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especially BrE

  • 1 especially

    especially es∙pe∙cial∙ly adv. (abbr. esp.) 1. more with six person, thing, etc. than with others, or more in particular circumstances than in others • 尤其;特别;格外 【SYN】 particularly:
    »The car is quite small, especially if you have children.
    »Teenagers are very fashion conscious, especially girls.
    »I love Rome, especially in the spring.
    2. for a particular purpose, person, etc. • 专门;特地:
    »I made it especially for you.
    3. very much; to a particular degree • 十分;非常:
    »I wasnˈt feeling especially happy that day.
    »ˈDo you like his novels?ˈ ˈNot especially.ˈ
    "你喜欢他的小说吗?" "不十分喜欢。"
    * * *
    adv. 特別, 尤其

    English-Chinese dictionary > especially

  • 2 especially

    adverb (particularly: These insects are quite common, especially in hot countries.) 特別地

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > especially

  • 3 especially big


    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > especially big

  • 4 especially dangerous recidivist


    English-Chinese law dictionary (法律英汉双解大词典) > especially dangerous recidivist

  • 5 a strain forming especially tiny colonies


    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > a strain forming especially tiny colonies

  • 6 especially


    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > especially

  • 7 especially good bulked population

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > especially good bulked population

  • 8 spine(especially spine of scapula)


    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > spine(especially spine of scapula)

  • 9 cater especially to foreign tourists


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > cater especially to foreign tourists

  • 10 especially

    1) (particularly) 尤其 [yóuqí]
    2) (more than usually) [+ happy, gifted, fond of sb] 特别 [tèbié]

    English-Chinese new dictionary > especially

  • 11 A-frame

    A-frame ˈA-frame (also ˌA-frame ˈhouse) noun • ( especially NAmE) a house with very steep sides that meet at the top in the shape of the letter A • * A 形房屋
    * * *
    n. 金字塔形建築物

    English-Chinese dictionary > A-frame

  • 12 abandon

    abandon aban∙don verb [VN] 1. abandon sb (to sth) to leave sb, especially sb you are responsible for, with no intention of returning • (不顾责任、义务等)离弃,遗弃,抛弃:
    »The baby had been abandoned by its mother.
    »The study showed a deep fear among the elderly of being abandoned to the care of strangers.
    2. abandon sth (to sb / sth) to leave a thing or place, especially because it is impossible or dangerous to stay 【SYN】 leave • (不得已而)舍弃,丢弃,离开:
    »Snow forced many drivers to abandon their vehicles.
    »They had to abandon their lands to the invading forces.
    »He gave the order to abandon ship (= to leave the ship because it was sinking).
    3. to stop supporting or helping sb; to stop believing in sth • 停止(支持或帮助);放弃(信念):
    »The country abandoned its political leaders after the war.
    »By 1930 he had abandoned his Marxist principles.
    * 1930 年时他已放弃了马克思主义信念。
    4. to stop doing sth, especially before it is finished; to stop having sth • 中止;放弃;不再有:
    »They abandoned the match because of rain.
    »She abandoned hope of any reconciliation.
    5. abandon yourself to sth (literary) to feel an emotion so strongly that you can feel nothing else • 陷入,沉湎于(某种情感):
    »He abandoned himself to despair.
    noun • (formal) an uncontrolled way of behaving that shows that sb does not care what other people think • 放任;放纵:
    »He signed cheques with careless abandon.
    【IDIOMS】--› see [u]gay
    * * *
    vt. 放棄, 遺棄
    n. 放任, 狂熱

    English-Chinese dictionary > abandon

  • 13 Abba

    abba abba (also appa) noun • ( IndE) (especially as a form of address 尤用于称呼) a father • 阿爸;爸爸
    * * *
    n. 神父

    English-Chinese dictionary > Abba

  • 14 ABC

    ABC ABC noun [sing.] ( BrE) ( NAmE ABCs [pl.]) 1. all the letters of the alphabet, especially as they are learnt by children • 字母表(尤指儿童学习的全部字母):
    »Do you know your ABC?
    2. the basic facts about a subject • (某学科的)基础知识,入门:
    »the ABC of gardening
    【IDIOMS】--› see easy adj. abbr. • American Broadcasting Company (a large national American television company) • 美国广播公司(美国一家全国性的大电视广播公司)
    * * *
    n. 字母表, 基本知識
    abbr. 美國廣播公司
    abbr. 澳大利亞廣播公司

    English-Chinese dictionary > ABC

  • 15 abduct

    abduct ab∙duct verb [VN] • to take sb away illegally, especially using force • 诱拐;劫持;绑架 【SYN】 kidnap ab∙duc∙tion noun [U, C]
    * * *
    vt. 誘拐, 綁架

    English-Chinese dictionary > abduct

  • 16 abhor

    abhor abhor verb (-rr-) [VN] • (not used in the progressive tenses 不用于进行时) (formal) to hate sth, for example a way of behaving or thinking, especially for moral reasons • (尤指因道德原因而)憎恨,厌恶,憎恶 【SYN】 detest, loathe
    * * *
    vt. 憎惡, 痛恨

    English-Chinese dictionary > abhor

  • 17 abhorrence

    abhorrence ab∙hor∙rence noun [U, sing.] • (formal) a feeling of strong hatred, especially for moral reasons • (尤指因道德原因的)憎恨,厌恶,憎恶
    * * *
    n. 痛恨, 憎惡

    English-Chinese dictionary > abhorrence

  • 18 abhorrent

    abhorrent ab∙hor∙rent adj. • (formal) abhorrent (to sb) causing hatred, especially for moral reasons • (尤指因道德原因)令人憎恨的,令人厌恶的,令人憎恶的 【SYN】 repugnant:
    »Racism is abhorrent to a civilized society.
    * * *
    adj. 可惡的, 格格不入的

    English-Chinese dictionary > abhorrent

  • 19 abnormal

    abnormal ab∙nor∙mal adj. • different from what is usual or expected, especially in a way that is worrying, harmful or not wanted • 不正常的;反常的;变态的;畸形的:
    »abnormal levels of sugar in the blood
    »They thought his behaviour was abnormal.
    【OPP】 normal ab∙nor∙mal∙ly adv.:
    »abnormally high blood pressure
    * * *
    adj. 反常的, 變態的

    English-Chinese dictionary > abnormal

  • 20 aboriginal

    aboriginal abo∙ri∙ginal adj. 1. (usually Aboriginal) relating to the original people living in Australia • 澳大利亚土着的:
    »the issue of Aboriginal land rights
    2. relating to the original people, animals, etc. of a place and to a period of time before Europeans arrived • (欧洲人到来之前某地区的人、动物等)土着的,土生土长的:
    »the aboriginal peoples of Canada
    »aboriginal art / culture
    noun • (usually Aboriginal) a member of a race of people who were the original people living in a country, especially Australia • (尤指澳大利亚的)土着,土人 --› see also Koori
    * * *
    adj. 土著的, 原來的
    n. 土著居民

    English-Chinese dictionary > aboriginal

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