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  • factorizable — adjective Able to be factorized …   Wiktionary

  • Clases de complejidad P y NP — Diagrama de clases de complejidad para el caso en que P ≠ NP. La existencia de problemas fuera tanto de P como de NP completos en este caso fue determinada por Ladner.[1] La relación entre las clases de complejidad P …   Wikipedia Español

  • Fundamental theorem of arithmetic — In number theory, the fundamental theorem of arithmetic (or unique prime factorization theorem) states that every natural number greater than 1 can be written as a unique product of prime numbers. For instance, : 6936 = 2^3 imes 3 imes 17^2 , ,! …   Wikipedia

  • Complemented group — In mathematics, in the realm of group theory, the term complemented group is used in two distinct, but similar ways. In (Hall 1937), a complemented group is one in which every subgroup has a group theoretic complement. Such groups are called… …   Wikipedia

  • Laplace invariant — In differential equations, the Laplace invariant of any of certain differential operators is a certain function of the coefficients and their derivatives. Consider a bivariate hyperbolic differential operator of the second order:partial x ,… …   Wikipedia

  • Discrete Fourier transform — Fourier transforms Continuous Fourier transform Fourier series Discrete Fourier transform Discrete time Fourier transform Related transforms In mathematics, the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) is a specific kind of discrete transform, used in… …   Wikipedia

  • Isomorphism theorem — In mathematics, specifically abstract algebra, the isomorphism theorems are three theorems that describe the relationship between quotients, homomorphisms, and subobjects. Versions of the theorems exist for groups, rings, vector spaces, modules,… …   Wikipedia

  • Tensor (intrinsic definition) — For an introduction to the nature and significance of tensors in a broad context, see Tensor. In mathematics, the modern component free approach to the theory of a tensor views a tensor as an abstract object, expressing some definite type of… …   Wikipedia

  • RSA numbers — In mathematics, the RSA numbers are a set of large semiprimes (numbers with exactly two prime factors) that are part of the RSA Factoring Challenge. The challenge was to find the prime factors but it was declared inactive in 2007. [RSA… …   Wikipedia

  • Polaron — A polaron is a quasiparticle composed of a charge and its accompanying polarization field. A slow moving electron in a dielectric crystal, interacting with lattice ions through long range forces will permanently be surrounded by a region of… …   Wikipedia

  • Andre Neveu — André Neveu (* 28. August 1946 in Paris) ist ein französischer theoretischer Physiker, der hauptsächlich über Stringtheorie und Quantenfeldtheorie arbeitet. Neveu studierte in Paris an der École normale supérieure (ENS). 1969 machte er sein… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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