factory-data collection;
    工业水处理 industrial water conditioning;
    工业探伤X射线管 industrial X-ray tube;
    工业搪瓷制品 industrial enamel;
    工业体系 industrial system;
    工业调整 industrial adjustment;
    工业铁 iron;
    工业铁路 {工管} industrial railway;
    工业铁路支线 industrial railroad;
    工业停滞 industrial stagnation;
    工业投入 input into industry;
    工业涂料 industrial coating;
    工业拖拉机 industrial tractor;
    工业托拉斯 industrial trust;
    工业微生物学 {微} industrial microbiology;
    工业危机 industrial crisis;
    工业卫生 industrial hygiene;
    工业卫生学 industrial hygienics; industrial hygienology;
    工业卫生学家 industrial hygienist;
    工业污染源 industrial pollution source;
    工业污染综合防治 prevent or control industrial pollution;
    工业污水 trade effluent; industrial sewage; trade waste sewage;
    工业无产阶级 industrial proletariat;
    工业戊醇 pentasol;
    工业洗涤剂 industrial detergent;
    工业系统工程 industrial systems engineering;
    工业细菌学 industrial bacteriology;
    工业现代化 modernization of industry;
    工业消费品 manufactured consumer goods;
    工业心理卫生 industrial mental health;
    工业心理学 industrial psychology;
    工业需水量 industrial water requirement;
    工业牙科学 industrial dentistry;
    工业氧化铝 commercial alumina;
    工业样式与模式 industrial model and pattern;
    工业遥测 industrial telemetry;
    工业遥测术 industrial telemetering;
    工业遥测系统 industrial telemetering system;
    工业一体化 integration of industry;
    工业医学 industrial medicine;
    工业仪表 industrial instrument;
    工业乙醇 industrial alcohol;
    工业应用研究 industrial applied research;
    工业用车 industrial truck;
    工业用地 industrial land occupance; industrial estate;
    工业用革 industrial leather;
    工业用水 industrial water;
    工业用油 industrial oil;
    工业用纸 industrial paper;
    工业余热 industrial exhaust heat;
    工业原料 industrial raw material;
    工业原料作物 {农} industrial crop;
    工业原型电解槽 industrial prototype cell;
    工业远距离测量系统 industrial telemetering system;
    工业杂交 industry crossing;
    工业噪声 {讯}man-made noise; industrial noise;
    工业增加值 value added;
    工业炸药 commerical explosive;
    工业债券 industrial bond;
    工业展览馆 industrial museum;
    工业展览会 polytechnic exhibition;
    工业站 industrial station;
    工业照明 industrial lighting;
    工业政策 industrial policy;
    工业真菌学 industrial mycology;
    工业纸板 industrial paperboard;
    工业制成品 manufactured goods; industrial products; manufactured products;
    工业制造 commercial manufacture;
    工业质量管理 industrial quality control;
    工业中毒 industrial poisoning;
    工业专门化 industrial specialization;
    工业转移 shift of industries;
    工业资本 industrial capital;
    工业自动化 industrial automation;
    工业综合体 industrial complex;
    工业总产值 total industrial output value; gross output value;
    工业作业 industrial operations
    * * *
    工業|工业 [gōng yè] industry

    Chinese-English dictionary > 工业

  • 9 要求定义语言

    【计】 requirement definition language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 要求定义语言

  • 10 要求描述语言

    【计】 requirement description language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 要求描述语言

  • 11 要求语言

    【计】 requirement language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 要求语言

  • 12 要求语言系统

    【计】 requirement language system

    Chinese-English dictionary > 要求语言系统

  • 13 要求陈述语言

    【计】 requirement statement language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 要求陈述语言

  • 14 请示语句语言

    【计】 requirement statement language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 请示语句语言

  • 15 三生有幸

    consider oneself most fortunate (to make somebody's acquaintance, etc.)
    * * *
    consider oneself most fortunate
    * * *
    consider oneself most fortunate
    * * *
    sān shēng yǒu xìng
    be the most supreme; a stroke of luck; happiness of one's three existences; luck for three incarnations; the good fortune of three lives; thrice blessed:
    你若能为我僧院除了这条祸根, 正是三生有幸了! If you can rid our monastery of this scourge, that would be a great happiness for us!
    * * *
    三生有幸|三生有幸 [sān shēng yǒu xìng] the blessing of three lifetimes (idiom) (courteous language) it's my good fortune...

