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invasive cancer

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  • invasive cancer — Cancer that has spread beyond the layer of tissue in which it developed and is growing into surrounding, healthy tissues. Also called infiltrating cancer …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • invasive cancer — n. (Oncology) infiltrating cancer, cancer that begins and develops in one layer of tissue or area and is spreading to the surrounding healthy tissues …   English contemporary dictionary

  • invasive breast cancer — Cancer that has spread from where it started in the breast into surrounding, healthy tissue. Most invasive breast cancers start in the ducts (tubes that carry milk from the lobules to the nipple). Invasive breast cancer can spread to other parts… …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • invasive cervical cancer — Cancer that has spread from the surface of the cervix to tissue deeper in the cervix or to other parts of the body …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • invasive hydatidiform mole — A type of cancer that grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. It is formed after conception (fertilization of an egg by a sperm). It may spread to other parts of the body, such as the vagina, vulva, and lung. Also called chorioadenoma… …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • Cancer — For other uses, see Cancer (disambiguation). Cancer Classification and external resources …   Wikipedia

  • invasive — [[t]ɪnve͟ɪsɪv[/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED: usu ADJ n You use invasive to describe something undesirable which spreads very quickly and which is very difficult to stop from spreading. They found invasive cancer during a routine examination. 2) ADJ GRADED:… …   English dictionary

  • invasive — adjective 1. relating to a technique in which the body is entered by puncture or incision • Ant: ↑noninvasive • Topics: ↑medicine, ↑medical specialty 2. marked by a tendency to spread especially into healthy tissue invasive cancer cells …   Useful english dictionary

  • invasive — adjective Date: 1598 1. of, relating to, or characterized by military aggression 2. tending to spread; especially tending to invade healthy tissue < invasive cancer cells > 3. tending to infringe 4. involving entry into the living body (as by… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • invasive — 1. Denoting or characterized by invasion. 2. Denoting a procedure requiring insertion of an instrument or device into the body through the skin or a body orifice for diagnosis or treatment. * * * …   Medical dictionary

  • Cancer du sein — Classification et ressources externes Mammographie montrant un cancer du sein à droite. CIM 10 …   Wikipédia en Français

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