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he averted his eyes

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  • Averted — Avert A*vert , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Averted}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Averting}.] [L. avertere; a, ab + vertere to turn: cf. OF. avertir. See {Verse}, n.] To turn aside, or away; as, to avert the eyes from an object; to ward off, or prevent, the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • avert — v. (formal) (D; tr.) to avert from (he averted his eyes from the scene of the accident) * * * [ə vɜːt] (formal) (D; tr.) to avert from (he averted his eyes from the scene of the accident) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • avert — a|vert [əˈvə:t US ə:rt] v [T] [Date: 1300 1400; : Old French; Origin: avertir, from Latin avertere, from ad to + vertere to turn ] 1.) to prevent something unpleasant from happening ▪ The tragedy could have been averted if the crew had followed… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • avert — verb (T) 1 to prevent something unpleasant from happening: The tragedy could have been averted if the crew had followed safety procedures. 2 avert your eyes/gaze etc to look away from something that you do not want to see: Lockwood averted his… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • Mugain — Mugain, daughter of Eochaid Feidlech, is the wife of Conchobar mac Nessa, king of Ulster, in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. Her epithet, Aitinchairchech, means having gorse like body hair . When Cúchulainn returned to Emain Macha after his… …   Wikipedia

  • avert, divert — These words are both based upon a Latin term meaning to turn, but they have different meanings and applications in English. Avert means to turn away, to ward off : He quickly averted his eyes. Drive carefully and try to avert an accident. Divert… …   Dictionary of problem words and expressions

  • eye — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} noun 1 part of the body ADJECTIVE ▪ left, right ▪ amber, blue, brown, dark, golden, green, grey/gray …   Collocations dictionary

  • avert — [[t]əvɜ͟ː(r)t[/t]] averts, averting, averted 1) VERB If you avert something unpleasant, you prevent it from happening. [V n] Talks with the teachers union over the weekend have averted a strike... A fresh tragedy was narrowly averted yesterday.… …   English dictionary

  • Discworld gods — See also: Discworld (world)#Magic Some of the Discworld gods at Dunmanifestin. L R: Sessifet (off left),Offler, Flatulus (behind Offler), Fate, Urika, Blind Io, Libertina, The Lady, Bibulous, Patina (behind Bibulous), Topaxi (in front of… …   Wikipedia

  • United Kingdom — a kingdom in NW Europe, consisting of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: formerly comprising Great Britain and Ireland 1801 1922. 58,610,182; 94,242 sq. mi. (244,100 sq. km). Cap.: London. Abbr.: U.K. Official name, United Kingdom of Great… …   Universalium

  • Military history of Somalia — Statue of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan in Mogadishu. Hassan is often considered the Father of the Nation .[1] …   Wikipedia

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