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  • koilosternia — SYN: pectus excavatum. [G. koilos, hollow, + sternon, chest (sternum)] * * * koilo·ster·nia stər nē ə n FUNNEL CHEST * * * koi·lo·ster·nia (koi″lo sturґne ə) [koilo + stern + ia] pectus excavatum …   Medical dictionary

  • Pectus excavatum — Caved in or funnel chest. The Latin “pectus” means “chest.” The chest is excavated. It looks as if it has been dug out, hollowed out. * * * pec·tus ex·ca·va·tum pek təs .ek skə vāt əm n FUNNEL CHEST * * * see funnel chest * * * [L. “hollowed… …   Medical dictionary

  • pectus — SYN: chest. [L.] p. carinatum flattening of the chest on either side with forward projection of the sternum resembling the keel of a boat. SYN: chicken breast, keeled chest, pigeon breast, pigeon chest. p. excavatum a hollow at the lower part of… …   Medical dictionary

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