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export insurance

  • 1 出口

    speak; utter, (of a ship) leave port, export, exit
    * * *
    exit; escape; export; issue; outcome; outlet; speak out; vent
    【医】 exitus; outlet; portal of exit
    【经】 export; exports
    相关词组: 出口成章
    * * *
    exit; speak; way out; export
    * * *
    adj. exporting
    n. exit, outfall, export, outlet
    v. speak, utter, go out, export
    * * *
    chu1 kou3
    an exit, CL:個, 个, to speak, to export, (of a ship) to leave port
    * * *
    chū kǒu
    如果你认为那不公平, 为什么不说出口? If you thought that wasn't fair, why didn't you speak up?
    (出口处) exit; exitus; way out:
    会场出口 the exits of a conference hall
    (本国或本地区的货物运出去; 输出) export:
    出口大米 export rice;
    黄金出口 the export of gold
    (排出端) exhaust; outfall; outlet; egress; discharge point; vent
    出口按钮 exit button;
    出口版 export edition;
    出口包装 export packing (packaging);
    出口保险 export insurance;
    出口报单 entry outward; export entry;
    出口报价 export quotation;
    出口倍数 export multiplier;
    出口边损失 trailing section losses;
    出口表 exit list;
    出口补偿 export restitution;
    出口补贴 export subsidy;
    出口参数 outlet parameters;
    出口程序 exit routine;
    出口尺寸 outlet size;
    出口创汇 earn foreign exchange through export;
    出口创汇型企业 export-oriented enterprise;
    出口刺激 (办法) export incentives;
    出口促进区 export promotion zone;
    出口代办行 export commission house;
    出口代理 export agent;
    出口单据 export documents;
    出口导板 delivery guide; exit guide; outlet guide;
    出口动量 exit momentum;
    出口端 delivery end; exit end; exit point; outlet end;
    出口额 value of export;
    出口发票 export invoice;
    出口份额 export share;
    出口港 port of export; port of exit;
    出口跟单汇票 documentary export bill; outward documentary bill;
    出口关税 export tariff;
    出口管制 export control;
    出口护板 flange stripper guide;
    出口换汇成本 export cost in terms of foreign exchange;
    出口汇票 export bill; outward bill;
    出口货 exports; outbound freight; exportation;
    出口货物清单 outward manifest;
    出口货物许可证 licence for the export of commodities;
    出口技术 export techniques;
    出口寄销商品 merchandise outward on consignment;
    出口继电器 exit relay;
    出口加工区 export processing zones; special areas for processing export products;
    出口价格指数 export price index;
    出口检验标准 export inspection standard;
    出口检验(合格)证 certificate for export;
    出口检验制度 export inspection system;
    出口检疫 export quarantine;
    出口奖金 export bonus;
    出口奖励 export bounty;
    出口节流阀 speed control muffler;
    出口接头 outlet connection;
    出口结构 export structure;
    出口截面积 discharge area;
    出口截面直径 exit diameter;
    出口角 angle of outlet; exit angle; outlet angle; efflux angle;
    出口津贴 export subsidy; export bounty;
    出口净值 net export value;
    出口卡特尔 export cartel;
    出口量 export quantum; export volume;
    出口流场 exit flow field;
    出口流动函数 export flow function;
    出口贸易 export trade;
    出口贸易法 export trade act;
    出口贸易结标 settlement of export transactions;
    出口贸易票据 export trade bill;
    出口免税 free export;
    出口配额 export quota;
    出口签证更正 export amendment;
    出口商 export merchant; exporter;
    出口商协会 Exporter's association;
    出口申报单 export declaration;
    出口申报正本 export declaration original;
    出口收汇方式 manner of collecting export proceeds;
    出口收入 export earnings;
    出口收入下降 short fall in export earnings;
    出口手续 process of export;
    出口数据 outlet data;
    出口税 export duty;
    出口速度 muzzle velocity; outlet velocity;
    出口特许证 special permission export;
    出口提单 export bill of lading;
    出口提货单 export bill of lading;
    出口条件 exit condition; outlet conditions;
    出口投率 export tariff;
    出口投资 export investment;
    出口推销 export drive;
    出口外汇 export exchange;
    出口限额 ration export; export quotas;
    出口限制 export restraints;
    出口项目 export item;
    出口协会 exporters' associations;
    出口信贷 export credit;
    出口信贷保险 export credit insurance;
    出口信贷保险费 financing charges;
    出口代贷担保 export credit guarantee;
    出口信用(国家)担保 guarantee of export credits;
    出口信用证 export letter of credit;
    出口许可申请人 applicant for the exportation;
    出口许可证 export licence; export permit;
    出口许可证制 export licence system;
    出口押汇 outward documentary bill; bill purchased;
    出口盈利指数 export profit index;
    出口优势 trump-cards in the export of; export superiority;
    出口有利性 competitive advantage in the export of;
    出口预付款 export prepayment;
    出口援外产品 items for export as part of foreign aid;
    出口(许可)证待批准 subject to approval of export licence;
    出口证明统计 export certification statistics;
    出口证书 export certification;
    出口值 export value;
    出口指标制度 export target system;
    出口指令 exit instruction;
    出口资金融通 export financing;
    出口总额 total export;
    出口总能量 total output of energy;
    出口转内销 export goods for sale; export reject
    * * *
    出口|出口 [chū kǒu] an exit CL:↑ |↑ [gè] to speak to export (of a ship) to leave port

