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he has just affixed his name to the document

  • 1 just to name a few

    Общая лексика: к примеру, например

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > just to name a few

  • 2 name

    name name noun 1. a word or words that a particular person, animal, place or thing is known by • 名字;名称:
    »Whatˈs your name?
    »What is / was the name, please? (= a polite way of asking sbˈs name)
    »Please write your full name and address below.
    »Do you know the name of this flower?
    »Rubella is just another name for German measles.
    »Are you changing your name when you get married?
    (computing 计)
    »a user / file name
    --› see also assumed name, brand name, code name, family name, first name, forename, household name, maiden name, middle name, nickname n., pen-name, pet name, place name, surname, trade name 2. [usually sing.] a reputation that sb / sth has; the opinion that people have about sb / sth • 名誉;名声;名气:
    »She first made her name as a writer of childrenˈs books.
    »Heˈs made quite a name for himself (= become famous).
    »The college has a good name for languages.
    »This kind of behaviour gives students a bad name.
    3. (in compound adjectives 构成复合形容词) having a name or a reputation of the kind mentioned, especially six that is known by a lot of people • 有…名称的;以…著名的;有…名声的:
    »a big-name company
    »brand-name goods
    --› see also household name 4. a famous person • 名人:
    »Some of the biggest names in the art world were at the party.
    【IDIOMS】 by ˈname • using the name of sb / sth • 凭名字;用…的名字:
    »She asked for you by name.
    »The principal knows all the students by name.
    »I only know her by name (= I have heard about her but I have not met her).
    by the name of... •(formal) who is called • 名叫…的:
    »a young actor by the name of Tom Rees
    名叫汤姆 · 里斯的年轻演员
    enter sbˈs / your ˈname (for sth) | put sbˈs / your ˈname down (for sth) • to apply for a place at a school, in a competition, etc. for sb or yourself • 申请参加;替…报名(入学、参赛等):
    »Have you entered your name for the quiz yet?
    give your ˈname to sth • to invent sth which then becomes known by your name • 用自己的名字命名所发明之物 go by the name of... • to use a name that may not be your real one • 自称为…;假称是… have your / sbˈs ˈname on it | with your / sbˈs ˈname on it •(informal) if sth has your name on it, or there is sth with your name on it, it is intended for you • 是冲…来的;是为…准备的:
    »He took my place and got killed. It should have been me—that bullet had my name on it.
    »Are you coming for dinner this evening? Iˈve got a steak here with your name on it!
    in ˌall but ˈname • used to describe a situation which exists in reality but that is not officially recognized • (表示实际存在但未得到官方认可)在只缺正式名分情况下:
    »He runs the company in all but name.
    in ˈGodˈs / ˈHeavenˈs name | in the name of ˈGod / ˈHeaven • used especially in questions to show that you are angry, surprised or shocked • (尤用于疑问句,表示愤怒、惊奇和震惊)看在上帝的分儿上,到底,究竟:
    »What in Godˈs name was that noise?
    »Where in the name of Heaven have you been?
    in the name of ˈsb / ˈsth | in sbˈs / sthˈs ˈname 1. for sb; showing that sth officially belongs to sb • 为(某人);在…名下:
    »We reserved ten tickets in the name of Brown.
    »The car is registered in my name.
    2. using the authority of sb / sth; as a representative of sb / sth • 凭…的权威;代表:
    »I arrest you in the name of the law.
    3. used to give a reason or an excuse for doing sth, often when what you are doing is wrong • 以…的名义;以…为藉口:
    »crimes committed in the name of religion
    in ˈname only • officially recognized but not existing in reality • 名义上;有名无实:
    »Heˈs party leader in name only.
    sbˈs name is ˈmud • (informal, usually humorous) used to say that sb is not liked or popular because of sth they have done • 某人臭名昭着 the name of the ˈgame •(informal) the most important aspect of an activity; the most important quality needed for an activity • 问题的实质;最为重要的方面:
    »Hard work is the name of the game if you want to succeed in business.
    put a ˈname to sb / sth • to know or remember what sb / sth is called • 知道…的名称;记住…的称呼:
    »I recognize the tune but I canˈt put a name to it.
    take sbˈs name in ˈvain • to show a lack of respect when using sbˈs name • 滥用…的名义;亵渎…的名字: (humorous)
    »Have you been taking my name in vain again?
    (have sth) to your ˈname • to have or own sth • 拥有;获得;收归某人的名下:
    »an Olympic athlete with nine gold medals to his name
    »She doesnˈt have a penny / cent to her name (= she is very poor).
    under the name (of)... • using a name that may not be your real name • 用…名字;以…假名 --› more at answer v., big adj., call v., dog n., drop v., lend, middle name, name v., rejoice, rose n. verb 1. name sb / sth (after sb) | ( NAmE also) name sb / sth (for sb) to give a name to sb / sth • 命名;给…取名 【SYN】 call: ▪ [VN]
    »He was named after his father (= given his fatherˈs first name).
    ▪ [VN-N]
    »They named their son John.
    2. [VN] to say the name of sb / sth • 说出…的名称;叫出…的名字 【SYN】 identify:
    »The victim has not yet been named.
    »The missing man has been named as James Kelly.
    失踪者已被确认为詹姆斯 · 凯利。
    »Can you name all the American states?
    3. [VN] to state sth exactly • 确定;说定;准确陈述 【SYN】 specify:
    »Name your price.
    »Theyˈre engaged, but they havenˈt yet named the day (= chosen the date for their wedding).
    »Activities available include squash, archery and swimming, to name but a few.
    »Chairs, tables, cabinets— you name it, she makes it (= she makes anything you can imagine).
    4. name sb (as) sth | name sb (to sth) to choose sb for a job or position • 任命;委任 【SYN】 nominate: ▪ [VN-N]
    »I had no hesitation in naming him (as) captain.
    ▪ [VN]
    »When she resigned, he was named to the committee in her place.
    ˌname and ˈshame ( BrE) • to publish the names of people or organizations who have done sth wrong or illegal • 公布行为不当或违法者的名单;公布黑名单 name ˈnames • to give the names of the people involved in sth, especially sth wrong or illegal • 供出,说出(犯事者等)的名字
    * * *
    n. 名字, 名稱, 姓名, 名譽
    vt. 命名, 提名, 叫出, 指定
    adj. 姓名的, 據以取名的

