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    "LAW.COM Dictionary":
    1) n. the house and lot of a homeowner which the head of the household (usually either spouse) can declare in writing to be the principal dwelling of the family, record that declaration of homestead with the County Recorder or Recorder of Deeds and thereby exempt part of its value (based on state statutes) from judgment creditors. A similar exemption is available in bankruptcy without filing a declaration of homestead. 2) v. jargon for filing a declaration of homestead, as in "he homesteaded the property."

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  • 2 homestead

    homestead home∙stead noun 1. a house with the land and buildings around it, especially a farm • (包括周围土地和附属房屋的)家宅;(尤指)农庄 2. (in the US in the past) a piece of land given to sb by the government on condition that they lived on it and grew crops on it • (美国旧时的)国家分给个人居住并开垦的土地 verb [V] • (old-fashioned, NAmE) to live and work on a homestead (2) • 在分到的土地上居住并劳作 home∙stead∙er noun
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    n. 家園, 田產

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  • 4 homestead

    noun (a house, especially a farm, with the land and other buildings (eg barns) which belong to it, especially in the United States, Australia etc.) 家宅,家園

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