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三生有幸

  • 16 上下文

    * * *
    【计】 context
    * * *
    * * *
    shang4 xia4 wen2
    (textual) context
    * * *
    shàng xià wén
    (书中或文章中某一段或某一句前后的部分) context:
    你能从上下文猜出那词的意思吗? Can you guess the meaning of the word from the context?
    {计} context
    上下文编缉 context editing;
    上下文关系 {计} context;
    上下文说明 contextual declaration;
    上下文无关文法 context-free grammar;
    上下文无关语言 context-free language;
    上下文限定语言 context-sensitive language;
    上下文相关 context dependent;
    上下文有关文法 context-sensitive grammar;
    上下文有关语言 context-sensitive language;
    上下文转换 context switch; context switching;
    上下文自由语言 context-free language
    * * *
    上下文|上下文 [shàng xià wén] (textual) context

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上下文

  • 17 下流

    lower reaches (of a river), low down; mean; obscene; dirty; foul; indecent; naughty
    * * *
    indelicacy; lower reaches of a river; ribaldry; scurrility
    【法】 ribaldry; skunk
    相关词组: 说下流话的人
    * * *
    indelicacy; ribaldry; scurrility
    * * *
    xia4 liu2
    lower course of a river, low-class, mean and lowly, vulgar, obscene
    * * *
    xià liú
    (下游) lower reaches (of a river):
    长江下流 the lower reaches of the Changjiang River
    (卑鄙龌龊) low-down; mean; off colour; near the bone; obscene; dirty:
    下流的勾当 base acts; low-down behaviour (tricks);
    下流的谩骂 scurrilous attacks; coarse invectives;
    下流的玩笑 dirty jests; obscene jests; coarse jokes;
    说下流话 talk dirt;
    写下流作品 write dirt;
    他说的笑话很下流。 The jokes he told were quite off colour.
    下流管 down-pipe;
    下流话 obscene (dirty; foul) language; obscenities;
    下流量 down-off;
    下流音乐厅 free-and-easy
    * * *
    下流|下流 [xià liú] lower course of a river low-class mean and lowly vulgar obscene

    Chinese-English dictionary > 下流

  • 18 不丹

    Bhutan, Druk-Yul
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. Bhutan, principality in the Himalayas
    * * *
    Bu4 dan1
    * * *
    bù dān
    the Kingdom of Bhutan (王国名, 在亚洲南部)
    不丹人 Bhutanese;
    不丹语 Bhutanese (language)
    * * *
    不丹|不丹 [Bù dān] Bhutan

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不丹

  • 19 不含糊

    unambiguous; unequivocal; explicit, not ordinary; really good, not be afraid of
    * * *
    adj. unambiguous, unequivocal, explicit, not ordinary, really good
    * * *
    bu4 han2 hu5
    unambiguous, unequivocal, explicit, prudent, cautious, not negligent, unafraid, unhesitating, really good, extraordinary
    * * *
    bù hán hu
    (不模棱两可) unambiguous; unequivocal; explicit:
    以毫不含糊的语言作出回答 answer in clear and unequivocal terms; answer in explicit language;
    在原则问题上绝不含糊 stand firm on matters of principle
    (不平凡) not ordinary; really good; uncommonly:
    他那手乒乓球可不含糊。 He is a very good table-tennis player.
    他这活儿做得真不含糊。 He's really made a good job of it.
    * * *
    不含糊|不含糊 [bù hán hu] unambiguous unequivocal explicit prudent cautious not negligent unafraid unhesitating really good extraordinary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不含糊

  • 20 不恭

    * * *
    相关词组: 却之不恭
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. disrespectful
    * * *
    bu4 gong1
    * * *
    bù gōng
    言词不恭 use disrespectful language;
    却之不恭。 It would be disrespectful to decline.
    * * *
    不恭|不恭 [bù gōng] disrespectful

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不恭

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