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  • enantiomorphs — See incongruent counterparts …   Philosophy dictionary

  • resolution — /rez euh looh sheuhn/, n. 1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made, usually after voting, by a formal organization, a legislature, a club, or other group. Cf. concurrent resolution, joint resolution. 2. a resolve or determination: to… …   Universalium

  • enantiomorph — /i nan tee euh mawrf /, n. Crystall. either of two crystals exhibiting enantiomorphism. [ < G (1856); see ENANTIO , MORPH] * * * ▪ chemistry       (from Greek enantios, “opposite”; morphe, “form”), also called Antimer, or Optical Antipode, either …   Universalium

  • Archimedean solid — In geometry an Archimedean solid is a highly symmetric, semi regular convex polyhedron composed of two or more types of regular polygons meeting in identical vertices. They are distinct from the Platonic solids, which are composed of only one… …   Wikipedia

  • Chirality — For other uses, see Chirality (disambiguation). Two enantiomers of a generic amino acid Chirality, pronounced //kaɪˈrælɪtiː// is a property of asymmetry important in several branches of science. The word chirality is derived from the …   Wikipedia

  • Catalan solid — In mathematics, a Catalan solid, or Archimedean dual, is a dual polyhedron to an Archimedean solid. The Catalan solids are named for the Belgian mathematician, Eugène Catalan who first described them in 1865.The Catalan solids are all convex.… …   Wikipedia

  • Mental rotation — is the ability to rotate mental representations of two dimensional and three dimensional objects. Contents 1 Introduction 2 How mental rotation ability is assessed …   Wikipedia

  • Compound of twenty triangular prisms — Type Uniform compound Index UC33 Polyhedra 20 triangular prisms Faces 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Compound of twelve pentagrammic prisms — Type Uniform compound Index UC37 Polyhedra 12 pentagrammic prisms Faces …   Wikipedia

  • Compound of twelve pentagonal prisms — Type Uniform compound Index UC35 Polyhedra 12 pentagonal prisms Faces 2 …   Wikipedia

  • racemate — /ray see mayt, reuh /, n. Chem. 1. a salt or ester of racemic acid. 2. a racemic compound. [1825 35; RACEM(IC ACID) + ATE2] * * * Mixture of equal quantities of two enantiomers, substances whose molecular structures are mirror images of one… …   Universalium

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