    English-Chinese dictionary > name

  • 3 affix

    (to attach (something) to an object etc: Affix the stamp to the envelope.) afixar
    * * *
    ['æfiks] n 1 anexo. 2 afixo: prefixo, infixo, sufixo. • [əf'iks] vt 1 afixar, fixar, prender. 2 juntar, ajuntar, anexar. 3 selar, lacrar. he affixed stamps to an envelope / ele colou selos no envelope. 4 apor (assinatura), assinar. he has just affixed his name to the document / ele acaba de assinar o documento.

    English-Portuguese dictionary > affix

  • 4 phoney

    adjective (comp phonier, superl phoniest)
    1 familiar (gen) falso,-a; (accent) fingido,-a
    falso, -a adj.
    sospechoso, -a adj.
    cosa no auténtica s.f.
    farsante s.m.
    persona insincera s.f.

    AmE also phony 'fəʊni adjective -nier, -niest (colloq & pej) falso

    AmE also phony noun (pl - neys or - nies) (colloq & pej)
    a) ( person) farsante mf (fam)
    b) ( thing) falsificación f
    * (US) ['fǝʊnɪ]
    ADJ [moustache] falso, postizo; [name, document, smile] falso; [accent] fingido

    the phoney war (1939) la guerra ilusoria

    (pl phoneys) (=person) farsante * mf ; (=thing) falsificación f
    * * *

    AmE also phony ['fəʊni] adjective -nier, -niest (colloq & pej) falso

    AmE also phony noun (pl - neys or - nies) (colloq & pej)
    a) ( person) farsante mf (fam)
    b) ( thing) falsificación f

    English-spanish dictionary > phoney

  • 5 phony

    adjective (comp phonier, superl phoniest)
    1→ link=phoney phoney{
    phony or phoney ['fo:ni] adj, - nier ; - est : falso
    phony or phoney n, pl - nies : farsante mf ; charlatán m, -tana f
    engaño, -a adj.
    engaño s.m.
    noun/adjective (AmE) phoney I,II
    * (US) ['fǝʊnɪ]
    ADJ [moustache] falso, postizo; [name, document, smile] falso; [accent] fingido

    the phoney war (1939) la guerra ilusoria

    (pl phoneys) (=person) farsante * mf ; (=thing) falsificación f
    * * *
    noun/adjective (AmE) phoney I,II

    English-spanish dictionary > phony

  • 6 justice

    justice just∙ice noun 1. the fair treatment of people • 公平;公正:
    »laws based on the principles of justice
    »They are demanding equal rights and justice.
    【OPP】 [u]injustice
    --› see also poetic justice, rough justice 2. the quality of being fair or reasonable • 公道;合理;公平合理:
    »Who can deny the justice of their cause?
    【OPP】 [u]injustice
    3. the legal system used to punish people who have committed crimes • 司法制度;法律制裁;审判:
    »the criminal justice system
    »The European Court of Justice
    »( BrE) They were accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice.
    »( NAmE) They were accused of attempting to obstruct justice.
    --› see also [u]miscarriage of justice
    4. (also Just∙ice) ( NAmE) a judge in a court (also used before the name of a judge) • 法官(亦作称谓) --› see also chief justice 5. Just∙ice ( BrE, CanE) used before the name of a judge in a court of appeal • (称谓)上诉庭法官:
    »Mr Justice Davies
    【IDIOMS】 bring sb to ˈjustice • to arrest sb for a crime and put them on trial in court • (将某人)绳之以法,缉拿归案 do justice to ˈsb / ˈsth; do sb / sth ˈjustice 1. to treat or represent sb / sth fairly, especially in a way that shows how good, attractive, etc. they are • 公平对待某人(或某事);给以公正的评价:
    »That photo doesnˈt do you justice.
    2. to deal with sb / sth correctly and completely • 恰当处理某人(或某事):
    »You cannot do justice to such a complex situation in just a few pages.
    do yourself ˈjustice • to do sth as well as you can in order to show other people how good you are • 充分发挥自己的能力:
    »She didnˈt do herself justice in the exam.
    --› more at pervert v.
    * * *
    n. 正義, 正當, 公平, 正確, 司法, 審判, 欣賞

