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  • hyper-reality —    by Mike Gane   Baudrillard s work involves a consistent effort to chart and theorise what happens to the idea of reality in western cultures. For most readers this is paradoxical since it is assumed that reality is universal and it might seem… …   The Baudrillard dictionary

  • Hyper crush — Este artículo está huérfano, pues pocos o ningún artículo enlazan aquí. Por favor, introduce enlaces hacia esta página desde otros artículos relacionados …   Wikipedia Español

  • Hyper Police — Infobox animanga/Header name = Hyper Police caption = ja name = はいぱーぽりす ja name trans = genre = Comedy, Police, Science FictionInfobox animanga/Manga title = author = Minoru Tachikawa publisher = flagicon|Japan Kadokawa Shoten publisher other =… …   Wikipedia

  • integral reality —    by William Pawlett   The notion of integral reality appeared relatively late in Baudrillard s career, becoming important thematically in The Perfect Crime (1996c [1995a]) and discussed in detail in his final major work The Intelligence of Evil …   The Baudrillard dictionary

  • Decoding Reality — Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information   Front Cover …   Wikipedia

  • America —    by Diane Rubenstein   Baudrillard offers an assessment of the centrality of America for his work in an interview: All of the themes that I first examined in my previous books suddenly appeared in America, stretching before me in concrete forms …   The Baudrillard dictionary

  • science fiction —    by Catherine Constable   In a short chapter entitled Simulacra and Science Fiction Baudrillard sets out three orders of simulacra which generate three modes of writing. The first order of natural simulacra generates the imaginary of the utopia …   The Baudrillard dictionary

  • perfect crime —    by Jonathan Smith   The dual misfit between the world and its appearances, and between our thoughts and the world, cast truth into doubt for Baudrillard, persuading him that the world s reality is like a perfect or unsolvable crime a dreadful… …   The Baudrillard dictionary

  • virtual —    by William Pawlett   The virtual is an important term in Baudrillard s later work, used frequently as a noun and also as an adjective in his notions of virtual events, virtual war and virtual power. The most important dimensions of the virtual …   The Baudrillard dictionary

  • Denis Peterson — is an American hyperrealist painter. He is a hyperrealist painter whose photorealist works [1][2][3] have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Butler Institute of American Art, Tate Modern, Springville Museum of… …   Wikipedia

  • postmodernism / postmodernity —    by Ashley Woodward   Baudrillard briefly used the term postmodern in the early to mid 1980s before expressing deep dissatisfaction with it and seeking to disassociate himself from it. In response to a request to explain postmodernism, he once… …   The Baudrillard dictionary

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