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intercolumnar fibers

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  • intercolumnar fibers — intercrural fibers fibrae intercrurales …   Medical dictionary

  • Intercolumnar — In ter*co*lum nar, a. Between columns or pillars; as, the intercolumnar fibers of Poupart s ligament; an intercolumnar statue. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Intercrural fibers — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = fibrae intercrurales anuli inguinalis superficialis GraySubject = 118 GrayPage = 410 Caption = The subcutaneous inguinal ring. (Intercrural fibers labeled at center.) Caption2 = System = MeshName =… …   Wikipedia

  • Fiber — The parts of plants that cannot be digested, namely complex carbohydrates. Also known as bulk or roughage. Complex carbohydrates from plants are rich in starch and fiber. Examples of plants that provide complex carbohydrates (fiber) are fresh… …   Medical dictionary

  • fibrae intercrurales — [TA] intercrural fibers: muscle fibers joining the medial and lateral crura of the superficial inguinal ring. Called also intercolumnar fibers …   Medical dictionary

  • Tubercle — A small tuber, a small lump or bump. * * * 1. A nodule, especially in an anatomic, not pathologic, sense. 2. A circumscribed, rounded, solid elevation on the skin, mucous membrane, or surface of an organ. 3. A slight …   Medical dictionary

  • Fascia — A flat band of tissue below the skin that covers underlying tissues and separates different layers of tissue. Fascia encloses muscles. Inflammation of the fascia is referred to as fasciitis. Fascia is the Latin word for band or bandage. * * * A… …   Medical dictionary

  • organ — Any part of the body exercising a specific function, as of respiration, secretion, or digestion. SYN: organum [TA], organon. [L. organum, fr. G. organon, a tool, instrument] accessory organs 1. SYN …   Medical dictionary

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