    Chinese-English dictionary > 出口

  • 2 寄销

    commission sale; sell on commission
    * * *
    【经】 consign; consignment; consignment sales; on consignment
    sale on consignment; shipment outward
    * * *
    ji4 xiao1
    to dispatch, consigned (goods)
    * * *
    jì xiāo
    consignment sale
    寄销出口保险 consignment sale export insurance;
    寄销货物保险 consignment stock insurance;
    寄销品 consigned goods;
    寄销清单 account sales;
    寄销通知书 consignment note
    * * *
    寄銷|寄销 [jì xiāo] to dispatch consigned (goods)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 寄销

  • 3 出口保险

    【经】 export insurance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 出口保险

  • 4 寄售出口保险

    【法】 consignment sale export insurance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 寄售出口保险

  • 5 寄售输出保险

    【法】 consignment sale export insurance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 寄售输出保险

  • 6 寄销出口保险

    【经】 consignment sale export insurance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 寄销出口保险

  • 7 insurance

    n; u
    保险 [bǎoxiǎn]

    * fire/life/health insurance — 火/人寿/健康险

    * to take out insurance (against) — 买(防备...的)保险

    * as (an) insurance against — ( fig) 作为预防...的措施

    Chinese-English dictionary > insurance

  • 8 insurance policy

    n; c
    1) ( lit) 保险单 [bǎoxiǎndān]
    2) ( fig) 保险措施 [bǎoxiǎn cuòshī]

    * life/health/travel insurance policy — 人寿/健康/旅行保险单

    * to take out an insurance policy — 买保险

    Chinese-English dictionary > insurance policy

  • 9 export

    1. [ɛks'pɔːt] vt
    [+ goods, ideas, problems, file] 输出 [shūchū]
    2. ['ɛkspɔːt] n
    1) u (process) 出口 [chūkǒu]
    2) c (product) 出口物 [chūkǒuwù]
    3. cpd; 复合词
    [+ duty, permit, licence] 出口 [chūkǒu]

    Chinese-English dictionary > export

  • 10 life insurance

    n; u
    人寿保险 [rénshòu bǎoxiǎn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > life insurance

  • 11 National Insurance

    1. ( BRIT); n; u
    英国国民保险制度 [Yīngguó guómín bǎoxiǎn zhìdù]
    2. cpd; 复合词
    [+ contributions, card] 国民保险 [guómín bǎoxiǎn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > National Insurance

  • 12 third party insurance

    ( BRIT); n; u
    第三方保险 [dì sān fāng bǎoxiǎn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > third party insurance

  • 13 travel insurance

    n; u
    旅行保险 [lǚxíng bǎoxiǎn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > travel insurance

