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draw a bead on

  • 1 draw a bead on

    English-Dutch dictionary > draw a bead on

  • 2 draw a bead on

    draw (or get) a bead on [dro: ë bi:t on] marr shenjë

    English-Albanian dictionary > draw a bead on

  • 3 draw a bead on

    Англо-русский синонимический словарь > draw a bead on

  • 4 draw a bead

    1) Общая лексика: брать на прицел, целиться (в), наводить (на)
    2) Военный термин: (on) прицеливаться
    3) Макаров: брать на прицел, наводить (на), целиться (в)

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > draw a bead

  • 5 draw a bead (on)

    Военный термин: прицеливаться

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > draw a bead (on)

  • 6 draw a bead on

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > draw a bead on

  • 7 draw a bead on

    用槍瞄準某人, 向某人開槍

    English-Chinese dictionary > draw a bead on

  • 8 draw a bead on

    nişan almak, silâhını doğrultmak

    English-Turkish dictionary > draw a bead on

  • 9 draw a bead on

    нишани во

    English-Macedonian dictionary > draw a bead on

  • 10 draw a bead on

    Новый англо-русский словарь > draw a bead on

  • 11 draw\ a\ bead\ on

    megcéloz, célba vesz

    English-Hungarian dictionary > draw\ a\ bead\ on

  • 12 draw a bead on

    разг а) прице́литься в кого-л. / что-л.
    б) перен наце́литься на что-л.
    в) подве́ргнуть напа́дкам, раскритикова́ть

    The Americanisms. English-Russian dictionary. > draw a bead on

  • 13 draw a bead on

    göz koymak

    English to Turkish dictionary > draw a bead on

  • 14 draw a bead on smb.

    (draw a bead on smb. (или smth.))
    прицелиться, взять на мушку кого-л

    And if you get a chance to draw a bead on that accursed mustang, don't fail to drop him in his tracks. (E. Seton-Thompson, ‘Lobo: the King of Currumpaw and Other Stories’, ‘The Pacing Mustang’) — Если вам представится случай увидеть этого проклятого мустанга, смотрите не промахнитесь, всадите в него пулю.

    ‘I know,’ said Johnny. ‘I'm Cupid, God of Love, and I draw a bead on unsuspecting hearts.’ (J. Steinbeck, ‘Sweet Thursday’, ch. 27) — - Я знаю, - сказал Джонии. - Я, как бог любви Купидон, беру под обстрел ничего не подозревающие сердца.

    Large English-Russian phrasebook > draw a bead on smb.

  • 15 draw a bead on someone or something

     нацеливаться на кого-либо, что-либо
     Ann wants a new car, and she has drawn a bead on a red convertible.

    English-Russian small dictionary of idioms > draw a bead on someone or something

  • 16 draw a bead on someone or something

    The new dictionary of modern spoken language > draw a bead on someone or something

  • 17 draw a bead on (someone or something)

    Общая лексика: положить глаз, присмотреть

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > draw a bead on (someone or something)

