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  • 1 MOUTH

    anto, pé (but pé is glossed "lip" in a late source, see VT39:9), assa (hole, opening, perforation), náva ("ñ") (not only the lips but also the inside of the mouth – this word was apparently changed by Tolkien from páva), MOUTH OF RIVER etsir, WITH MOUTH FULL (= full to the brim) penquanta –LotR:1157, PEG, GAS, VT39:13 cf. 8, 19, ET, VT39:11

    Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya) > MOUTH

  • 2 RIVER

    sírë (stream), also \#sirya (attested in dual form siryat). (LT1:248/262 also gives nen, while LT1:260 gives celusindi; LT1:265 gives sindi; these may not be valid words in LotR-style Quenya.) The word hlóna (marked by a query by Tolkien) was to designate "a river, especially given to those at all seasons full of water from mountains". Regarding the conceptual validity of the word nuinë, –duinë (cognate of Sindarin duin as in Anduin), see nuinë in the Quenya-English wordlist. RIVER-[?FEEDING] WELL (Tolkien's gloss is not certainly legible) lón, lónë (pl. lóni given) (deep pool). RIVULET siril; MOUTH OF RIVER etsir –SIR, VT47:11, VT48:27, 28, 30-31, ET

    Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya) > RIVER

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