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  • 1 ever

    ever ever adv. 1. used in negative sentences and questions, or sentences with if to mean ˈat any timeˈ • (用于否定句和疑问句,或与 if 连用的句子)在任何时候,从来:
    »Nothing ever happens here.
    »Donˈt you ever get tired?
    »If youˈre ever in Miami, come and see us.
    »ˈHave you ever thought of changing your job?ˈ ˈNo, never / No I havenˈt.ˈ
    "你想过掉换一下工作吗?" "没有,从未想过。"
    »ˈHave you ever been to Rome?ˈ ˈYes, I have, actually. Not long ago.ˈ
    "你去过罗马吗?" "是的,我确实去过。就在不久前。"
    »She hardly ever (= almost never) goes out.
    »We see them very seldom, if ever.
    »(informal) Iˈll never ever do that again!
    2. used for emphasis when you are comparing things • (进行比较时用以加强语气)以往任何时候,曾经:
    »It was raining harder than ever.
    »Itˈs my best ever score.
    3. (rather formal) all the time or every time; always • 不断地;总是;始终:
    »Paul, ever the optimist, agreed to try again.
    »She married the prince and they lived happily ever after.
    »He said he would love her for ever (and ever).
    »Their debts grew ever larger (= kept increasing).
    »the ever-growing problem
    »an ever-present danger
    4. used after when, why, etc. to show that you are surprised or shocked • (用于 when、why 等之后表示惊讶)究竟,到底:
    »Why ever did you agree?
    【IDIOMS】 all sb ever does is... • used to emphasize that sb does the same thing very often, usually in an annoying way • 某人只会/就知道做某事:
    »All he ever does is grumble about things.
    did you ˈever (...)! • (old-fashioned, informal) used to show that you are surprised or shocked • (表示惊讶)你曾…过吗:
    »Did you ever hear anything like it?
    ever since (...) • continuously since the time mentioned • 自从;自…以后;从…起:
    »Heˈs had a car ever since he was 18.
    他从 18 岁起就有汽车了。
    »I was bitten by a dog once and Iˈve been afraid of them ever since.
    ˈever so / ˈever such a •(informal, especially BrE) very; really • 非常;很;确实;的确:
    »He looks ever so smart.
    »Sheˈs ever such a nice woman.
    »Itˈs ever so easy.
    if ˌever there ˈwas (one) • (informal) used to emphasize that sth is certainly true • (用以加强语气)确实,无可置疑,真正地:
    »That was a disaster if ever there was one!
    was / is / does, etc. sb ˈever! • (informal, especially NAmE) used to emphasize sth you are talking about • 确实如此;千真万确;一点儿不差:
    »ˈYou must have been upset by that.ˈ ˈWas I ever!ˈ
    "你一定曾为那事而心烦了。" "可不是嘛!"
    yours ˈever / ever ˈyours • sometimes used at the end of an informal letter, before you write your name • (有时用于非正式书信末尾署名前)你的永远的朋友
    * * *
    adv. 曾經, 永遠, 不斷地, 在任何時候, 究竟

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  • 2 ever

    1) (at any time) 从来 [cónglái]

    Neither of us has ever been to Japan. — 我们俩都从来没去过日本。

    I forbid you ever to use that word! — 我不允许你在任何时候用那个字眼!

    2) (always) 总是 [zǒngshì]

    Ever hopeful, he continued to apply for jobs. — 他总是满怀希望,又继续申请工作了。

    * have you ever seen it/been there etc? — 你曾经见过它/去过那儿吗?

    * ever since — (adv) 从...以来

    We have been friends ever since. — 我们从那时以来一直是朋友。; (conj) 自从 [zìcóng]

    Jack has loved trains ever since he was a boy. — 杰克自小就喜爱火车。

    * why ever not? — 究竟为什么不呢?

    * who ever would do such a thing? — 究竟谁会做这样的事?

    * the best ever — 迄今最佳

    * hardly ever — 几乎从不

    * better than ever — 前所未有的好

    * she's ever so pretty — (BRIT: inf) 她非常漂亮

    * I like him ever so much. — (BRIT: inf) 我很喜欢他。

    * he's ever such a good dancer — (BRIT: inf) 他跳舞跳得很好

    * thank you ever so much — 非常感谢你

    * yours ever — (BRIT: o.f.) (in letters) 你永久的朋友

    * as ever — 照常

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  • 3 ever

    ['evə] 1. adverb
    1) (at any time: Nobody ever visits us; She hardly ever writes; Have you ever ridden on an elephant?; If I ever / If ever I see him again I shall get my revenge; better than ever; the brightest star they had ever seen.) 在任何時候
    2) (always; continually: They lived happily ever after; I've known her ever since she was a baby.) 一直
    3) (used for emphasis: The new doctor is ever so gentle; What ever shall I do?) 到底
    - evergreen 2. noun
    (an evergreen tree: Firs and pines are evergreens.) 常青樹
    - everlastingly
    - evermore
    - for ever / forever

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  • 4 ever-

    (always; continually: the ever-increasing traffic.) 不斷

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  • 5 ever so


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  • 6 ever.


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