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jump up

  • 1 jump

    [dʒʌmp] 1. vi
    1) (into air) 跳 [tiào]
    2) (from seat etc) 跳起来 [tiào qǐlái]
    3) (with fear, surprise) 突然跃起 [tūrán yuèqǐ]
    4) (increase) 暴涨 [bàozhǎng]
    2. vt
    [+ fence, stream] 跳过 [tiàoguò]
    3. n; c
    1) (leap) 跳 [tiào]
    2) (increase) 猛增 [měngzēng]

    * to jump over sth — 跳过某物

    * to jump out of a window — 从窗户跳下

    * to jump on/off sth — 跳上/下某物

    * to jump to one's feet — 噌地站起来

    * to jump the queue — ( BRIT) 加塞儿

    * to get a or US the jump on sb/sth — 抢在某人/某事之前行动

    Phrasal Verbs:

    Chinese-English dictionary > jump

  • 2 jump at

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ chance, offer] 欣然接受 [xīnrán jiēshòu]

    Chinese-English dictionary > jump at

  • 3 jump up

    突然站立 [tūrán zhànlì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > jump up

  • 4 跳跃

    jump; leap; bounce; bound; caper; hop; skip; spring; vault
    【计】 hopping; skipping
    【医】 saltation
    相关词组: 撑竿跳跃
    * * *
    jump; leap; bounce; bound; caper; hop; skip; vault
    * * *
    n. jump, leap, bound, caper, capriole
    v. jump, leap, spring, bounce, skip, make omissions
    * * *
    tiao4 yue4
    to jump, to leap, to bound, to skip
    * * *
    tiào yuè
    jump; skip; hop; leap; bound; saltatory; dancing; saltation:
    盲目跳跃 leap blindly;
    在黑暗中跳跃 leap in the dark;
    小羊在田里跳跃。 The lambs were skipping about in the fields.
    跳跃标记 skip flag;
    跳跃病 ramaninjana (马达加斯加); louping ill; ovine encephalomyelitis; {兽} trembling ill;
    跳跃病病毒 {病毒} louping-ill virus;
    跳跃传导 saltatosy conduction;
    跳跃洞蛇 jumping viper;
    跳跃负载 saltation load;
    跳跃轨迹 {力} skip trajectory;
    跳跃过程 jump process;
    跳跃痕 skip mark;
    跳跃基因 jumping gene;
    跳跃间断点 {数} jump discontinuity;
    跳跃进给 skip feed;
    跳跃进位 carry skip;
    跳跃块焊接 skip block welding;
    跳跃类 {动} saltaroria;
    跳跃链路 skip link;
    跳跃码 skip code;
    跳跃模型 hopping model;
    跳跃区 skip zone; {声} zone of silence;
    跳跃任选 skip option;
    跳跃扫描(法) jump scanning;
    跳跃顺序存取 skip sequential access;
    跳跃速度 saltation velocity;
    跳跃条件 jump condition;
    跳跃噪声 {电子} popcorn noise;
    跳跃谐振 {控} jump resonance;
    跳跃铸型 skip cast;
    跳跃着陆 rebound landing;
    跳跃总线输入 skip bus input
    * * *
    跳躍|跳跃 [tiào yuè] to jump to leap to bound to skip

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳跃

  • 5 插队

    jump the queue
    * * *
    jump the queue
    * * *
    cha1 dui4
    to cut in line, to jump a queue, to live on a rural community (during the Cultural Revolution)
    * * *
    chā duì
    (不按次序排队) jump (crash) a queue
    (知青下放) go to live and work in a production team
    插队知识青年 a school graduate who has gone to live and work in the countryside
    * * *
    插隊|插队 [chā duì] to cut in line to jump a queue to live on a rural community (during the Cultural Revolution)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 插队

  • 6 跳越

    jump; skip
    【法】 jump
    * * *
    jump; skip
    * * *
    tiào yuè
    skip; jump up over:
    跳越栅栏 jump up over the fence
    跳越衰落 skip-fading

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳越

  • 7 欣然接受

    jump at
    * * *
    jump at; leap at
    * * *
    xīn rán jiē shòu
    take in good part; receive in entire good part; accept with pleasure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 欣然接受

  • 8 保释中逃走

    jump bail; skip bail
    * * *
    jump bail; skip bail

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保释中逃走

  • 9 突升

    jump; skyrocket
    * * *
    jump; skyrocket

    Chinese-English dictionary > 突升

  • 10 跳下

    jump down
    * * *
    tiào xià
    hop out; fall

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳下

  • 11 摆脱约束

    jump the traces

    Chinese-English dictionary > 摆脱约束

  • 12 跳伞服

    jump suit

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳伞服

  • 13 轻易上当

    jump at the bait

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轻易上当

  • 14 违章搭乘火车

    jump a train

    Chinese-English dictionary > 违章搭乘火车

  • 15 降落地

    jump area

    Chinese-English dictionary > 降落地

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