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  • 1 help

    bejárónő, háztartási alkalmazott, segédlet, segély to help: felszolgál, elősegít, kiszolgál
    * * *
    [help] 1. verb
    1) (to do something with or for someone that he cannot do alone, or that he will find useful: Will you help me with this translation?; Will you please help me (to) translate this poem?; Can I help?; He fell down and I helped him up.) segít
    2) (to play a part in something; to improve or advance: Bright posters will help to attract the public to the exhibition; Good exam results will help his chances of a job.) elősegít
    3) (to make less bad: An aspirin will help your headache.) orvosol
    4) (to serve (a person) in a shop: Can I help you, sir?) kiszolgál
    5) ((with can(not), could (not)) to be able not to do something or to prevent something: He looked so funny that I couldn't help laughing; Can I help it if it rains?) nem tudja megállni, hogy ne tegyen vmit
    2. noun
    1) (the act of helping, or the result of this: Can you give me some help?; Your digging the garden was a big help; Can I be of help to you?) segítség
    2) (someone or something that is useful: You're a great help to me.) segítség
    3) (a servant, farmworker etc: She has hired a new help.) alkalmazott
    4) ((usually with no) a way of preventing something: Even if you don't want to do it, the decision has been made - there's no help for it now.) ezen nem lehet segíteni
    - helpful
    - helpfully
    - helpfulness
    - helping
    - helpless
    - helplessly
    - helplessness
    - help oneself
    - help out

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help

  • 2 help\ in

    felsegít, besegít

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help\ in

  • 3 help\ to\ sg

    vmivel kínál, kínál vmivel, kiszolgál vmivel

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help\ to\ sg

  • 4 help\ up

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help\ up

  • 5 help oneself

    1) ((with to) to give oneself or take (food etc): Help yourself to another piece of cake; `Can I have a pencil?' `Certainly - help yourself; He helped himself to (= stole) my jewellery.) szolgáld ki magad!; vegyél (ételből)
    2) ((with cannot, could not) to be able to stop (oneself): I burst out laughing when he told me - I just couldn't help myself.) abbahagy

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help oneself

  • 6 help out

    (to help (a person), usually for a short time because the person is in some difficulty: I help out in the shop from time to time; Could you help me out by looking after the baby?) kisegít (vkit vmivel)

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help out

  • 7 help\ down

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help\ down

  • 8 help\ out

    English-Hungarian dictionary > help\ out

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