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exotic derivatives

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  • Exotic derivatives — refers to a specific type of financial asset. *Derivatives are assets whose value depends on another underlying asset. *Exotic as opposed to vanilla refers to the fact that the payoff is not standard, as is the case for a regular call option.See… …   Wikipedia

  • Exotic — can mean:*In mathematics: **Exotic R4 differentiable manifold homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to the Euclidean space R4 **Exotic sphere differentiable manifold homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to the ordinary sphere*In physics: **Exotic atom …   Wikipedia

  • exotic derivative — United Kingdom Any derivative which is not commonly encountered in the derivatives market or is otherwise considered innovative. They include derivatives which are unusually structured, as well as derivatives dealing with new forms of underlying… …   Law dictionary

  • exotic — ► ADJECTIVE 1) originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country. 2) strikingly colourful or unusual. ► NOUN ▪ an exotic plant or animal. DERIVATIVES exotically adverb exoticism noun. ORIGIN …   English terms dictionary

  • Exotic option — In finance, an exotic option is a derivative which has features making it more complex than commonly traded products (vanilla options). These products are usually traded over the counter (OTC), or are embedded in structured notes.Consider an… …   Wikipedia

  • Exotic sphere — In differential topology, a mathematical discipline, an exotic sphere is a differentiable manifold M that is homeomorphic but not diffeomorphic to the standard Euclidean n sphere. That is, M is a sphere from the point of view of all its… …   Wikipedia

  • Derivatives market — Financial markets Public market Exchange Securities Bond market Fixed income Corporate bond Government bond Municipal bond …   Wikipedia

  • exotic — adj. & n. adj. 1 introduced from or originating in a foreign (esp. tropical) country (exotic fruits). 2 attractively or remarkably strange or unusual; bizarre. 3 (of a fuel, metal, etc.) of a kind newly brought into use. n. an exotic person or… …   Useful english dictionary

  • exotic — [ɪg zɒtɪk, ɛg ] adjective 1》 originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country. 2》 strikingly different or colourful. noun an exotic plant or animal. Derivatives exotically adverb exoticism noun Origin C16: via L. from Gk exōtik …   English new terms dictionary

  • Credit default swap — If the reference bond performs without default, the protection buyer pays quarterly payments to the seller until maturity …   Wikipedia

  • Dansyl chloride — Dansyl chloride[1] IUPAC name 5 (dimethylamin …   Wikipedia

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