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  • double-spaced — adjective (of type or print) having a blank line between lines of type manuscripts must be double spaced • Similar to: ↑spaced …   Useful english dictionary

  • double spaced — adjective double spaced …   Wiktionary

  • double-spaced — adjective (Of text) formatted so that there is a full blank line between each line of text; the style of formatting required by many entities inside business, academia, and publishing …   Wiktionary

  • Double spaced sentences — Double spacing at the ends of sentences is a typographical convention that has sometimes been termed English spacing. Since the mid 1990s, it has often been termed French spacing, although that term has traditionally referred to the practice of… …   Wikipedia

  • double-space — [dub′əlspās΄] vt., vi. double spaced, double spacing to type (copy) so as to leave a full space between lines …   English World dictionary

  • spaced — adjective 1. spaced apart (Freq. 3) • Syn: ↑separated • Similar to: ↑distributed 2. arranged with spaces between; often used as a combining form widely spaced eyes • Ant: ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • double-space — /dub euhl spays /, v., double spaced, double spacing. v.t. 1. to type (text, copy, etc.) leaving a full space between lines: Always double space a term paper. v.i. 2. to type leaving a full space between lines: I can never remember to double… …   Universalium

  • Double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission — (DSB SC): transmission in which (a) frequencies produced by amplitude modulation are symmetrically spaced above and below the carrier frequency and (b) the carrier level is reduced to the lowest practical level, ideally completely suppressed. In… …   Wikipedia

  • Double-sideband reduced-carrier transmission — (DSB RC): transmission in which (a) the frequencies produced by amplitude modulation are symmetrically spaced above and below the carrier and (b) the carrier level is reduced for transmission at a fixed level below that which is provided to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Double-Gauss lens — The double Gauss design with optical ray traces The double Gauss lens is a compound lens used mostly in camera lenses that reduces optical aberrations over a large focal plane. Contents 1 Design …   Wikipedia

  • double bar — noun a pair of closely spaced lines marking the end of a piece of music …   English new terms dictionary

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