    English-Chinese dictionary > justice

  • 7 -Downloading and printing-

    At home Downloading and printing
    Do you know the web site for the local college? Conosci il sito web della scuola?
    I think it's Credo sia
    The site is coming up now. Il sito si sta aprendo ora.
    I want to download the application form. Voglio scaricare il modulo di iscrizione.
    Is the printer on? La stampante è accesa?
    I want to print out this application form. Voglio stampare questo modulo di iscrizione.
    Could you give me a hand? Mi daresti una mano?
    I don't know how to download this application form. Non so come scaricare questo modulo di iscrizione.
    Click on the download icon and the computer will ask you where you want to save the document. Clicca sull'icona del download e il computer ti chiederà dove vuoi salvare il documento.
    Where shall I save the document? Dove devo salvare il documento?
    Just save the document to the desktop for the time being. Salva il documento sul desktop per ora.
    It's downloading now. Ora sta scaricando.
    Once the computer has finished downloading, you can print out the form. Quando il computer ha finito di scaricare puoi stampare il modulo.
    Do you want to print the form out now? Vuoi stampare il modulo adesso?
    Click on the printer icon on the toolbar. Clicca sull'icona della stampante sulla barra degli strumenti.
    It says there is a problem with the printer. Dice che c'è un problema con la stampante.
    Is the printer connected? La stampante è collegata?
    Have a look at the printer cable, will you? Puoi dare un'occhiata al cavo della stampante, per favore?
    The cable's not connected to the PC. Il cavo non è collegato al PC.
    Try again now. Riprova adesso.
    It's okay now. Ora va bene.
    Could you pass me over some paper? Potresti passarmi della carta?

    English-Italian dictionary > -Downloading and printing-

  • 8 desktop

    ['desktɒp] 1.
    1) piano m. della scrivania, scrivania f.
    2) inform. (microcomputer) desktop m., computer m. da tavolo; (area of the screen) desktop m.
    modificatore [ model] da tavolo
    * * *
    desktop /ˈdɛsktɒp/
    2 (comput.) desktop (interfaccia grafica nella quale le risorse del computer sono rappresentate da icone): DIALOGO → - Downloading and printing- Just save the document to the desktop for the time being, salva il documento sul desktop per ora
    3 (comput., = desktop computer) computer da tavolo, desktop
    * * *
    ['desktɒp] 1.
    1) piano m. della scrivania, scrivania f.
    2) inform. (microcomputer) desktop m., computer m. da tavolo; (area of the screen) desktop m.
    modificatore [ model] da tavolo

    English-Italian dictionary > desktop

  • 9 sign

    (one's name, document, cheque) signer; (bill of exchange) accepter;
    to sign a deal passer un marché;
    the deal will be signed and sealed tomorrow l'affaire sera définitivement conclue demain
    (delivery, parcel) signer un reçu pour;
    to sign for goods received signer à la réception de marchandises;
    the files have to be signed for il faut signer pour retirer les dossiers
    British familiar (register as unemployed) s'inscrire au chômage;
    you have to sign on every two weeks il faut pointer (au chômage) toutes les deux semaines
    to sign sth out (file, equipment) signer un registre pour emprunter qch

    English-French business dictionary > sign

  • 10 identification

    Patent terms dictionary > identification

  • 11 functor

    функциональный элемент, функтор
    элемент, выполняющий в языке программирования определённую функцию (роль).

    A functor in Visual Prolog is just a name that identifies a kind of compound data object and holds its arguments together. — Функтор в языке Visual Prolog - просто имя, идентифицирующее тип составного объекта данных и хранящее вместе с ним его аргументы

    Англо-русский толковый словарь терминов и сокращений по ВТ, Интернету и программированию. > functor

  • 12 document name

    document name COMP Dokumentenname m

    Englisch-Deutsch Fachwörterbuch der Wirtschaft > document name

  • 13 Guide to inclusive behaviours (name of the Company's policy document)

    Глоссарий компании Сахалин Энерджи: Основы поведения в рабочей среде, организованной с учётом личных особенностей сотрудников (name of the Company's policy brochure)

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > Guide to inclusive behaviours (name of the Company's policy document)

  • 14 document name

    English-Russian dictionary of Information technology > document name

  • 15 attach name to a document

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > attach name to a document

  • 16 document name

    Вычислительная техника: имя документа

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > document name

  • 17 her name just slipped out

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > her name just slipped out

  • 18 name just a few

    Клише: к примеру (To), скажем (To), помимо прочего (To), ну хотя бы (To)

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > name just a few

  • 19 name of the document

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > name of the document

  • 20 put (one's) name to a document

    Макаров: парафировать документ, подписывать документ

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > put (one's) name to a document

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