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intravenous regional anesthesia

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  • intravenous regional anesthesia — Bier block …   Medical dictionary

  • Regional anaesthesia — Regional anaesthesia, is anesthesia affecting only a large part of the body, such as a limb. Regional anaesthetic techniques can be divided into central and peripheral techniques. The central techniques include so called neuroaxial blocks… …   Wikipedia

  • Anesthesia — Loss of feeling or awareness. A local anesthetic causes loss of feeling in a part of the body. A general anesthetic puts the person to sleep. * * * 1. Loss of sensation resulting from pharmacologic depression of nerve function or from neurologic… …   Medical dictionary

  • Anesthesia awareness — Anesthesia awareness, or unintended intra operative awareness occurs during general anesthesia, when a patient has not had enough general anesthetic or analgesic to prevent consciousness or waking up during surgery. BackgroundAwareness occurs in… …   Wikipedia

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  • IVRA — • intravenous regional anesthesia …   Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations

  • Bier block — regional anesthesia by intravenous injection, used for surgical procedures on the arm below the elbow or the leg below the knee; performed in a bloodless field maintained by a pneumatic tourniquet that also prevents the anesthetic from entering… …   Medical dictionary

  • Bier block — anesthesia is an intravenous regional anesthesia technique in which an extremity (generally an arm) is made numb for surgery by injecting a local anesthetic solution into a vein after the blood has been squeezed out of the extremity and a… …   Wikipedia

  • Tourniquet — A tourniquet is a constricting or compressing device used to control venous and arterial circulation to an extremity for a period of time. Pressure is applied circumferentially upon the skin and underlying tissues of a limb; this pressure is… …   Wikipedia

  • Cisatracurium besilate — Systematic (IUPAC) name 5 [3 [(1R,2R) 1 [(3,4 dimethoxyphenyl)methyl] 6,7 dimethoxy 2 methyl 3,4 dihydro 1H isoquinolin 2 yl] propanoyloxy]pentyl 3 [(1R,2R) 1 [(3,4 dimethoxy phenyl)methyl] 6,7 dimethoxy 2 methyl 3,4 …   Wikipedia

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