  • 18 draw

    draw draw verb (drew drawn) ›› MAKE PICTURES 绘画 1. to make pictures, or a picture of sth, with a pencil, pen or chalk (but not paint) • (用铅笔、钢笔或粉笔)画,描绘,描画: ▪ [V]
    »You draw beautifully.
    ▪ [VN]
    »to draw a picture / diagram / graph
    »She drew a house.
    »He drew a circle in the sand with a stick.
    »(figurative) The report drew a grim picture of inefficiency and corruption.
    ›› PULL 拖;拉 2. [VN +adv. / prep.] to move sth / sb by pulling it or them gently • 拖(动);拉(动);牵引:
    »He drew the cork out of the bottle.
    »I drew my chair up closer to the fire.
    »She drew me onto the balcony.
    »I tried to draw him aside (= for example where I could talk to him privately).
    »(figurative) My eyes were drawn to the man in the corner.
    --› note at pull 3. [VN] (of horses, etc. 马匹等) to pull a vehicle such as a carriage • 拉,拖(车):
    »The Queenˈs coach was drawn by six horses.
    »a horse-drawn carriage
    ›› CURTAINS 幕帘 4. [VN] to open or close curtains, etc. • 拉(窗帘、帘子):
    »The blinds were drawn.
    »It was getting dark so I switched on the light and drew the curtains.
    »She drew back the curtains and let the sunlight in.
    ›› MOVE 移动 5. [V +adv. / prep.] to move in the direction mentioned • (向某个方向)移动,行进:
    »The train drew into the station.
    »The train drew in.
    »The figures in the distance seemed to be drawing closer.
    »Their car drew alongside ours.
    »(figurative) Her retirement is drawing near.
    »(figurative) The meeting was drawing to a close.
    ›› WEAPON 武器 6. draw (sth) (on sb) to take out a weapon, such as a gun or a sword, in order to attack sb • 拔出;抽出;掏出: ▪ [VN]
    »She drew a revolver on me.
    »He came towards them with his sword drawn.
    ▪ [also V] ›› ATTRACT 吸引 7. [VN] draw sb (to sth) to attract or interest sb • 吸引;招引;使感兴趣:
    »The movie is drawing large audiences.
    »Her screams drew passers-by to the scene.
    »The course draws students from all over the country.
    ›› GET REACTION 引起反应 8. [VN] draw sth (from sb) to produce a reaction or response • 产生,引起,激起(反应或回应):
    »The announcement drew loud applause from the audience.
    »The plan has drawn a lot of criticism.
    ›› MAKE SB TALK 使人说话 9. [VN] draw sb (about / on sth) [often passive] to make sb say more about sth • 使说出;使吐露:
    »Spielberg refused to be drawn on his next movie.
    ›› CONCLUSION 结论 10. [VN] draw sth (from sth) to have a particular idea after you have studied sth or thought about it • 获取;得出;推断出:
    »What conclusions did you draw from the report?
    »We can draw some lessons for the future from this accident.
    ›› COMPARISON 比较 11. [VN] to express a comparison or a contrast • 进行,作(比较或对比):
    »to draw an analogy / a comparison / a parallel / a distinction between two events
    ›› CHOOSE 选择 12. to decide sth by picking cards, tickets or numbers by chance • 抽(签、牌);抓(阄): ▪ [V]
    »We drew for partners.
    ▪ [VN]
    »They had to draw lots to decide who would go.
    »He drew the winning ticket.
    »Names were drawn from a hat for the last few places.
    »Italy has been drawn against Spain in the first round.
    ▪ [VN to inf]
    »Italy has been drawn to play Spain.
    ›› GAME 比赛 13. draw (with / against sb) to finish a game without either team winning • 以平局结束;不分胜负: ▪ [V]
    »England and France drew.
    »England drew with / against France.
    »England and France drew 3–3.
    ▪ [VN]
    »England drew their game against France.
    ›› MONEY 钱 14. [VN] draw sth (from sth) | draw sth out (of sth) | draw sth on sth to take money or payments from a bank account or post office • 提取;领取;支取 【SYN】 withdraw:
    »Can I draw $80 out of my account?
    我可以从我的账户上提取 80 元钱吗?
    »I drew out £200.
    我取了 200 英镑。
    »She went to the post office to draw her pension.
    »The cheque was drawn on his personal account.
    ›› LIQUID / GAS 液体;气体 15. [VN] to take or pull liquid or gas from somewhere • 抽出;吸出:
    »to draw water from a well
    »The device draws gas along the pipe.
    ›› SMOKE / AIR 烟;空气 16. draw at / on sth | draw sth in to breathe in smoke or air • 抽(烟);吸(气): ▪ [V]
    »He drew thoughtfully on his pipe.
    ▪ [VN]
    »She breathed deeply, drawing in the fresh mountain air.
    【IDIOMS】 draw a ˈblank • to get no response or result • 无回音;无结果;无收获:
    »So far, the police investigation has drawn a blank.
    draw ˈblood • to make sb bleed • 使流血 draw ˈbreath ( BrE) (US draw a ˈbreath) 1. to stop doing sth and rest • 停下来歇口气:
    »She talks all the time and hardly stops to draw breath.
    2. (literary) to live; to be alive • 生存;活着:
    »He was as kind a man as ever drew breath.
    draw sbˈs ˈfire • to make sb direct their anger, criticism, etc. at you, so that others do not have to face it • (为掩护他人)吸引…的火力,转移视线 draw a ˈline under sth ( BrE) • to say that sth is finished and not worth discussing any more • 到…为止;就…打住 draw the ˈline (at sth / at doing sth) • to refuse to do sth; to set a limit • 拒绝做;给…定界限:
