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eiffel, gustave

  • 1 Eiffel


    English-Chinese dictionary > Eiffel

  • 2 eiffel tower

    n. 巴黎艾菲爾鐵塔(位於塞納河南岸)

    English-Chinese dictionary > eiffel tower

  • 3 Flaubert

    福樓拜(Gustave, 1821-1880, 法國小說家)

    English-Chinese dictionary > Flaubert

  • 4 Gustaf

    ['gustɑ:f, 'gʌstɑ:v]
    n. 古斯塔夫(Gustavus的異體, 亦作Gustave)(m.)

    English-Chinese dictionary > Gustaf

  • 5 replica

    replica rep∙lica noun • a very good or exact copy of sth • 复制品;仿制品:
    »a replica of the Eiffel tower
    »The weapon used in the raid was a replica.
    »replica guns
    * * *
    ['replikә, ri'pli:kә]
    n. 複製品

    English-Chinese dictionary > replica

  • 6 tower

    tower tower noun 1. a tall narrow building or part of a building, especially of a church or castle • 塔;建筑物的塔形部份;(尤指教堂或城堡的)塔楼:
    »a clock / bell tower
    »the Tower of London
    »the Eiffel Tower
    2. (often in compounds 常构成复合词) a tall structure used for sending television or radio signals • (电视或无线电信号的)发射塔:
    »a television tower
    3. (usually in compounds 通常构成复合词) a tall piece of furniture used for storing things • 高柜;高架子:
    »a CD tower
    --› see also control tower, cooling tower, ivory tower, watchtower, water tower 【IDIOMS】 a ˌtower of ˈstrength • a person that you can rely on to help, protect and comfort you when you are in trouble • (危难时的)可依靠的人,主心骨 verb 【PHR V】 ˌtower ˈover / aˈbove sb / sth 1. to be much higher or taller than the people or things that are near • 高于,超过(附近的人或物):
    »The cliffs towered above them.
    »He towered over his classmates.
    2. to be much better than others in ability, quality, etc. • (在能力、品质等方面)胜过,远远超过(其他):
    »She towers over other dancers of her generation.
    * * *
    n. 塔, 城堡

    English-Chinese dictionary > tower

  • 7 structure

    1) (the way in which something is arranged or organized: A flower has quite a complicated structure; the structure of a human body.) 結構,構造
    2) (a building, or something that is built or constructed: The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous structures in the world.) 建築物
    - structurally

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > structure

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