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held in abeyance

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  • held in abeyance — temporarily suspended, temporarily freeze activity …   English contemporary dictionary

  • abeyance — abey·ance /ə bā əns/ n [Middle French abeance expectation (of a title or claimant), from abaer to expect, from a , prefix stressing result + baer to gape, aim at] 1: a lapse in the succession of property during which there is no person in whom… …   Law dictionary

  • Abeyance Order — An order that is temporarily placed on hold or held in suspension, due to prevailing circumstances, until it can be fulfilled. In advertising, an abeyance order refers to an order from an advertiser for a media slot on television or radio that is …   Investment dictionary

  • Abeyance — A situation in which the rightful owner of a property, office or title has not yet been decided. Abeyance results when the current owner or holder does not declare a single current beneficiary. Instead, the new owner is… …   Investment dictionary

  • abeyance — noun /əˈbeɪəns/ a) Expectancy; condition of being undetermined. The proceeds of the estate shall be held in abeyance in an escrow account until the minor reaches age twenty one. b) Suspension; temporary suppression. Note: When there is no person… …   Wiktionary

  • abeyance — /abeyans/ Lapse in succession during which there is no person in whom title is vested. In the law of estates, the condition of a freehold when there is no person in being in whom it is vested. In such cases the freehold has been said to be in… …   Black's law dictionary

  • held — Synonyms and related words: aground, anchored, arrested, based on, besotted, bolstered, borne, braced, buttressed, by one, caught, chained, charmed, conserved, enchanted, enthralled, extra, fascinated, fast, fastened, fixated, fixed, founded on,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • held up — Synonyms and related words: arrested, back, backward, behindhand, belated, blocked, delayed, delayed action, detained, hung up, in a bind, in abeyance, jammed, late, latish, moratory, never on time, obstructed, overdue, retarded, slow, stopped,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • in abeyance — phrase not happening until later or not being used at the present time The plan is currently in abeyance. Thesaurus: words used to describe extent of usehyponym to use something, or to be usedsynonym Main entry: abeyance …   Useful english dictionary

  • Blackboys Cricket Club — is an English cricket club based in the village of Blackboys, East Sussex, England.HistoryThe club has its roots in local cricket played in Framfield parish. To date, the earliest known written record of Blackboys cricket is from the Saturday, 24 …   Wikipedia

  • Tooting Bec Cup — The Tooting Bec Cup is awarded to the Association member born in, or with a parent or parents born in, the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland who returns the lowest single round score in The Open Championship. From 1901 – 1923 the cup was… …   Wikipedia

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