    »I donˈt mind helping, but I draw the line at doing everything myself.
    »We would have liked to invite all our relatives, but you have to draw the line somewhere.
    draw the ˈline (between sth and sth) • to distinguish between two closely related ideas • 划界线;区分(两个密切相关的思想):
    »Where do you draw the line between genius and madness?
    ˌdraw the short ˈstraw ( BrE) ( NAmE get the ˌshort end of the ˈstick) • to be the person in a group who is chosen or forced to perform an unpleasant duty or task • 抽到倒霉签;被派做苦差事:
    »I drew the short straw and had to clean the toilets.
    ˌdraw ˈstraws (for sth) • to decide on sb to do or have sth, by choosing pieces of paper, etc. • 抽签(决定某事):
    »We drew straws for who went first.
    --› more at battle n., bead n., dagger, height, horn, lot n., side n. 【PHR V】 ˌdraw ˈback • to move away from sb / sth • 移开;后退:
    »He came close but she drew back.
    ˌdraw ˈback (from sth / from doing sth) • to choose not to take action, especially because you feel nervous • 退缩;撤销;撤回:
    »We drew back from taking our neighbours to court.
    ˈdraw sth from sb / sth • to take or obtain sth from a particular source • (从…中)得到,获得:
    »to draw support / comfort / strength from your family
    »She drew her inspiration from her childhood experiences.
    ˌdraw ˈin • to become dark earlier in the evening as winter gets nearer • (天黑)渐早;(白昼)渐短:
    »The nights / days are drawing in.
    ˈdraw sb into sth / into doing sth | ˌdraw sb∽ˈin • to involve sb or make sb take part in sth, although they may not want to take part at first • 使卷入;使参与:
    »youngsters drawn into a life of crime
    »The book starts slowly, but it gradually draws you in.
    ˌdraw sth∽ˈoff • to remove some liquid from a larger supply • 抽出;排掉:
    »The doctor drew off some fluid to relieve the pressure.
    ˌdraw ˈon • if a time or a season draws on, it passes • (时光)渐渐过去,荏苒:
    »Night was drawing on.
    ˈdraw on / upon sth • to use a supply of sth that is available to you • 凭藉;利用;动用:
    »Iˈll have to draw on my savings.
    »The novelist draws heavily on her personal experiences.
    ˌdraw ˈout • to become lighter in the evening as summer gets nearer • (天黑)渐晚;(白昼)渐长:
    »The days / evenings are drawing out.
    ˌdraw sb∽ˈout • to encourage sb to talk or express themselves freely • 使畅所欲言 ˌdraw sth∽ˈout • to make sth last longer than usual or necessary • 拖延;拉长:
    »She drew the interview out to over an hour.
    --› see also long-drawn-out ˌdraw ˈup • if a vehicle draws up, it arrives and stops • (车辆)到达某处停下,停止:
    »The cab drew up outside the house.
    ˌdraw sth∽ˈup • to make or write sth that needs careful thought or planning • 拟订;制订;起草:
    »to draw up a contract / list
    noun ›› CHOOSING 选择 1. (US also draw∙ing) [usually sing.] draw (for sth) the act of choosing sth, for example the winner of a prize or the teams who play each other in a competition, usually by taking pieces of paper, etc. out of a container without being able to see what is written on them • 抽彩;抽奖;抽签:
    »the draw for the second round of the European Cup
    »The draw for the raffle takes place on Saturday.
    ›› SPORTS / GAMES 体育运动;比赛 2. ( especially BrE) a game in which both teams or players finish with the same number of points • 平局;和局;不分胜负:
    »The match ended in a two-all draw.
    »He managed to hold Smith to a draw (= to stop him from winning when he seemed likely to do so).
    --› compare tie n. (5) 3. ( NAmE usually draw∙ing) a competition in which the winners are chosen in a draw • 由抽签决定赢家的竞赛:
    »a prize draw
    --› compare lottery (1) 4. ( BrE) a sports match for which the teams or players are chosen in a draw • 由抽签决定对手的比赛:
    »Liverpool have an away draw against Manchester United.
    5. [usually sing.] a set of matches for which the teams or players are chosen in a draw • 由抽签决定对手的系列比赛:
    »There are only two seeded players left in the top half of the draw.
    ›› ATTRACTION 吸引力 6. a person, a thing or an event that attracts a lot of people • 有吸引力的人(或事物) 【SYN】 attraction:
    »She is currently one of the biggest draws on the Irish music scene.
    ›› SMOKE 烟 7. an act of breathing in the smoke from a cigarette • 吸烟 【SYN】 drag be quick / fast on the ˈdraw 1. (informal) to be quick to understand or react in a new situation • 领悟敏捷;反应迅速:
    »You canˈt fool him— heˈs always quick on the draw.
    2. to be quick at pulling out a gun in order to shoot it • 拔枪迅速 --› more at luck n.
    * * *
    v. 拉, 曳, 牽, 畫, 繪製, 拖曳
    vt. 汲取, 領取, 提取, 引起, 吸引
    vi. 向...移動, 挨近
    n. 平局, 和局, 拖曳

    English-Chinese dictionary > draw

  • 19 draw bead on

    draw bead on прицеливаться

    Англо-русский словарь Мюллера > draw bead on

  • 20 draw bead

    draw bead TECH Ziehwulst m

    English-german engineering dictionary > draw bead

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