  • 14 公司

    company; corporation; firm; concern; business; Co.
    * * *
    company; corporation; division; firm; Inc
    【医】 company
    【经】 concern; corp; establishment; firm; incorporation; syndicate
    相关词组: 澳大利亚广播公司
    * * *
    Co.; Inc; company; corp.; corporation; division; establishment; firm
    * * *
    adj. incorporated
    n. company, firm, corporation, body corporate
    * * *
    gong1 si1
    (business) company, company, firm, corporation, incorporated, CL:家
    * * *
    gōng sī
    corporation; incorporation; company:
    保险公司 insurance company;
    钢铁公司 iron and steel company;
    进出口公司 import and export corporation
    公司备忘录 memorandum of association;
    公司本部 company home office;
    公司标准 company standard;
    公司策略 company strategy;
    公司创办人(发起人) incorporator; company promotor;
    公司单方面解约 cancellation as per contract by the company;
    公司法 company act; law of cooperation;
    公司方向 company orientation;
    公司改组 corporate reorganization;
    公司个体(实体) corporate entity;
    公司股票 corporate stock;
    公司汇票 house bill;
    公司开业许可证 certificate of incorporation;
    公司利润额 corporation profits;
    公司利润税 corporate profits tax;
    公司利润课税负担额 corporate profits tax liability;
    公司良心 company conscience;
    公司律师 corporation lawyer;
    公司民主 company democracy;
    公司名录 directories;
    公司模型 corporation model;
    公司目标 company objective;
    公司纳税后利润 corporate profits after taxes;
    公司纳税前利润 corporate profits before taxes;
    公司内转运货价 intra-company transfer price;
    公司农场 corporation farm;
    公司企业 incorporated business;
    公司强制解散程序 compulsory winding up procedure;
    公司人寿保险 corporation life insurance;
    公司商誉(形象) company image;
    公司实绩 company performance;
    公司市场需要量 company market potential;
    公司税 corporation tax;
    公司所得税 corporate income tax;
    公司条例 articles of incorporation;
    公司现款流量 corporate cash flow;
    公司要求终止契约 termination of contract by the company;
    公司优先债务 companies' preferential debts;
    公司债券 corporate bonds and debentures; corporate bonds; debenture stock; debenture bonds;
    公司章程 articles of association; articles of incorporation; memorandum of association corporation by-laws;
    公司政策 company policy;
    公司证券 corporation securities;
    公司直接捐税 direct taxes and charges on corporations;
    公司注册地 place of incorporation;
    公司注册手续 incorporation procedure;
    公司注册章程 rules for registration of companies;
    公司注册证 certificate of incorporation; corporation charter;
    公司专用标志 house mark;
    公司资产 corporate assets;
    公司资格的永久存续 perpetual succession
    * * *
    公司|公司 [gōng sī] (business) company company firm corporation incorporated CL:↑ [jiā]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 公司

  • 15 寄售

    consignment sales
    * * *
    【经】 commission sale
    * * *
    ji4 shou4
    sale on consignment
    * * *
    jì shòu
    (寄卖) consign for sale; consignment sales; on consignment; put up for sale in a secondhand shop; sale on consignment
    寄售出口信贷 credit export on a consignment basis;
    寄售代理人 consignment agent;
    寄售发票 consignment invoice;
    寄售合同 consignment contract;
    寄售货物 goods on consignment;
    寄售货物保险 consignment stock insurance;
    寄售品 consigned goods; consignment goods; consignment merchandise;
    寄售人 consignor;
    寄售商店 commission store; secondhand shop
    * * *
    寄售|寄售 [jì shòu] sale on consignment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 寄售

  • 16 延长

    lengthen; prolong; extend; renew
    * * *
    extend; prolong; continue; elongate; protract
    【医】 prolongation
    相关词组: 延长部分
    * * *
    prolong; extend; protract; postpone; delay
    * * *
    v. lengthen, extend, prolong
    * * *
    Yan2 chang2
    Yanchang county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
    yan2 chang2
    to prolong, to extend, to delay
    * * *
    yán cháng
    lengthen; extend; prolong; prolongate; elongation; extension; dwell; prolongation:
    延长有效期 prolong the period of validity;
    条约延长10年。 The treaty has been prolonged for another ten years.
    通过协议可以延长期限。 Period may be extended upon expiration (through agreement).
    延长保险 extended insurance;
    延长保险责任 extension of insurance liability;
    延长断裂 extension fracture;
    延长负款出口 export on a deferred payment basis;
    延长轨道 advancing the track;
    延长号 {音} pause;
    延长率 rate elongation;
    延长器 extender; pad;
    延长使用寿命 increase of service life;
    延长索赔期 extend the time for filing claims;
    延长线 extended (extension) line;
    延长线圈 extension coil;
    延长因子 elongation factor
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 延長|延长 [Yán cháng] Yanchang county in Yan'an ↑ 延安 [Yán ān], Shaanxi
    Ⅱ. 延長|延长 [yán cháng] to prolong to extend to delay

