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  • frobnicate — USENET Jargon) justieren, fummeln …   Acronyms

  • frobnicate — USENET Jargon) justieren, fummeln …   Acronyms von A bis Z

  • frobnicate — 1. To munge; to process in an unspecified but vaguely complicated way. 2. To screw up in a particularly convoluted or elegant manner. See also: Frobnicator I m not sure how that program works; all I know is it frobnicates whatever you type in so… …   Dictionary of american slang

  • frobnicate —  Manipulate or adjust.  ► “ If someone is turning a knob on an oscilloscope, then if he’s carefully adjusting it he is probably tweaking; if he is just turning it but looking at the screen he is probably twiddling it; but if he is just doing it… …   American business jargon

  • C++-Template — Dieser Artikel wurde aufgrund von inhaltlichen Mängeln auf der Qualitätssicherungsseite der Redaktion Informatik eingetragen. Dies geschieht, um die Qualität der Artikel aus dem Themengebiet Informatik auf ein akzeptables Niveau zu bringen. Hilf… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Template (Programmierung) — Templates (engl. für Schablonen), auch Mustervorlagen oder Schablone, sind fortgeschrittene Elemente von Programmiersprachen. Sie sind „Programmgerüste“, die bei Bedarf vom Übersetzer instanziiert und als normale Klassen oder Funktionen zur… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Frob — The term Frob has typically been used to refer to any small device or object (usually hand sized) which can be manipulated, or frobbed . It was adopted by the community of computer programmers which grew out of the MIT Tech Model Railroad Club in …   Wikipedia

  • Frotz — For Frotz, the Z machine implementation, see Z machine#Frotz. Frotz was a verb in MIT slang, meaning to play with or to manipulate . This presumably led to its use in certain Infocom games (see below). Spell Frotz is also the name of the spell in …   Wikipedia

  • GNU Coding Standards — The GNU coding standards are a set of rules and guidelines for writing programs that work consistently within the GNU system. The standards document is part of the GNU Project and is available from the GNU website… …   Wikipedia

  • Comment (computer programming) — For comments in Wikipedia markup, see Help:Wiki markup#Character formatting and WP:COMMENT. An illustration of Java source code with prologue comments indicated in red and inline comments in green. Program code is in blue …   Wikipedia

  • frob — 1. noun Any small device or object (usually hand sized) which can be manipulated. Hand me that frob there, willya? 2. verb To manipulate objects considered to be frobs …   Wiktionary

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