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  • 1 exchange

    exchange ex∙change noun ›› GIVING AND RECEIVING 交换 1. [C, U] an act of giving sth to sb or doing sth for sb and receiving sth in return • 交换;互换;交流;掉换:
    »The exchange of prisoners took place this morning.
    »We need to promote an open exchange of ideas and information.
    »an exchange of glances / insults
    »an exchange of fire (= between enemy soldiers)
    »I buy you lunch and you fix my computer. Is that a fair exchange ?
    »Would you like my old TV in exchange for this camera?
    »Iˈll type your report if youˈll babysit in exchange.
    --› see also part exchange ›› CONVERSATION / ARGUMENT 交谈;争论 2. a conversation or an argument • 交谈;对话;争论:
    »There was only time for a brief exchange.
    »The Prime Minister was involved in a heated exchange with opposition MPs.
    ›› OF MONEY 金钱 3. the process of changing an amount of one [u]currency (= the money used in one country) for an equal value of another • 兑换;汇兑:
    »currency exchange facilities
    »Where can I find the best exchange rate / rate of exchange ?
    --› see also foreign exchange ›› BETWEEN TWO COUNTRIES 两国之间 4. an arrangement when two people or groups from different countries visit each otherˈs homes or do each otherˈs jobs for a short time • (不同国家人或团体之间的)交流,互访:
    »Our school does an exchange with a school in France.
    »Nick went on the French exchange.
    »trade and cultural exchanges with China
    ›› BUILDING 建筑物 5. (often Exchange) (in compounds 构成复合词) a building where business people met in the past to buy and sell a particular type of goods • 交易所:
    »the old Corn Exchange
    --› see also stock exchange ›› TELEPHONE 电话 6. = telephone exchange verb [VN] ›› GIVE AND RECEIVE 交换 1. exchange sth (with sb) to give sth to sb and at the same time receive the same type of thing from them • 交换;交流;掉换:
    »to exchange ideas / news / information
    »Juliet and David exchanged glances (= they looked at each other).
    »I shook hands and exchanged a few words with the manager.
    »The two men exchanged blows (= hit each other).
    »Everyone in the group exchanged email addresses.
    ›› MONEY / GOODS 金钱;商品 2. exchange A for B to give or return sth that you have and get sth different or better instead • 兑换;交易;更换 【SYN】 change:
    »You can exchange your currency for dollars in the hotel.
    »If it doesnˈt fit, take it back and the store will exchange it.
    ›› CONTRACTS 契约 3. exchange contracts ( especially BrE) to sign a contract with the person that you are buying sth from, especially a house or land • 交换(尤指房屋或土地买卖的契约) 【IDIOMS】--› see word n.
    * * *
    vt. 交換, 調換, 兌換, 交流, 交易
    n. 交換, 調換, 兌換, 交流, 交易

    English-Chinese dictionary > exchange

  • 2 exchange

    [iks' ein‹] 1. verb
    1) (to give, or give up, in return for something else: Can you exchange a dollar note for two 50-cent pieces?) 兌換
    2) (to give and receive in return: They exchanged amused glances.) 互換
    2. noun
    1) (the giving and taking of one thing for another: He gave me a pencil in exchange for the marble; An exchange of opinions is helpful.) 交換
    2) (a conversation or dispute: An angry exchange took place between the two brothers when their father's will was read.) 爭吵
    3) (the act of exchanging the money of one country for that of another.) 兌換
    4) (the difference between the value of money in different countries: What is the rate of exchange between the U.S. dollar and the yen?) 兌換率
    5) (a place where business shares are bought and sold or international financial dealings carried on.) 交易所
    6) ((also telephone exchange) a central telephone system where lines are connected.) 電話交換台

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > exchange

  • 3 exchange

    "LAW.COM Dictionary":
    1) v. to trade or barter property, goods and/or services for other property, goods and/or services, unlike a sale or employment in which money is paid for the property, goods or services. 2) n. the act of making a trade or barter. An exchange of "equivalent" property, including real estate, can defer capital gains taxation until the acquired property is sold. 3) n. short for "Starker" exchange of investment real property to defer capital gains tax.
    See also: delayed exchange

    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > exchange

  • 4 exchange

    [ɪks'tʃeɪndʒ] 1. vt
    1) [+ gifts, addresses] 交换 [jiāohuàn]
    2) [+ greetings, glances] 互换 [hùhuàn]

    * to exchange sth (for sth) — [+ goods] 用某物交换( 某物 ) [yòng mǒuwù jiāohuàn (mǒuwù)]

    2. n
    1) c / u (giving and receiving) [of information, views, gifts, prisoners] 交换 [jiāohuàn]; [of students, sportspeople etc] 交流 [jiāolíu]
    2) c ( frm) (conversation) 交锋 [jiāofēng]
    3) c also: telephone exchange 电话局 [diànhuàjú]

    * in exchange (for) — 作为(对...的)交换

    English-Chinese new dictionary > exchange

  • 5 exchange


    English-Chinese computer dictionary > exchange

  • 6 exchange


    English-Chinese electricity dictionary (电气专业词典) > exchange

  • 7 exchange


    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > exchange

  • 8 exchange


    English-Chinese machine dictionary (英汉机械大词典) > exchange

  • 9 exchange


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > exchange

  • 10 exchange


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > exchange

  • 11 exchange


    English-Chinese electron industry dictionary (英汉电子工程大词典) > exchange

  • 12 exchange


    English-Chinese dictionary of mechanical engineering (英汉机械工程大词典) > exchange

  • 13 交换,转换,交换机

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 交换,转换,交换机

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