    Chinese-English dictionary > 延长

  • 17 强制

    force; compel; coerce, compulsion
    * * *
    force; compel; coerce; obligate; oblige; compulsion; constraint; enforcement
    【计】 brute force
    相关词组: 强制的
    * * *
    force; compel; coerce; compulsion; constraint; oblige
    * * *
    adj. obliged
    adv. forcibly
    n. enforcement, constraint
    v. enforce
    * * *
    qiang2 zhi4
    to enforce, enforcement, forcibly, compulsory
    * * *
    qiáng zhì
    force; compel; coerce:
    不靠强制手段 without resort to compulsion;
    强制执行 carry out under coercion; enforce; forcible execution;
    强制性的命令 mandatory order;
    对犯罪分子实行强制劳动 carry out (a policy of) forced labour for criminals
    强制保险 compulsory insurance; forced insurance;
    强制编码 forced coding;
    强制参谋咨询 compulsory staff consultation;
    强制成形焊接 enclosed welding;
    强制出口法律 mandatory restrictions on exports;
    强制储蓄 compulsory saving; forced saving;
    强制磁化条件 constrained magnetization condition;
    强制措施 coercive measures;
    强制点火 forced ignition;
    强制兑换 forced conversion;
    强制对流 forced convection;
    强制肥育 cramming;
    强制干燥 {涂} force drying;
    强制购买 compulsory purchase;
    强制函数 forcing function;
    强制换向 {电工} forced commutation;
    强制机关 institutions of coercion;
    强制借款 forced loan;
    强制金属透镜 constrained metal lens;
    强制金属透镜天线 constrained metal lens antenna;
    强制进气-排气通风系统 pressurizing and ventilating-fan system;
    强制开伞拉绳 static line;
    强制馈电 constrained feed;
    强制劳动 forced labour;
    强制冷却 forced cooling;
    强制冷却充油电缆 forced-cooled oil-filled cable;
    强制冷却铸型 cooling mould;
    强制离合器 positive clutch;
    强制励磁 forced excitation;
    强制力 compelling force; coercive effect; constraint;
    强制流通货币 forced currency;
    强制扭转传动 forced-torque drive;
    强制破产 involuntary insolvency;
    强制器 compulsator;
    强制气干 forced-air drying; fan drying;
    强制清算 compulsory liquidation;
    强制润滑 forced feed lubrication;
    强制手段 compulsory means; coercive measure;
    强制授粉 controlled pollination;
    强制算符 coercion operator;
    强制停机 forced stoppage;
    强制通风 forced ventilation; {机} positive draft;
    强制通风冷却塔 forced draught cooling tower;
    强制通风式电动机 forced-ventilated motor;
    强制通货 enforced currency;
    强制同步 forced synchronization; general locking;
    强制同步电路 lock-on circuit;
    强制同步系统 general locking; genlock;
    强制退休 compulsory retirement;
    强制喂入输送螺旋 force-fed auger;
    强制涡旋 {水} forced vortex;
    强制析晶法 forced crystallization method;
    强制销售 forced sale;
    强制休眠 forced dormancy;
    强制许可证 compulsory licence;
    强制循环 forced circulation;
    强制循环干燥窑 forced draught kiln;
    强制循环蒸发器 forced-circulation evaporator;
    强制压尖 push pointing;
    强制导核体 forced heterocaryon;
    强制引水 compulsory pilotage;
    强制映象 {数} coercive mapping;
    强制油冷却 forced-oil-cooled;
    强制语句 imperative statement;
    强制运动 positive motion;
    强制运流 forced convection;
    强制者 forcer;
    强制振荡(动) forced oscillation;
    强制执行出口禁令 imposition of export ban;
    强制仲裁解决 compulsory arbitration settlement; mandatory arbitration settlement;
    强制子句 {计} coercend
    * * *
    強制|强制 [qiáng zhì] to enforce enforcement forcibly compulsory

