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he has a limited vocabulary

  • 1 vocabulary

    1) (list) Vokabelverzeichnis, das

    vocabulary book — Vokabelheft, das

    vocabulary test — Vokabeltest, der

    2) (language of particular field) Vokabular, das
    3) (range of language) Wortschatz, der
    * * *
    plural - vocabularies; noun
    1) (words in general: This book contains some difficult vocabulary.) das Vokabular
    2) ((the stock of) words known and used eg by one person, or within a particular trade or profession: He has a vocabulary of about 20,000 words; the specialized vocabulary of nuclear physics.) der Wortschatz
    3) (a list of words in alphabetical order with meanings eg added as a supplement to a book dealing with a particular subject: This edition of Shakespeare's plays has a good vocabulary at the back.) das Wörterverzeichnis
    * * *
    [və(ʊ)ˈkæbjələri, AM voʊˈkæbjəleri]
    n Vokabular nt, Wortschatz m; (words) Vokabeln pl; (glossary) Glossar nt geh, Wörterverzeichnis nt
    a list of \vocabulary eine Liste mit Vokabeln
    limited \vocabulary begrenzter Wortschatz
    to widen one's \vocabulary seinen Wortschatz erweitern
    * * *
    Wortschatz m, Vokabular nt (geh); (in textbook) Wörterverzeichnis f

    he has a limited vocabularyer hat einen beschränkten Wortschatz

    vocabulary bookVokabelheft nt; (printed) Vokabelbuch nt

    * * *
    vocabulary [vəʊˈkæbjʊlərı; vəˈk-; US -jəˌleriː]
    A s Vokabular n:
    a) Wörterverzeichnis n
    b) Wortschatz m
    B adj Wort(schatz)…
    * * *
    1) (list) Vokabelverzeichnis, das

    vocabulary book — Vokabelheft, das

    vocabulary test — Vokabeltest, der

    2) (language of particular field) Vokabular, das
    3) (range of language) Wortschatz, der
    * * *
    Sprachschatz m.
    Vokabel -n f.
    Wortschatz m.

    English-german dictionary > vocabulary

  • 2 vocabulary

    § სიტყვარი, სიტყვათა მარაგი
    1 სიტყვიერი
    2 სიტყვათა მარაგი

    English-Georgian dictionary > vocabulary

  • 3 vocabulary

    vocabulary vo∙cabu∙lary noun [C, U] (pl. -ies) 1. all the words that a person knows or uses • (某人掌握或使用的)词汇,词汇量:
    »to have a wide / limited vocabulary
    »your active vocabulary (= the words that you use)
    »your passive vocabulary (= the words that you understand but donˈt use)
    »Reading will increase your vocabulary.
    »The word ˈfailureˈ is not in his vocabulary (= for him, failure does not exist).
    --› see also defining vocabulary --› note at language 2. all the words in a particular language • (某一语言的)词汇,词汇量:
    »When did the word ˈbungalowˈ first enter the vocabulary?
    * bungalow 一词何时进入(英语)词汇中的?
    --› note at language 3. the words that people use when they are talking about a particular subject • (某学科中所使用的)词汇:
    »The word has become part of advertising vocabulary.
    --› note at language 4. (also informal vocab) a list of words with their meanings, especially in a book for learning a foreign language • (尤指外语教科书中附有释义的)词汇表
    * * *
    n. 詞彙, 詞彙量, 詞表

    English-Chinese dictionary > vocabulary

  • 4 vocabulary

    запас слов, словарный запас, лексикон

    He has got a vocabulary of an average student. — У него запас слов среднего студента.

    His vocabulary was sound and his grammar excellent. — У него был большой словарный запас и блестящее знание грамматики.

    - meager vocabulary
    - small vocabulary
    - have a limited vocabulary
    - command a large vocabulary
    - build vocabulary
    - enlarge vocabulary

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > vocabulary

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