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  • 1 height

    height height noun ›› MEASUREMENT 量度 1. [U, C] the measurement of how tall a person or thing is • (人或物的)身高,高度:
    »Height: 210 mm. Width: 57 mm. Length: 170 mm.
    高:210 毫米;宽:57 毫米;长:170 毫米。
    »Please state your height and weight.
    »It is almost 2 metres in height.
    它差不多有 2 米高。
    »She is the same height as her sister.
    »to be of medium / average height
    »You can adjust the height of the chair.
    »The table is available in several different heights.
    ›› BEING TALL 高 2. the quality of being tall or high • 高:
    »She worries about her height (= that she is too tall).
    »The height of the mountain did not discourage them.
    ›› DISTANCE ABOVE GROUND 高度 3. [C, U] a particular distance above the ground • 高度:
    »The plane flew at a height of 3 000 metres.
    飞机在 3 000 米的高空飞行。
    »The stone was dropped from a great height.
    »The aircraft was gaining height.
    »to be at shoulder / chest / waist height
    齐肩/胸 / 腰高
    ›› HIGH PLACE 高处 4. [C, usually pl.] (often used in names 常用于名称) a high place or position • 高地;高处;高位:
    »Brooklyn Heights
    »He doesnˈt have a head for heights (= is afraid of high places).
    »a fear of heights
    »We looked out over the city from the heights of Edinburgh Castle.
    »The pattern of the ancient fields is clearly visible from a height.
    ›› STRONGEST POINT / LEVEL 最强点;最高水平 5. [sing.] the point when sth is at its best or strongest • 最佳点;最强点;顶点:
    »He is at the height of his career.
    »She is still at the height of her powers.
    »I wouldnˈt go there in the height of summer.
    »The fire reached its height around 2 a.m.
    »The crisis was at its height in May.
    6. heights [pl.] a better or greater level of sth; a situation where sth is very good • 更好;更高水平;极佳状况:
    »Their success had reached new heights.
    »She dreamed of reaching the dizzy heights of stardom.
    ›› EXTREME EXAMPLE 极端例子 7. [sing.] height of sth an extreme example of a particular quality • 极端;极度:
    »It would be the height of folly (= very stupid) to change course now.
    »She was dressed in the height of fashion.
    【IDIOMS】 draw yourself up / rise to your full ˈheight • to stand straight and tall in order to show your determination or high status • 昂首挺胸地站立(以示决心或地位高) --› more at [u]dizzy
    * * *
    n. 高度, 海拔, 高地(常用複數), 頂點

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  • 2 height

    [haɪt] 1. n
    1) c / u [of person, tree, building] 高度 [gāodù]
    2) c (altitude) 高处 [gāochù]
    2. heights; n pl
    (altitude) 高 [gāo]; (high ground) 高地 [gāodì]

    * of average/medium height — 平均/中等高度

    * what height are you? — 你有多高?

    * the cliff is 100m in height — 悬崖有100米高

    * to gain/lose height — 升高/降低高度

    * flying at a height of 5000 m — 在5000米的高空飞行

    * at knee/waist/shoulder height — 齐膝盖/腰/肩膀

    * from a (great) height — 从(很)高处

    * at the height of the summer — 在盛夏之际

    * a writer at the height of his powers — 一名处于巅峰状态的作家

    * it is the height of fashion/good taste — 那是最时髦/最有品位的

    * at its height,... — 在鼎盛时期,...

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  • 3 height

    1) (the distance from the bottom to the top of something: What is the height of this building?; He is 1.75 metres in height.) 高度
    2) (the highest, greatest, strongest etc point: He is at the height of his career; The storm was at its height.) 頂點
    3) (the peak or extreme: dressed in the height of fashion; His actions were the height of folly.) 絕頂
    4) (a high place: We looked down from the heights at the valley beneath us.) 高地

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  • 4 height


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  • 5 height


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  • 6 height


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  • 7 height


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > height

  • 8 height


    Atmospheric Sciences (English-Chinese) dictionary > height

  • 9 高,高度,顶点

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 高,高度,顶点

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