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  • infrapatellar — Inferior to the patella; denoting especially a bursa, a pad of fat, or a synovial fold. SYN: subpatellar (2). * * * in·fra·pa·tel·lar .in frə pə tel ər adj situated below the patella or its ligament <the infrapatellar bursa of the knee> * * …   Medical dictionary

  • Infrapatellar bursitis — (clergyman s knee) is the inflammation of the infrapatellar bursa, which is located just below the also*prepatellar bursitis …   Wikipedia

  • Infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve — Infobox Nerve Name = PAGENAME Latin = ramus infrapatellaris nervi sapheni GraySubject = 212 GrayPage = 956 Caption = Deep nerves of the front of the leg. (Patellar branch labeled at upper right.) Caption2 = Cutaneous nerves of the right lower… …   Wikipedia

  • Infrapatellar fat pad — The infrapatellar fat pad, also known as Hoffa s fat pad, is a cylindrical piece of fat that is situated under and behind the patella bone within the knee. Potential Problems The fat pad is a normal structure but it can sometimes become a problem …   Wikipedia

  • infrapatellar fatty body — corpus adiposum infrapatellare …   Medical dictionary

  • infrapatellar bursa — b. subtendinea prepatellaris …   Medical dictionary

  • infrapatellar bursa deep — b. infrapatellaris profunda …   Medical dictionary

  • infrapatellar bursa subcutaneous — b. subcutanea infrapatellaris …   Medical dictionary

  • infrapatellar bursa superficial inferior — b. subcutanea tuberositatis tibiae …   Medical dictionary

  • infrapatellar fat pad — corpus adiposum infrapatellare …   Medical dictionary

  • infrapatellar plica — p. synovialis infrapatellaris …   Medical dictionary

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