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  • electroolfactogram — An electronegative wave of potential occurring on the surface of the olfactory epithelium in response to stimulation by an odor. SYN: osmogram, Ottoson potential …   Medical dictionary

  • EOG — Abbreviation for electrooculography; electroolfactogram. * * * electro oculogram, electro oculography; electro olfactogram, electro olfactography; eosinophilic gastroenteritis; ethylene oxide gas * * * EOG abbr electrooculogram * * * see… …   Medical dictionary

  • osmogram — SYN: electroolfactogram. [G. osme, smell, + gramma, a drawing] …   Medical dictionary

  • potential — 1. Capable of doing or being, although not yet doing or being; possible, but not actual. 2. A state of tension in an electric source enabling it to do work under suitable conditions; in relation to electricity, p. is analogous to the temperature… …   Medical dictionary

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