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  • 1 יציב

    adj. stable, firm, solid, steady, equable, fast, fixed, immovable, immoveable, indissoluble, lasting, poised, secure, set, smooth, stabile, stationary, balanced, changeless, constant, durable

    Hebrew-English dictionary > יציב

  • 2 נחוש

    adj. determined, intent, adamant, bent, set, immovable, immoveable, inflexible, manful, wilful, willful, hellbent
    guesswork, shot, conjecture

    Hebrew-English dictionary > נחוש

  • 3 ניח

    adj. static, stationary, immobile, immovable, immoveable, unmovable

    Hebrew-English dictionary > ניח

  • 4 נייח

    adj. static, stationary, immobile, immovable, immoveable, unmovable

    Hebrew-English dictionary > נייח

  • 5 קבוע

    fixed, constant, set, fast, firm, immovable immoveable installed mounted, stabile, stable, standing, even, imbedded, embedded, fitted; regular, permanent, frequent, invariable, lasting, invarian
    fixing, fixation, fixedness; installing

    Hebrew-English dictionary > קבוע

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