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dare I say

  • 1 atrever

    = dare, go out on + a limb.
    Ex. As far as Hernandez could determine, no one dared to approach him with suggestions for needed changes in library policy or procedure or, heaven forbid, in his personal management style.
    Ex. The article 'CONSER goes out on a limb' is part of an issue devoted to serials experimentation and collaboration.
    * atreverse a = have + the nerve(s) to, have + the cheek to.
    * atreverse a decir = go + (as/so) far as to say.
    * atreverse a tratar = dare to + tread.
    * me atrevo a decir = may I say.
    * no atreverse a = have + no stomach for, flinch at/from.
    * no atreverse a tratar = fear to + tread.
    * yo me atrevería a decir = dare I say.

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