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  • defenestrate — de*fen es*trate (d[ e]*f[e^]n [e^]s*tr[=a]t), v. t. to throw (something or someone) out of a window. [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • defenestrate — verb /dəˈfɛnɪstɹeɪt/ a) To eject or throw (someone or something) from a window; compare . I defenestrated a clock to see if time flies! b) To throw out. The cultural historians of science feel the need to defenestrate science, or at least take it …   Wiktionary

  • defenestrate — transitive verb see defenestration …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • defenestrate — de·fen·es·trate (dē fĕnʹĭ strāt ) tr.v. de·fen·es·trat·ed, de·fen·es·trat·ing, de·fen·es·trates To throw out of a window.   [Back formation from defenestration.] * * * …   Universalium

  • defenestrate — To throw someone or something out of a window. If this computer crashes one more time, I m defenestrating the piece of junk. | Okay, but when you say you defenestrated your PC, do you mean that you threw it out your window, or that you wiped your …   Dictionary of american slang

  • defenestrate — v. throw (an object) out of the window …   English contemporary dictionary

  • defenestrate — To throw out of a window …   Grandiloquent dictionary

  • defenestrate — verb (t) 1. (defenestrated, defenestrating) ) to throw (a person) out of a window. 2. to dismiss (someone) with great speed from political office. {backformation from defenestration, from de + Latin fenestra window; thought to have been coined in …   Australian English dictionary

  • defenestrate — verb throw through or out of the window The rebels stormed the palace and defenestrated the President • Derivationally related forms: ↑defenestration • Hypernyms: ↑throw • Verb Frames: Somebody s something …   Useful english dictionary

  • defenestration — noun Etymology: de + Latin fenestra window Date: 1620 1. a throwing of a person or thing out of a window 2. a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office) • defenestrate transitive verb …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Romance languages — Romance Geographic distribution: Originally Southern Europe and parts of Africa; now also Latin America, Canada, parts of Lebanon and much of Western Africa Linguistic classification: Indo European Italic …   Wikipedia

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