    Chinese-English dictionary > 强制

  • 18 现金

    ready money; cash, cash reserve in a bank
    * * *
    cash; hard cash; ready money
    【经】 hard cash; hard stuff; lump; money down; new cash; ready cash
    ready money; spot cash
    相关词组: 备用现金
    * * *
    cash; quids
    * * *
    n. ready money, cash, ready
    * * *
    xian4 jin1
    * * *
    xiàn jīn
    (现款) ready money; cash; ready:
    现金充足 be well supplied with the ready;
    付现金 pay in cash;
    现金短缺 run out of cash;
    小额现金 petty cash;
    我没有带现金,可以付支票吗? I have no cash with me, may I pay by cheque?
    这家商店对付现金的人减价优惠。 The dealer reduced the price for cash down.
    (银行库存的货币) cash reserve in a bank
    现金比率 cash ratio;
    现金偿还年金 cash refund annuity;
    现金出纳簿 cash book;
    现金储备 cash reserve;
    现金贷方 cash credit;
    现金等价物 money equivalent;
    现金定货 cash order (co);
    现金输出点 special export points;
    现金输入点 special import points;
    现金输送点 special points;
    现金付款 cash payment; payment in cash;
    现金工资 money wage;
    现金购买 cash purchase;
    现金股息 cash dividend;
    现金管理 control of cash payment; cash control; cash administration; cash management;
    现金过剩 surplus of cash;
    现金核实(清查) cash verification;
    现金红利 cash bonus; cash dividend;
    现金基础 cash basis;
    现金记账 cash accounting;
    现金价值 surrender value; cash value;
    现金交易 cash transaction;
    现金交易合同 cash contract;
    现金结算 cash settlement;
    现金结余(流动资金结余)liquid balance;
    现金借方 cash debit;
    现金净流量 net cash flow;
    现金流 cash flow;
    现金流出 cash outflow;
    现金流出量 cash flow; cash outflow;
    现金流动(流量;流转) cash flow;
    现金流动性 cash liquidity;
    现金流量贴现法 discounted-cash-flow method;
    现金赔偿 reparations in cash;
    现金赔款 cash losses;
    现金审计 cash audit;
    现金市场 cash market; current market price;
    现金收付制 cash basis;
    现金收入 inward cash remittance; cash receipts;
    现金收入记录机 cash register;
    现金收入凭证 cash-receipt voucher;
    现金收入日记账 cash receipts journal;
    现金收支表 statement of cash;
    现金收支及结存表 statement of receipts and disbursement and cash balance;
    现金收支平衡 balance between cash receipts and payments;
    现金索赔 cash claim;
    现金通货 cash currency;
    现金头寸 cash position;
    现金外流 cash drain;
    现金销售 cash sale;
    现金需要量 cash requirements;
    现金盈亏(余缺) cash over and short;
    现金余额 cash balance; cash reserve;
    现金预算 cash budget;
    现金运送 cash in transit;
    现金运送保险 cash messenger insurance;
    现金运送保险单 cash in transit policy;
    现金账 cash account; cashbook;
    现金账户 cash account;
    现金折扣 cash discount;
    现金支出 cash disbursements; cash payment; out-of-pocket expenses;
    现金支出日记账 cash disbursement journal;
    现金支付成本 out-of-pocket cost;
    现金转入 inward cash transfer;
    现金状况 cash position;
    现金准备 cash reserve;
    现金资产 cash assets;
    现金资源 cash resource;
    现金总流量 gross cash flow
    * * *
    現金|现金 [xiàn jīn] cash

    Chinese-English dictionary > 现金

  • 19 进出口

    exits and entrances; exit, imports and exports
    * * *
    entrance; imports and exports
    * * *
    entrance; imports and exports
    * * *
    n. import and export, exit and entrance, exit
    * * *
    jin4 chu1 kou3
    import and export
    * * *
    jìn chū kǒu
    (商品进出口) imports and exports
    (出入门口) exits and entrances; exit
    进出口(交换) 比价 terms of trade;
    进出口差额 international trade deficit; gap between imports and exports;
    进出口差损补偿制度 compensation system;
    进出口公司 import and export corporation;
    进出口货物 cargoes imported and exported;
    进出口货物报关单 customs declaration for imports and exports;
    进出口价格弹性 price elasticity of import and export;
    进出口结合贸易 combination deal trade;
    进出口经营权 power to engage in import and export trade;
    进出口连锁制 link system;
    进出口贸易 import and export trade; foreign trade;
    进出口贸易额 value of import and export;
    进出口贸易经济效果 economic results in import and export trade;
    进出口贸易总额 total volume of import and export trade; total volume of imports and exports;
    进出口平衡 balance between imports and exports;
    进出口商品检验局 Import and Export Commodities Inspection Bureau;
    进出口商品结构 structure of imports and exports; commodity composition of imports and exports; pattern of import and export merchandise; lineups of imports and exports;
    进出口申报 import and export declaration;
    进出口物量指数 index numbers of quantum of imports and exports;
    进出口物资运输保险 insurance for the transportation of imported and exported goods;
    进出口许可证制度 import and export license system;
    进出口业务 imports and exports;
    进出口战略 strategies for export and import;
    进出口指数 index number of imports and exports;
    进出口总额 total export-import volume
    * * *
    進出口|进出口 [jìn chū kǒu] import and export

    Chinese-English dictionary > 进出口

  • 20 出口信贷保险

    【经】 export credit guarantee; export credit insurance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 出口信贷保险

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