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dishonor of a check

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  • dishonor of a check — non acceptance of a bank check …   English contemporary dictionary

  • dishonor — dis·hon·or 1 n: refusal on the part of the issuer (as a bank) to pay or accept commercial paper (as a check) when it is presented see also wrongful dishonor dishonor 2 vt: to refuse to pay or accept a bank dishonor ing the checks for insufficient …   Law dictionary

  • dishonor — [dis än′ər] n. [ME deshonour < OFr deshonor: see DIS & HONOR] 1. a) loss of honor, respect, or reputation b) state of shame; disgrace; ignominy 2. a person, thing, or action that brings dishonor; discredit 3 …   English World dictionary

  • Dishonor — Dis*hon or (d[i^]s*[o^]n [ e]r or d[i^]z*[o^]n [ e]r), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Dishonored} (d[i^]s*[o^]n [ e]rd or d[i^]z*[o^]n [ e]rd); p. pr. & vb. n. {Dishonoring}.] [OE. deshonouren, F. d[ e]shonorer; pref. d[ e]s (L. dis ) + honorer to honor,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • dishonor — dishonorer, n. /dis on euhr/, n. 1. lack or loss of honor; disgraceful or dishonest character or conduct. 2. disgrace; ignominy; shame: His arrest brought dishonor to his family. 3. an indignity; insult: to do someone a dishonor. 4. a cause of… …   Universalium

  • dishonor — I. noun Etymology: Middle English dishonour, from Anglo French deshonur, from des dis + honur honor Date: 13th century 1. lack or loss of honor or reputation 2. the state of one who has lost honor or prestige ; shame < has brought dishonor on his …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dishonor — dis•hon•or [[t]dɪsˈɒn ər[/t]] n. 1) lack or loss of honor 2) disgrace; ignominy; shame 3) indignity; insult: to do someone a dishonor[/ex] 4) a cause of shame or disgrace 5) to deprive of honor; disgrace; bring reproach or shame on 6) bus to… …   From formal English to slang

  • dishonor —    To refuse to pay the face amount of a check (i.e., to bounce the check) or the amount due on a promissory note or other bill of exchange …   Business law dictionary

  • dishonor — Fin to refuse payment of a check because the account for which it is written holds insufficient money. Also known as bounce …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • Wrongful Dishonor — A bank s failure to honor a valid negotiable instrument such as a check or draft that has been presented to it for payment. If the check is valid and there are sufficient funds in the account to cover it, a bank s failure to honor it within the… …   Investment dictionary

  • Notice Of Dishonor — A formal notice stating that the bank that a check or draft is presented to will not honor the instrument. A notice of dishonor may be given to the holder or presenter of the instrument. It may also be given to the issuing institution. A notice… …   Investment dictionary

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